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Blu Square Betting

League Tables & Results
Statistics are courtesy of Nigel Biddlecombe.
If you can help Nigel in any way filling the gaps, please contact him via e-mail :


Final Position


Nationwide Conference 11th


Conference South 1st


Conference South 7th


Dr Martens Premier Divsion 2nd
2002-2003 Dr Martens Premier Divsion 17th
2001-2002 Dr Martens Premier Divsion 11th
2000-2001 Dr Martens Premier Divsion 5th
1999-2000 Dr Martens Premier Division 10th
1998-1999 Dr Martens Premier Division 14th
1997-1998 Dr Martens Southern Divison 1st
1996-1997 Dr Martens Southern Divison 7th
1995-1996 Beazer Homes Southern Division 6th
1994-1995 Beazer Homes Southern Division 8th
1993-1994 Beazer Homes Southern Division 10th
1992-1993 Beazer Homes Premier Division 21st
1991-1992 Beazer Homes Southern Division 2nd
1990-1991 Beazer Homes Premier Division 22nd
1989-1990 Beazer Homes Premier Division 17th
1988-1989 GM Vauxhall Conference 21st


GM Vauxhall Conference 10th
1986-1987 GM Vauxhall Conference 14th
1985-1986 Gola League 5th
1984-1985 Gola League 16th
1983-1984 Alliance Premier League 15th
1982-1983 Alliance Premier League 7th
1981-1982 Alliance Premier League 9th
1980-1981 Alliance Premier League 5th
1979-1980 Alliance Premier League 2nd
1978-1979 Southern League 6th
1977-1978 Southern League 2nd
1976-1977 Southern League 17th


Southern League 17th
1974-1975 Southern League 15th
1973-1974 Southern League 7th
1972-1973 Southern League 6th
1971-1972 Southern League 6th
1970-1971 Southern League 10th
1969-1970 Southern League 4th


Southern League 7th
1967-1968 Southern League 13th
1966-1967 Southern League 3rd
1965-1966 Southern League 1st
1964-1965 Southern League 1st
1963-1964 Southern League 7th
1962-1963 Southern League 3rd
1961-1962 Southern League 6th
1960-1961 Southern League 5th
1959-1960 Southern League 3rd
1958-1959 Southern League (South Eastern Section) 5th
  Southern League (Inter Zone) 2nd
1957-1958 Southern League 4th
1956-1957 Southern League 3rd
1955-1956 Southern League 6th
1954-1955 Southern League 2nd
1953-1954 Southern League 6th
1952-1953 Southern League 14th
1951-1952 Southern League 2nd
1950-1951 Southern League 10th
1949-1950 Southern League 9th
1948-1949 Western League Divison 1 3rd
1947-1948 Western League Divison 2 2nd
1946-1947   No football due to Second World War
1945-1946   No football due to Second World War
1944-1945   No football due to Second World War
1943-1944   No football due to Second World War
1942-1943   No football due to Second World War
1941-1942   No football due to Second World War
1940-1941   No football due to Second World War
1939-1940 Western League
Football suspended after one game due to War
1938-1939 Western League Divison 1 5th
1937-1938 Western League Divison 1 1st
1936-1937 Western League Divison 1 1st
1935-1936 Western League Divison 1 2nd
1934-1935 Western League Divison 2 4th
1933-1934 Western League Divison 2 1st
1932-1933 Western League Divison 2 10t
1931-1932 Western League Divison 2 11th
1930-1931 Western League Divison 2 15th
  Dorset League Divison 1 4th
1929-1930 Western League Divison 2 11th
  Dorset League 2nd
1928-1929 Western League Divison 2 6th
  Dorset League 6th
1927-1928 Southern League 13th
  Western League Divison 1 unknown
1926-1927 Southern League 9th
Western League Divison 1 12th
1925-1926 Southern League 9th
Western League Divison 1 6th
1924-1925 Southern League 6th
1923-1924 Southern League 10th
1922-1923 Western League Divison 1 1st
  Dorset League Divison 1 2nd
1921-1922 Western League Division 1 7th
  Dorset League Divison 1 1st
1920-1921 Dorset League Divison 1 2nd
1919-1920 Dorset League Divison 1 3rd
No football due to Great War
No football due to Great War
No football due to Great War
No football due to Great War
No football due to Great War
1913-1914 Western League Division 2 4th
  Dorset League 1st
1912-1913 Western League Division 2 8th
  Dorset League 2nd
1911-1912 Western League Division 2 3rd
1910-1911 Western League Division 2 6th
1909-1910 Western League Division 2 12th
1908-1909 Western League Division 2 7th
  Dorset League 2nd
1907-1908 Western League Division 2 7th
  Dorset League unknown
1906-1907 Dorset League Southern Division 5th
1905-1906 Dorset League Southern Division 2nd
1904-1905 Friendly & Cup Matches n/a
1903-1904 Dorset League 3rd
1902-1903 Dorset League 2nd
1901-1902 Dorset League 2nd
1900-1901 Dorset League 2nd


Dorset League 18th


Dorset League 5th
1897-1898 Dorset League 1st
1896-1897 Dorset League 3rd
1895-1896 Friendly & Cup Matches n/a
1894-1895 Friendly & Cup Matches n/a
1893-1894 Friendly & Cup Matches n/a
1892-1893 Friendly & Cup Matches n/a
1891-1892 Friendly & Cup Matches n/a
1890-1891 Friendly & Cup Matches n/a