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AllShore Outsourcing

Offering the Combined Benefits of Onsite, Onshore and Offshore Development

With dedicated development resources in the United States and India, ePlus Consulting is uniquely positioned to deliver the right solution, with regard to cost, capabilities and collaboration, for any enterprise application development project.

Our AllShore service allocates development work to the location best suited to meet requirements at the lowest possible cost, while always keeping project management and technical leadership in the hands of stateside ePlus/client project teams.

Distributed Development Strategies for Large Projects

With distributed development resources and centralized project management, ePlus Consulting can deliver large projects more efficiently and cost-effectively than many larger organizations.

ePlus Consulting senior engineers are skilled at segmenting large projects into discreet deliverables that can be simultaneously developed in multiple locations. Our stateside teams provide the architecture and interface design, while the bulk of the coding work is completed offshore.

ePlus Program Managers keep all development tracks in sync and facilitate collaboration as needed between the various development resources and the client team. Multiple phases of your project can proceed in parallel, providing rapid progress at optimal cost.

AllShore outsourcing options for your project include:

  • Onsite - Complex projects that require intense collaboration are prime candidates for on-site development. Our engineers are available to work side-by-side with your project members, at your location, to maximize opportunities for teamwork and collective problem solving.
  • Onshore - Projects that require less collaboration but still require significant work with proprietary business processes and intellectual property can be handled cost-effectively at our stateside development centers. You get top engineering talent at affordable rates in locations close to home.
  • Offshore - Our offshore development resources offer the best value for projects that have stable, documented requirements and require extensive coding. Because project management and technical leadership remain stateside, you retain complete control of your project.  You get all the benefits of offshore outsourcing...without the risks.

"With the AllShore capability, ePlus Consulting was able to design and build our custom enterprise solution quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. They offered the flexibility to use the most appropriate resources combined with solid project management that gave us complete control over the entire, distributed development process. We're very satisfied with the ePlus team, process and results."

--Bill Scarbrough, Director of IT at Public Abstract Corp., a division of First American Title Insurance Company


The Glue

Regardless of where the work is being done, our clients can trust that it meets the same high level of quality and workmanship that they've come to expect from ePlus Consulting. We achieve these results through the application of the ePlus Value Process. The EVP is ePlus' proprietary engagement process that governs everything we do, from estimating projects to writing specifications to building and testing systems. The EVP is built on three tenets:

  • Short Iterations - Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, ePlus applies our iterative development methodology to each engagement. We divide each project into a series of short (usually 2 to 6 week) iterations. Each iteration is defined by measurable deliverables and features a definition and design step, a build and test step, and a client review step. Through the EVP, our clients remain closely involved with the entire project, reviewing concrete progress at every step. This ensures that the end result is exactly what our client envisioned. 
  • Mitigate Risk Head-On - Too many software projects fail because teams failed to identify and deal with potential project risks early enough. We avoid this common downfall by resolving the greatest risks first. At the start of each iteration, we determine the largest risk to the project at that time and work to resolve it during that iteration. The overall level of risk diminishes with each successive iteration, leaving only minor issues to be resolved at the end of the project.
  • Improve Continuously - Throughout each phase of the EVP, we have inserted both client and internal reviews. Project-specific feedback, of course, is applied to the project. However, we all look for feedback on the process. Thus, with every phase of every project, the EVP becomes incrementally better. This ensures that our current clients benefit from our past projects, and our future clients will benefit from our current engagements. But most important to us, repeat customers find that their customer experience improves with each engagement they give to ePlus.

World Class Value

The combination of AllShore outsourcing and EVP methodology is generating value for a growing list of ePlus Consulting clients including Xerox, First American Title Insurance Company, W.P. Stewart and Snap-On Tools.

With global resources and a track record for delivering ROI, you can count on ePlus Consulting to deliver the results you expect. 

For more information regarding the ePlus Consulting Advantage and reasons to consider us as your business process and information technology partner, please call (585.899.8510) or contact us today!