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New Search Methods Generate Better Life Insurance Leads for Agents

Once upon time, life insurance agents trolled the streets, knocking on doors and trying to sell their services to any adult who answered. Times have certainly changed since those days! Today, life insurance agents looking for leads have access to significantly more sophisticated search tools, and must be internet-savvy as well as good with people in order to advance their prospects. The avenues of approach that worked well so recently – billboards, pop-up ads, spam e-mails and yellow pages ads are no longer as effective as they once were. In their stead, a new type of company has arisen, ready to help agents obtain life insurance leads in a totally innovative way:

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Targeted Life Insurance Leads Mean Better Results

Every lead-providing company is different, but they all have the same goal: to steer the life insurance agents who are their customers towards valid, interested prospects who are looking to buy. If you’re having trouble finding such people, how are these companies able to do it? They use several methods, running your life insurance offers on proven sites across the Internet to optimize your results. Popular sites include web-based news providers, product registration sites, and major search engines like AOL, MSN and Yahoo. People who fill in their demographic and check “yes” in the box saying that they would like to hear about offers suitable to their needs are potential candidates for your offers. Good life insurance lead providers will guarantee that a high percentage of the leads they offer – usually at least 90% - will be valid, and some will credit your account if a lead turns out to be faulty. You’ll have the option of purchasing different packages of information about your leads, with more detailed information being more expensive, to help you target the best leads to pursue. Some companies also offer customization based on geography and other relevant factors. With the constant improvement of electronic communication, and the world of new choices offered to consumers, the life insurance agent’s world is moving faster than ever.

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