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How To Install Rear Camber Bolts

1. Raise car

2. Remove rear wheels

3. Locate upper control arm to knuckle bolt.

4. Remove bolt

5. Use an angle grinder with cut-off wheel to cut though at least one of the tack welds on the fixed nut,

6. Use a socket and breaking bar to twist off the nut. Grind the spot completely flat.

7. The camber bolts come with one large hole spacer each, one small hole spacer each, one washer each, and one nut each. Assemble the bolt so that the large hole spacer is above the lobe with the wedge facing in.

8. Have someone twist the control arm with some pliers so that you can slide the bolt through. Be sure the cam lobe is fully engaged in the control arm.

9. Turn the bolt to your desired adjustment. Having the fat part of the lobe facing in gives you 1* of positive camber.

10. Fit small hole spacer over the bolt.

11. Fully engage both spacers into the bolt hole so that they fill the space left by the camber bolt. This should be exactly opposite the lobe.

12. Affix the washer to the bolt assembly.

13. Torque nut to 55 lb/ft while assistant holds the bolt in place.

How-To Courtesy Of TF Member TXFO


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