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October 28, 2004

Podcast Review: Esc From the World! Radio

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Esc From the World!: Podcast Archives

Format: Radio show
Content: technology news and commentary
Rating: 3 and a half stars
What I'm going to do: subscribe
Typical Length: varies widely: 2 - 15 minutes, but he tries to keep it under 10

Matthew Bischoff is an individual whose brain seems to work much faster than he can speak.

Matthew has volumes of great information to dish out to his podience (last I heard well over 100 subscribers) and tries to stuff it all into the 10 minutes he alots himself. As a result he talk pretty quickly. This is both a benefit and a curse to the listeners, who get a lot of information in a short period of time, but then can spend hours digesting it all. This attribute is further emphasized by the fact that Matthew gets side-tracked easily and wanders off into territory sometimes seemingly unrelated to his starting point.

Esc From the World! is also much better consumed in front of your machine - he must spend a lot of time online! I got much more out of the few podcasts I listened to at work then the ones I listened to in my car, so keep that in mind.

As far as the quality of the broadcast itself is concerned, Matthew's job is complicated by the fact that he seems to be trying to get it all in one take. This results in sometimes uneven volume between Matthew's voice and the clips he incorporates - a little more screening of these potions of the segment might help a lot. Matthew's voice is generally pleasant to listen to and his vocal level is comfortable, if a little too low on my PADOC (Portable Audio Device Of Choice). He's been trying on different intos and has recently been experimenting with a musical bed for the 'cast, which makes for a nice listen (although "branding" might be improved if he had a consistent intro - think of how recognizeable the beginnings of Evil Genius Chronicles is).

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[editorial comment] Jeff O'Hara points out to me in the comments to this post that Matthew is 13 years old. I think this is a fantastic acheivement for anyone, and the more kudos to Matthew for performaing at this level so young. I'll expect good things from Matthew in the years to come (heavens, could I be any more condescending?). Seriously, though, Matthew - this is excellent work!


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