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Street Performer Debate

Some merchants and city officials claim that street performers, artists and vendors clog the street and hinder business, the city continues to spend taxpayer money in a legal fight to them from parts of St. Augustine.

Street performers, vendors and artists have another view. Citing First Amendment rights to set up anywhere they like, they continue to fight back - in the courts and on St. George Street in the heart of St. Augustine's historic district.

What do you think?

Street performers, artists and vendors should be banned in St. Augustine.

Street performers, artists and vendors should be banned in St. Augustine.
Agree (11%) = 143
Disagree (89%) = 1146
TOTAL 1289

Photofeature: Street Performers
Despite repeated arrests, some street performers continue to protest on St. George Street. View slideshow


Video Feature: Jeff Masin
St. Augustine's original One Man Band talks about his recent arrests on St. George street.
Download speed: 28K | 56K | Cable
Viewing requires the free RealPlayer Basic


Photofeature:Freedom of Speech
Saint Aug Dog Editor Warren Celli protests against his newspaper's ban.
View slideshow
Hear what Warren has to say:
Download speed: 28K | 56K | Cable
Viewing requires the free RealPlayer Basic

Multimedia Features
02/12/01 -- One Man Band
02/02/01 -- Street performers
02/02/01 -- Juggling street performer
01/17/01 -- One man band

» Letter: Return street entertainers
01/13/04 - Jane Cole St. Augustine
Editor: St. George Street has become a boring street of people wandering around with glazed eyes.

» Not singin' the blues ... he's fightin'
07/05/03 - By KEN LEWIS Staff Writer
Singing and playing a guitar on St. George Street led to two misdemeanor convictions for Roger Jolley, but now he's fighting them in circuit court.

» Performer workshop reopens old wounds
05/08/03 - By PETER GUINTA Senior Writer
During St. Augustine's City Commission's three-hour street performer workshop Wednesday, a man in the audience whispered, "Why are we opening this can of worms all over again?"

» Regret of war is not a signal of retreat
03/27/03 -
In the hours and days since 8 p.m. Wednesday, the U.S. deadline for Saddam Hussein to leave his country or face American-made Armageddon, I've been like a guy on Super Bowl Sunday with the remote control, flipping channels madly looking for the latest play.

» Letter: Return quality buskers
03/27/03 - John Ziebell Crescent Beach
Editor: This street performer debate is comedic in the classic sense -- at once funny and tragic. Every time an article about the issue comes up, I think about a cartoon in Playboy from the 1960s where a single saxophone player works his music on a street corner. He is joined by a guitar player, bass, trumpet and congas. The last panel has the sax player being asked to leave the group. So goes St. George Street.

» City passes 'baby step' change to performer ordinance
02/11/03 - By PETER GUINTA Senior Writer
A revised St. Augustine ordinance permitting artists to paint or draw on St. George Street, but dropping proposed morning and evening hours for entertainers passed 4 to 0 on first reading Monday.

» Mayor speaks on street entertainer issue
02/04/03 - From Staff
St. Augustine Mayor George Gardner issued a statement Monday on the street performer issue.

» City votes to change entertainer ordinance
01/28/03 - By PETER GUINTA Senior Writer
Street artists and entertainers could be back on St. George Street in weeks -- playing guitar, juggling bowling pins or doing magic tricks for tips.

» Street performers may return -- at night
01/15/03 - By PETER GUINTA Senior Writer
Break out a spare dollar bill and throw it into the hat -- songs by St. George Street's banned street musicians may be "Blowing In The Wind" again soon.

» Letter: Bring street performers back 03/29/02
» Letter: Misses seeing the one-man band 03/20/02
» Letter: UK visitor upset by jail sentence for street performer 01/16/02
» Dolan suits up to serve 30-day jail sentence 01/12/02
» Letter: On street performer issue 10/01/01
» City, street performers spar at federal appeal 09/22/01
» Plaza vendors may face new regulations 09/06/01
» 'Silver Man' finding it hard to keep up his act 08/02/01
» Fed judges to rule on ordinance 07/31/01
» Shop owners complain about performance 07/24/01
» Judge: Performer ordinance upheld as constitutional 07/21/01
» Jolley pleads not guilty to charge of performing 05/30/01
» Damages sought in second street performer lawsuit 05/26/01
» Street performer says delayed arrest was surprise 05/22/01
» Award goes to officer on artist beat 04/23/01
» ACLU plans performer protest during king's visit 04/05/01
» Mediation fails in street performer lawsuit 04/05/01
» Letter: 'Artists' should contribute their part 04/03/01
» Demonstrators peacefully protest 04/02/01
» Guest Column: Hoping protest pictures make the history books 04/01/01
» Protesters seek media attention during visit 03/31/01
» Letter: More support for April 1 protest 03/30/01
» Letter: City should continue enforcing law 03/29/01
» Letter: Praying for the right to paint 03/28/01
» Guest column: Elected officials lack peripheral vision 03/27/01
» Artist found guilty 03/15/01
» Guest Column: Drawing should be exempt from street performer ban 03/15/01
» Letter: Street performers: It's a greed issue 03/13/01
» Letter: The police did not pass street performer law 03/12/01
» Letter: Performers should 'draw' at the Plaza 03/12/01
» Letter: Artists and music were city's charm 03/10/01
» Second street artist gets sentenced 03/09/01

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