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First Look at Soil

There are some good Internet resources about soil but not too many at a level for elementary students. "S. K. Worm Answers Your Questions About Soil" is helpful to students of various ages. Ag Acres, part of Dirtland, has information on how microbes are an important part of soil. Visit DiscoverySchool's The Dirt on Soil for more background.

See our page on Earthworms for links about worms and composting.

How does rock break up to become part of soil? If water gets into a crack in a rock, could freezing help break up the rock more? How could you find out? One way would be to freeze some water and see what happens.

Did you know that New York State is one of 15 states which has an official state soil? Find out about the Honeoye Soil Series.

Best Management Practices for Soil Erosion has pictures of different kinds of erosion as well as other resources. The most famous instance of soil erosion in US history is the Dust Bowl of the 1930's. Other sites with information about the Dust Bowl include Dust Storms and Their Damage and Surviving the Dust Bowl.

USDA's Agriculture in the Classroom has a number of links to soil information and activities. The Natural Resources Conservation Service also has a page of helpful resource links.

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