Bond Machine Knitting - Pockets

Date: 17 Oct 1997 10:45 EDT
From: "Christine Beer" (
Subject: [BOND] Adding a Pocket

Well, I'm glad I didn't miss too much.  I too was hoping it
was something like sock knitting.  Oh well.  But I did catch
the segment on adding a pocket.  I'm not sure how good I'll
be at explaining this, but here goes:

What they showed you to do was to knit your sweater front as
you normally would.  Then, once the panel is complete, pick
a spot where you would want the *top* of the pocket to be.
The go to about the middle of the top of the pocket 
         |             |

and pick a stitch of your knitting.  Then pull it - yes,
pull it WAY out - about 2 inches and cut that thread.
When you then pull your knit garmet back into shape there
will be a hole where you cut - with opened stitches on
the top and bottom.  Grab a set of knitting needles and
pick up these stitches.  The top ones on one needle, the
bottom on another.  Then you can re-hang these stitches on
the machine.  So, you'd re-hang the bottom ones and do a
bit of a rib for the pocket edge, and then re-hang the top
ones and knit as much as you want for the inside of the pocket.
You then just cast this off and sew it to the inside of your
garmet.  Voila! a pocket!

I hope this wasn't too confusing.  Let me know if you need
more info.  I'll see if I can help.



Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 17:35:22 -0400
From: (Dale Freundlich)
Subject: [BOND] Pockets

Hi All,
Just completed a varigated crewneck using 2 "balls" of yarn, and the
pattern is very nice.  Thanks for that tip.

Feeling a bit tired of plain sweaters but not wanting to add anything
which would detract form the yarn itself, I decided to add patch
pockets.  The shape and placement are interesting.

          ______      ______
      /                        l   l  
     /_/  l                   l__l  l
    /      l                          l
   /       l                          l
  /        l                          l
           l  l____l               l

The one on the sleeve is square.  There is an 8 row rib done in the same
tenson at the top of each pocket.  I'm quite happy with the result.  You
could shape and place pockets any way you want.  I'm thinking about a
brightly colored one with different colored pockets for my 2 1/2 y DGS.
They do love pockets at that age!

Keep on bonding,
Dale from cooler CNY

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