Brought to You by the Saint of Hopeless Causes, Dubious Cases,
and Children's Aspirin

The Nerdgirl's Pillow Book

Or, The Joy of Hacker Sex

A Brief Guide to What's Going On Here:

The Pillow Book is an unpublished (publishers, ATTENTION!) yet edge-cutting guide to applying the hacker method to sex.
Does that sound illegal, or violent? What do I mean by hacking?

Hacking is the clever circumvention of imposed limits, whether imposed by your government, your IP server, your own personality, or the laws of Physics.

(My own definition, as presented to the 1996 Hackers Conference in Santa Rosa CA.)

Who am I to explain all this? I'm a writer and graphic artist with some shady medical training. I used to be senior editor of MONDO2000, the cult magazine with a shelf date. I've gone to jail for demonstrations (demonstrating how not to stand in the street in all cases) and I've done other revolution-oriented stuff like writing a how-to manual for online revolution, HOW TO MUTATE AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD and the critically under-rated but droll CYBERPUNK FAKEBOOK. Most importantly, I've been a programmer all my life, and a rather good one. Okay, I'm a girlnerd. I'm even a hacker.

Hacking doesn't stop with computers. Every revolutionist is a hacker, hacking the social system. The nerd-heroic Wright brothers hacked bicycles before they started hacking airplanes (because bikes were cutting-edge tech: elegant cheap mobility.) Ms. Manners, a feminist hero, hacks social interactions. The hacker approach works for everything in life. At least, it will make you more likely to analyze the elements of your life. At best it will make you want to transform those elements like an alchemist.

So here it is, my hacker-style cookbook of sex, a how-to or why-not book. I compiled these ideas from clues I picked up from anecdotes or bizarre rumors, or news bulletins from Johns Hopkins. These were tracked down on Medline and then field-tested by human nerds. I then extrapolated from facts that are all verifiable: I'll give you citations if you want to look them up.

But the extrapolations are unique. These are new-and-future syntheses. You'll never find these gorgeous juxtapositions anywhere else. Moreover my approach is everywhere skeptical, suggestive, conditional: these ideas are lusciously ripe for the tasting. And ready to be refuted by your own experiments – or mutated and expanded through your own ingenuity.

Yet most insidiously, this book is a demonstration of hacker methodology. While luring you with sex it is subtly training you to think like a hacker.

It's a become-it-yourself guide.

Learn to hack!

More, Please

This message was brought to you by St. Jude Milhon, ex-senior editor of MONDO2000, the only magazine with a use-by date. If you have problems with any of this, complain directly to Herself, St. Jude of MONDO!