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The Stephan Weyte Page!

Stephan Weyte is the man behind the voice of Caleb. What would Blood be without Caleb's hilarious one liners and random singing? It is part of what makes Blood the greatest game ever! Admit it, when you reminisce with your old bloodite friends, you always bring up the quality voice acting of Caleb. Imagine anybody else doing Caleb... do it! Yeah you can't, because NOBODY can do Caleb like Stephan Weyte did Caleb.

Who is Stephan Weyte though? Is he a dangerous lunatic that Monolith kept locked in a cage, and fed him on bloody still beating hearts to coax into lending his voice talent to Blood? Nope. He's actually a live action actor, and of course a voice actor. He attended both Boston University and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Besides Caleb, he has had many other roles, including a couple movie roles in Mixing Karma and Showering with Spielberg. Some of the other games he has contributed to with his amazing voice include Betrayal in Antara, Starsiege, and Total Annihilation: Kingdoms.

I also have a couple different demos of Stephan doing various commercial ads and other narrations. Here they are:
Commercials - Caleb has heart disease!?!?
Narrations - The power of television!