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 Royal Horse Artillery
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by A. Melville-Brown
United Kingdom 
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Royal Horse Artillery
two troops raised for support of cavalry as part of Royal Regiment of Artillery

1858.07.03 21 troops transferred from HEIC to Crown control
1899.06.01 reorganised in combined group Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery while retaining RHA identity
1924.06.01 all artillery (horse, field and garrison) reorganised in single regiment Royal Regiment of Artillery, with RHA units retaining title and separate badge
pip Royal Horse Artillery, by Glenvil Roberts
King's Troop
1st Regiment RHA [1901-present]
  2nd Regiment RHA [1901-1958]
3rd Regiment RHA [1901-1978, 1984-present]
  4th Regiment RHA [1901-1961]
  5th Regiment RHA [1901-1958]
  6th Regiment RHA [1901-1947]
7th Parachute Regiment RHA [1901-1920, 1946-1947, 1961-present]
8th Regiment RHA [1901-1920, 1946-1947]
9th Brigade RHA [1901-1920]
10th Brigade RHA [1901-1919]
11th Brigade RHA [1901-1914]
12th Brigade RHA [1901-1917]
13th Brigade RHA [1901-1913]
14th Brigade RHA [1901-1919]
15th Brigade RHA [1915-1919]
16th Brigade RHA [1916-1919]
17th Brigade RHA [1917-1918]
Territorials and Volunteers:
1st Brigade RHA [1914-1916]
2nd Brigade RHA [1914-1916]
3rd Brigade RHA [1916-1917]
4th Brigade RHA [1916-1917]
11th Regiment RHA (Honourable Artillery Company and City of LOndon Yeomanry) [1920-1938]
11th Regiment RHA (Honourable Artillery Company) [1938-1945]
12th Regiment RHA (Honourable Artillery Company) [1939-1945]
13th Regiment RHA (Honourable Artillery Company) [1940-1947]
14th Regiment RHA [1942-1947]
18th Brigade RHA [1917-1918]
19th Brigade RHA [1917-1919]
20th Brigade RHA [1916-1919]
Ayrshire RHA
Berkshire RHA [1908-1944]
Essex RHA [1908-1920; see also 104 (Essex Yeomanry) Regt RHA]
Glamorganshire RHA
Hampshire RHA
Leicestershire RHA
Nottinghamshire RHA [1908-1955]
Shropshire RHA
Somerset RHA
Warwickshire RHA
Wiltshire RHA
West Riding RHA [1908-1920]
106th (Lancashire Yeomanry) Regiment RHA [1938-1941]
107th (The South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry) Regiment RHA [1938-1942]
147th (Essex Yeomanry) Regiment RHA [1939-1947]
149th (The Lancashire Yeomanry) Regiment RHA [1939-1940]
150th (South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry) Regiment RHA [1939-1940]
289 Parachute Regiment RHA [1960-1967]

Rocket Troop: Leipsic1

1. awarded 1816; supplanted 1833 by the RA motto "Ubique", but carried in Army Lists for some years thereafter.

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Colonel Commandant:
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  Maj-Gen. Gerard William Egerton Heath, CB, CBE, DSO, MC [to 1962; also RA]
  Gen. Sir Richard W. Goodbody, GCB, KBE, DSO [to 1968; also RA, HAC]
1968.01.01 Lt-Gen. Sir Edward D. Howard-Vyse, KBE, CB, MC, DL [also RA]
1970.11.27 F.M. Sir Geoffrey Baker, GCB, CMG, CBE, MC, ADCGen. [also RA]
  Gen. Sir John Sharp, KCB, MC [also RA; to 1977]
    Gen. Sir Harry Craufurd Tuzo, GCB, OBE, MC [to 1983; also RA]
1982.11.29 Lt-Gen. Sir Thomas Morony, KCB, OBE [also RA]
1983.05.01 Maj-Gen. William Desmond Mangham, CB [also RA]
1999.04.01 Gen. Sir Alex Harley, KBE, CB
vc Victoria Crosses, by Mike Chapman (VC Reference).
vc VCs in the Royal Artillery Museum, Woolwich, by Iain Stewart.
pip Officers and Other Ranks of the Royal Horse Artillery 1840-1920, by Fred Larimore.
pip An Old Comtemptible's Diary (Lt. Arthur Castle, D Battery RHA, 1914-15)
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monument Royal Artillery Institution, Woolwich, by Henrik Teller. (Simonides listing)
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Regimental Journal:
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Full Histories:
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Short Histories:
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