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Poll: World Doesn’t Respect Bush
60% In CBS/NY Times Poll Say President Not Respected By Foreign Leaders

Put me in the strongly disagree category. I wonder if Saddam Hussein was included in the poll group?

Pessimism about the Mideast extends to U.S. efforts in Iraq. Just 27 percent of Americans — the lowest number to date — now believe the United States is winning the war, compared with 13 percent who say the Iraqi resistance is winning and 58 percent who call it a stalemate.

Well, give yourselves a big pat on the back for this one MSM. After all, it’s thanks to your biased reporting that turns every American victory into defeat, and focuses as much as possible on any negative aspect of the war that most Americans don’t know just how well we really are doing over there. Anyone remember how the Abu Ghraib anniversary was celebrated? Most journalists today see it as their patriotic duty to remind us all how terrible America is, especially under Bush. Our enemies count on this, and our media always delivers.

A separate CBS News/New York Times poll on Congress and the 2006 election (.pdf) found continued low approval ratings for lawmakers and the president translating into a Democratic lead in the midterm voting this fall.

If the midterm elections for the House of Representatives were held today, 45 percent of registered voters said they would support the Democratic candidate, while 35 percent would support the Republican.

Sounds a little familiar doesn’t it? Seems like this is pretty much the same thing we’ve heard before any major election in recent years. Prediction; The Dems lose more seats, but get close enough in some areas to declare yet another moral victory. Then the MSM echoes that and shows how the slim margins means people hate Bush. The beat goes on…

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