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Accredited TEFL course, meets British Council requirements, worldwide job placement and much more ...

teach English Spain
teach English Spain
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EBC International TEFL Certificate Course

TEFL courses Madrid Spain and Buenos Aires Argentina

Your passport to living and working abroad as an English teacher

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An accredited TEFL certificate + lifetime job help   Practical, thorough TESOL TEFL training

Four exciting weeks with us is your passport to living your dreams abroad, in exotic locations all over the world. EBC has been running a highly successful 4 week intensive TEFL certificate course since 2002. EBC has trained and placed almost 1,000 satisfied TEFL TESOL course graduates in well paying EFL teaching jobs around the world.

When you graduate from the EBC course, you will receive two certificates covering TEFL and TESOL.

  1. The EBC International TEFL Certificate
  2. The Advanced Certificate in TESOL
    (Meets British Council requirements)

The Advanced Certificate in TESOL (like CELTA and Trinity) meets British Council requirements for teachers in its accredited schools. The Advanced Certificate in TESOL is awarded by the College of Teachers, a UK regulated educational institution and a British Council recognised awarding body.

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The EBC TESOL TEFL course is a very practical and thorough course designed for candidates that have no previous experience in English teaching. It is also suitable for candidates that have some experience but no formal training in the TEFL TESOL field.

During the 4 week course you will become familiar with the principles of successful EFL teaching and start developing the practical skills that you will need to teach effectively.

The EBC course is accent tolerant. The style of English you use is not important as long as it is correct within its own rules (e.g. Americans can teach using correct American spoken English, vocabulary, spelling, etc.) You will be expected to teach the style of English you feel most comfortable with and use it consistently.

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The EBC TESOL TEFL course includes a total of 24 teaching practice hours.
16 hours of teaching practice and 8 hours observing experienced teachers.
"I would recommend EBC without reservation to any student looking for a challenging, supportive and personally attentive TEFL training program." Katie Entigar, New York, New York, USA   "The EBC TEFL course is a very thorough and intensive course which delivers on all it's objectives and promises. The end result is knowledgeable teachers with great technical skills. I definitely recommend this course for anyone serious about teaching and/or travel." Christopher Metcalfe, Patea, New Zealand

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Be working within a week (or less) of graduating!
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If you want to work as soon as you've finished the course, EBC will have you interviewing and working within about a week (or less) of graduating.
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Expert Trainers

EBC is extremely proud of its team of highly experienced TEFL trainers. They are professionals with many years of classroom and international corporate teaching experience. Our EBC trainers bring to our EBC International TEFL Certificate course not only their advanced degrees in TEFL but also their years of EFL teaching experience gained from all over the world. At EBC we believe in continuous training therefore our EBC trainers attend EFL courses and seminars to reinforce their existing knowledge and introduce them to new ideas in EFL teaching. Although they all possess advanced EFL degrees, EBC supports and encourages further TEFL studies and practical work.

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Worldwide EFL job placement

EBC has a unique international job placement assistance network dedicated to helping you, our course graduates. EBC believes you should not have to knock on doors looking for jobs. To-date, every single one of our course graduates has found work after completing our course by using our unrivalled job placement assistance programme. [more about our job placement programme]

At EBC our belief is that if you train with us you should get a job with us. Our Madrid based sister language school is EBC y Asociados Idiomas. This means that there is a good chance that you will get hired (subject to availability) as soon as you graduate and get to work for some of EBC y Asociados high-powered clientele. Isn't this better than having to go around knocking on doors like a vacuum cleaner salesman using a list of schools you've been given? As with all good companies we have contingency measures should EBC y Asociados Idiomas not have work immediately available. We are also a supplier of TEFL Certified teachers to 180 language organisations in Madrid and 200 language organisations in Buenos Aires.

You will also get access to our Student Zone database of over 800 schools throughout the world allowing you to apply for jobs from any internet terminal in the world. Your job help continues after the course too. If you need advice or assistance, you just need to contact EBC and we will help. We'll advise on other countries and send your CV to the cities of your choice whenever you ask.

Lifetime, worldwide work abroad job support

You will never be a number to EBC. Once you've joined one of our courses, you've joined the ever-growing family of satisfied and highly employable EBC graduates. EBC will provide you with job support wherever and whenever you need it ! All you need to do is contact us.

Intercontinental study/work exchange

EBC runs the same course at the same time in two great locations, Madrid and Buenos Aires. This means that you can study in one location then work in the other, or (as EBC has international job placement assistance) choose a different country to work in. With EBC your possibilities are endless!

If you're considering studying and working abroad for a while in a Spanish speaking country then EBC is your best option. In addition, the cities where you can study are also gateways to their respective continents. Madrid and Buenos Aires will give you a solid base in Europe and South America from which you can start your EFL teaching career.

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