Spank ‘em!

I believe oversensitivity to self-esteem results in the disintegration of discipline. One of the most irritating things to me about the neoliberal attitude is the eradication of toughness as a virtue. The neoliberal assumption is that everyone’s self-esteem is about as thick as an eggshell. Oprah is leading the charge of tolerance, therapy and understanding and our kids’ backbones are turning into play-doh.

In a recent incident, a 5-year-old girl was handcuffed by police officers, who had to be called because the hands-off approach of school officials was ineffective. In this video, the teacher spends 5 minutes trying to get the rebellious girl to make a choice about which office she will go to. When she finally goes to the office, she proceeds to tear it apart in an angry tantrum. This kind of thing never happened when I was in school. Even 5 year olds knew that if you acted out past a certain point, your punishment would include a spanking, and it would hurt. The knowledge of the consequences was enough to prevent kids from acting like this little girl, seen on video tearing apart the principal’s office, throwing punches, and repeatedly climbing on top of the desk. She was subsequently handcuffed by 3 policemen , after the school officials noticed that softly telling her that her behavior was inappropriate and making sure not to touch her or damage her self-esteem had no effect on her violent behavior.
The girl’s family is outraged of course, not at the girl’s behavior, but at her being restrained, so they will sue. ( video )

It is outrageous that our educators’ hands are tied so thoroughly by the new tolerance police that they cannot stop a 5-year-old’s tantrum, and must call the police to handcuff her. In the era of common sense, things would never have gone this far, because the children would all understand that their teachers would punish them for misbehavior, not back away in fear of litigation. I remember the difference, because I was there.

Around the time I was in junior high, our school got a new superintendent. She brought with her a new disciplinary approach, and required that teachers send problem kids to the office, instead of using any corporal punishment. She quickly became known as the hug lady after refusing to use her paddle on the worst offenders. Instead, she would tell them that she understood how hard it was to be different, and how she knew they were just in need of attention. She would give them a hug, and make them promise to be good. Repeat offenders would be given punishments like writing papers, in-school detention, and other mild slaps on the wrist. Of course, this policy resulted in the utter breakdown of discipline on campus, an increase in hazing and bullying, vandalism, theft, and other activities of the miscreants. She was fired after a disastrous year on the job, and the school board, having learned its lesson, hired a man who understood discipline. Mr. Davis reinstated corporal punishment, made it widely known that he had a zero tolerance policy for misbehavior. He carried a 3-foot-long oaken paddle and walked the hallways, tapping his paddle as he walked. His new in-school detention policy required that a student’s parents attend detention with the student, and their inability to attend detention would result in the kid’s suspension from school. I have never seen so many bad kids straighten up their act so quickly. I believe two kids were permanently expelled from school that year, and after a few troublemakers had run-ins with Mr. Davis, there were no more repeat offenders. Test scores improved, bullying stopped, enrollment increased by a double-digit percentage, with out-of-town kids driving more than 70 miles round-trip to attend my high school. In short, a terrible school became an overachieving school nearly overnight, and discipline made the difference.

Discipline is the key to performance, and neo-liberalism has taken it away from our schools.

8 Responses to “Spank ‘em!”

  1. Jay
    April 25th, 2005 14:38

    Yep, good discipline has been stolen from us! The oversenitive liberals who think they know more are contantly imposing their views on all of us.

  2. louielouie
    April 25th, 2005 17:42

    it is far greater than good discipline.
    it is common sense that has departed.

  3. John
    April 25th, 2005 21:38

    Common sense, personal responsibility, discipline, tenacity, challenges… all these all going, going, gone. To be replaced with: empathy, victimhood, lower standards, apathy, and giving up.

  4. Jay
    April 26th, 2005 00:03

    I’ve got a post over at my site I’d like to hear your opinon on.

  5. Jay
    April 26th, 2005 06:34

    I just watched the video of this, this morning! I must say it is sickening how they have twisted this so that they are now the “victim”. I thought the real victim was the poor teacher trying everything she could to control this misguided little girl, and the real fault lies with the little girl’s parents. Sure there might have been a better method, but when you are under the pressure of a situation….it’s not like they hurt her, they only restrained her.

  6. Em
    April 27th, 2005 17:53

    who lets their kids act like this? freakin crazys. i wish people would take responsibility and put some discipline back into children.

  7. randy
    May 20th, 2007 02:40

    To hit or not to hit? Simple, don’t hit. You’re saying spanking is ok? I don’t think it is, to raise a child in fear is completely wrong, so you ask what do I do if the child goes crazy? I’m thinking the parent is doing something wrong, not spending enough time with your child or something. Hitting/spanking whatever you want to call it is Child abuse.

  8. site
    July 31st, 2007 16:26



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