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Special Domestic Mail Services,Forwarding
Special handling is available at your post office counter that assures safety, reliability and speed. Services marked with a "star"are linked with a tracking and tracing system, enabling you to be informed of the delivery status upon request. For this information, either notify your post office of the mail acceptance number or use the Internet (http://www.post.japanpost.jp/). (Note, however, this system does not apply to refrigerated letter post items.)

starRegistered Mail
( "Kakitome")
With registered mail, the entire delivery process from acceptance of mail at the counter to delivery to the addressee is recorded. In the event registered mail is damaged or lost while being handled by the post office, you will be indemnified for the amount of actual loss within the limit of the claimable amount of indemnity declared (Japanese yen; the same applies to the following). The maximum for this is 500,000 yen for cash contents and 5,000,000 yen for items other than cash. If no declaration has been made, indemnity will be made for the actual loss within the limit of 10,000 yen for cash content and 100,000 yen for items other than cash.
When sending cash by mail, please have it registered, using one of the cash registration envelopes( �gGenkin kakitome futo")available at the post office for 20 yen. Those valuables which are designated by the Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (gold, silver, diamonds, and the like. - ask the post office for details) should also be registered (not by Simplified Registered Mail) without fail.
(An example of a cash registraition envelope is shown on page "U")
Simplified Registered Mail
("Kan-i kakitome")
Here, only acceptance of mail at the counter and delivery to the addressee are recorded. In the event simplified registered mail is lost or damaged while being handled by the post office, you may claim up to 50,000 yen as indemnity for the amount of actual damage or loss.
New Special Express Mail
("Shin tokkyu yubin")
With New Special Express Mail, you may call in by phone to have your mail collected by motorcycle by around noon and have it delivered by 5:00 p.m. the same day. This service is intra-city service for delivering mail to a destination within the same city. The service is available for Tokyo (metropolitan city limits), Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo and Fukuoka. (Certain areas of Sapporo and Fukuoka are not served.)
Express Mail
This service gives your mail delivery priority. Please make a red horizontal line along the upper right portion (or a red vertical line along the right end if it is a letter�]type item which is longer on the horizontal side) on the address side of the item to be mailed.
Overnight Mail "Morning 10"
("Morning 10")
Overnight Mail �gMorning 10" service assures delivery of mail by 10:00 in the morning if posted by a prescribed time, such as in the evening of the preceding day. Overnight Mail service allows documents to be delivered in time for the start of the business day and is backed up by tracing system to confirm delivery. This service meets today's business demands and allows you to plan your business day better.
starDelivery-certified mail
("Haitatsu kiroku yubin")
Applicable to letter�]type post, this service is intended to record mail delivery only. No compensation for damaged or lost mail is available.
Delivery Date�]specified Mail
("Haitatsubi shitei yubin")
This service is designed to deliver your mail on a specified day (except for the period from December 26 through January 5). Please post your mail at the post office 3 to 12 days ahead of the desired date of delivery.
Refrigerated Mail
("Horei yubin")
This service keeps items in a refrigeration temperature range of 0�� to 5�� from acceptance to delivery. Please mail your items of this nature at a delivery post office.