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I have some awards, and still seek others. Note: I haven't earned the Icon Award for all these, only for , , , and , but I've made observations that may serve to help others earn them in the future!

Anywho, here's what I've learned after playing over 2000 games...


Just push through. It's easy enough. If you're looking for Azle, and don't spot it while hunting A's then try the Z's as they are less frequent.

Math Path

So lame, I actually was trying really hard but still couldn't beat like a minute. Then I goofed and hit the wrong key and blam Perfect. So I just relaxed and realized that if you just read through the booger you may find that it's only 1 keystroke to win!!


Slow Fingers [sticky keyboards] need not apply.


Patience is a virtue... I don't have.
I managed this one through trial and error.

Games I love, but don't have the award for yet:

Who's The Boss

Vote as soon as the Round begins. Then announce who you voted for in topic. This will prevent you EVER being on the Mandetory Firing List for forgetting! And you can always change your vote at any time! Not sharing who you vote for only helps the Boss. When a person is fired everyone knows that that suspect is cleared because YOU CANNOT BE FIRED IF YOU VOTE FOR THE BOSS!! Also, only those who form a majority [that isn't for the real Boss] end up on the Optional Firing List. The suspect that got the votes does NOT! So don't panic if people are dingy enough to vote for you!

Also, PLEASE read the rules and follow them. It's not that freaking hard!

#1 Don't discuss ANYTHING about the game outside the game.
#2 Don't blab private info.
#3 If you don't share your vote in Round 1 you can't tell about it in Round 2...
#4 General Braingle Rules

That's It, also please don't sign up if you don't really want to play...
that just bogs things down for everyone else!!

Werewolf Game

Good Luck... Read the rules, use your gut, and hope you don't get eaten!! Otherwise, only advice is don't sign up if you don't play to play. That just ruins the game for the folks that actually do play!! Also, just like WTB outside communication is a NoNo. Please don't be a lame cheater just to boost your own pathetically dim ego.

I have only solved through Level 14. I am not certain if I have the shortest path for each, but here are the number of moves I've used to solve each level. If you have found a shorter route for any please tell me. NOT THE ANSWER, simply that you did it in ## moves will be enough to get my attention Thanks.

...3 Moves......4 Moves .....6 Moves ....12 Moves

Total Moves Used Upon Entering Level 5 = 25

...8 Moves.....8 Moves ....16 Moves ....10 Moves

Total Moves Used Upon Entering Level 9 = 67

...8 Moves ....10 Moves ...16 Moves ...20 Moves

Total Moves Used Upon Entering Level 13 = 121

..12 Moves ...16 Moves

And Now I Am Stuck On Level 15 with 149 Moves Used To Get There

Wїkї Iηdєx

Home - Well gee isn't that obvious.
CarPage - Come here to drool... BYOTowel
AvatarPage - Here's where I store avatars I've made.
Talkboxes page shows the TBs I "own" and what they're about!
Challenges - All the weird challenges I've devised.
Coenobita - Pet Stuff
CavyCare - Think you want a guinea pig? Let's find out!
Essay - From the Braingle Writing Contest + and who knows what other... doodlings.
Favs - Tough call, but I'ma go with "These are a few of my Favorite Things."
PICTURES The latest pics of the PineappleCrew
HomeForImaginaryPineapples is the Prop Page for our wonderful Braingle Family!
AboutMe Page has You Guessed It more info about me!
Exit - AKA The Comment Page!

This is the personal page of PineappleMama and does not represent the views or opinions of Braingle.

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