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The Delphi Wiki is a collaborative project to create the most definitive, accurate, and accessible database, reference and community for everything related to Delphi, the premier development tool and language for Windows development. The database is organized in a WikiWiki structure, which allows an incredible level of interconnectedness and expansion. The database currently includes 2,791 articles. If you're new to Delphi Wiki, please join us! Visit the Help page to learn how you can contribute to any article right now.

If you simply want to post some information without a formal article (or to request for someone to incorporate some information into an existing or new article) or ask a question please use the Delphi Wiki Forums.

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Since its initial release in 1995 Delphi has revolutionized development by allowing developers to produce efficient, superior quality software rapidly with minimal or no runtime library requirements. Delphi made component development easy and allowed developers to use a single language for development of both front-end and backend modules of an application. Delphi continues blazing a new trail for developers today with the introduction of Delphi 2006 that allows for RAD development on Win32 and .NET and even includes support for C++ and C#. The Business Case for Delphi

Nick Hodges started this page. He got the idea from a newsgroup post by Richard Grossman. This page will be a document that Delphi supporters could use to help “sell“ Delphi to management. Eventualy the page will be posted as 'official' on the Codegear Developer Network when it's production ready.

Everybody is invited to help out.
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(August) Update 2 to C++Builder 2007 and Delphi 2007 for Win32
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(July) Delphi and C++Builder Roadmap

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