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Update on Ruslana
_-__064By Simone Kozuharov

Ruslana Bogdan, the 10 year-old orphan at the Snowdrop shelter for abandoned and neglected children near Chernobyl, Ukraine whose story EEO began following several months ago, spent Christmas where no child should have to: in the hospital. Not because she was sick. She simply had no where else to go.

(see previous story, Ruslana "God's Gift"
Murderer Gives Life to Christ
pastor_sergei__losinkepictured are EEO missionaries to prisons, led by pastor Sergei D. and Andrei Galkin. (2nd & 3rd from left) 

By Andrei Galkin

Andrei is a missionary based in Moscow and works with a team of ex-prisoners who are now missionaries to Russian prisons. Click here for more information or how to support his ministry. 

Recently our mission team had an expedition called “the Transforming power of the Gospel”. We visited all 7 federal regions of Russia.
Christian Camps
kiechner_h0053What is So Special About Christian Camps?

EEO camp programs in Ukraine and Russia have been very successful. Since 1995 we have conducted biblically based two week camp  programs for thousands and thousands of kids.
Jeff's New Book: Leaving The American Sector
LAScover_smallestIt was a cold, rainy day in January. My assignment was to take a van loaded with Christian books and Bibles on an overnight trip from West Berlin into East Germany. I was travelling alone.

Chapter one entitled CAUGHT AT THE BORDER details that fateful day when Jeff was caught by East German border guards and interrogated by the secret police. This tension packed first chapter sets the stage as the East German Secret Police (the STASI) finally and yet slowly discover what has been supernaturally going on under their watchful eye.

$20 includes tax and shipping. Click here to order.
Computer Education A Priority For Orphans

kidsatcomp2smallEastern European Outreach as part of it's ongoing emphasis on education assistance for at risk young people, has recently donated a new PC to the Snowdrop Children's Shelter. 

Computer skills are important for future development of these abandoned young people. Monthly sponsors help EEO provide for the needs of group homes like Snowdrop. 


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