To list referrers to your site all you need to do is to copy/paste a single line of JavaScript code (below) within the page you want to track.

You can place a small snip of JavaScript on any page of your website and it will produce a list of referers specific to that page - the list will inherit colors and font type from the defaults of your page!

Referrer Feed Zone


The Referrer Feed began a few years ago when TrueFresco Art Network founder - Fresco Artist iLia Anossov (fresco) added a small complementary service for students and artists through TrueFresco Art Network's Server when he came across Stephen Downes' perl script. Initially it was intended solely for Fresco School's students to help them get more traffic to their sites and to help unite online fresco community by cross linking their sites - anyone could copy paste the line of JavaScript it was so easy. Contemporary Fresco Painting Resource Center is the largest Fresco Resource on the Internet, since 1998 it was visited daily by thousands of people from around the world and it was fun to see hundreds of links we had no idea existed - News Papers, Schools, Colleges, Directories were linking to the fresco painting articles and galleries at the Contemporary Fresco Gazette, Resource Center and The Fresco School.

Although Server was stressed by running the Referrer Feed's backend processing tens of thousands page views and registering the referrers to TrueFresco it also had to handle additional thousands of referrer records for non-art sites that picked up the JavaScript Snippet from TrueFresco's page. It was later, that the TrueFresco server finally blew the limits. The "avalanche of bloggers :) had descended" on TrueFresco and iLia Anossov (founder) had to lease additional servers to keep his Fresco Painting Center, TrueFresco Art Network functional and at the same time provide free server power to, as it looked like, the whole world - Sites from Europe, Russia, Japan, Australia and both Americas were using the free referrer feed originally intended for a handful of non-profit art websites.

We are committed to provide server resources for Referrer Feed Service free of charge to Non Profits, Charities, Schools as before! Small subscription fee applies only to all other websites.

We have to limit Free Referrer Feed to what we can handle without jeopardizing our own goal - "To See Fresco being painted in every town" - a Modern Renaissance of Fresco Painting!"

             True Fresco Art Network

"They" also promised $5,000 in cash to anyone who can show them a web hosting service with better (or even comparable) traffic ranking results for their clients' web sites. Guess what? Nobody could find one... and all that (including domain name and hosting for under $30 per month!)

PS. If you want your site to fail, skip these links.

What Is It For?

  • An instant reciprocal link generator that you do not need to setup or maintain - someone links to your page, clicks on the link a reciprocal link will appear in the list and as soon as the link to you is removed it will automatically disappear from your page.

  • A Scout/Reporter of how do people find your site - someone visits your page from anywhere on the web and the link is displayed by the Referrer Feed.

  • A way to say Thank You to the to the site that has a link to you and sends you visitors.

What Is It Referrer?

Referrer - commonly misspelled as  "referer"; misspelling is so common, in fact, that it made it into the official specification of HTTP - the communication protocol of the world wide web. When visiting a webpage, the referer (sic) or referring page is the URL of the previous webpage from which a link was followed. More generally, it is the URL of a previous item which led to this request - the referer for an image, for example, is generally the HTML page on which it is to be displayed. The referer is part of the HTTP request sent by the browser program to the web server.
 (source - Wikipedia)

  Referrer Feed Look

TrueFresco Art Network

All Sites that desire to use our Referrer Feeds require registration! New Referrer Feeds will be provided after registration and approval.
We are cleaning up our service so all members will benefit from fast Referrer Feed load speed!



Subscriptions have been implemented. For Subscribing Members Art-Ad-Box and other links back have been removed from the Referrer Feed.

Complimentary Subscriptions is now available for Non-Profit, Charity and Schools.


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