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Java™ 2 Brand Unveiled

NEW YORK CITY December 8, 1998 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the availability of the Java 2 platform, the next release of the core Java technology (formerly code-named "JDK 1.2"). The Java 2 platform is the definitive environment for enterprises aiming to build and install web-centric software applications that can run on a variety of computers, servers and other computing devices. The new release provides significant performance improvements, a new, flexible security model and a complete set of Applications Programming Interfaces (APIs).

The Java 2 platform provides software programmers with the speed, security and functionality that make it easier than ever to create interoperable, mission-critical enterprise applications. The Java 2 platform is widely supported by the industry and is being endorsed by hundreds of industry-leading companies worldwide (see quote addendum).

"Java 2 is the ultimate platform for businesses competing in the networked economy," said Alan Baratz, president of Java Software at Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Representing a major release of the Java technology, the Java 2 platform provides the competitive advantage businesses need to leverage, protect and easily expand upon existing investments. With the Java 2 platform, companies can streamline business processes, take advantage of new types of business opportunities and compete in entirely new ways."

Developed in collaboration with the industry, the Java 2 platform represents the input of close to 200 Java software licensees as well as tens of thousands of Java technology developers.

"The new platform is truly the result of a unique partnership between Sun and the industry," Baratz continued. "Sun's participative development process enabled us to harness the energy and expertise of the industry to produce a powerful, `best-of-breed' Java platform efficiently and rapidly. The Java 2 platform is the model for technology development in a world of rapid change."

The Java 2 platform is available for immediate download at See attached summary for details on the new features of the Java 2 platform.


The Java 2 platform provides a more flexible security model, powerful performance enhancements, interoperability with other enterprise systems, easier application development, improved globalization and even more consistent cross-platform deployment.

The new features of the Java 2 platform include:

  • Java Security Model
    The state-of-the-art "sandbox" model has been expanded to give developers, users and system administrators the option to specify and manage a set of flexible security policies that govern which actions an application or applet can or cannot perform. The Java 2 platform security model includes new features such as:
    • Policy-based access control
    • Certificate interfaces (X.509 V3)

  • Performance Enhancements
    New enhancements for improved performance and responsiveness in the Java 2 platform include:
    • Native thread support for Solaris operating environment
    • Memory compression for loaded classes
    • Faster memory allocation and improved garbage collection
    • Pluggable virtual machine architecture for other virtual machines, including the forthcoming Java HotSpot VM
    • New Just in Time (JIT) compiler
    • Java Native Interface (JNI) conversion

  • Java Foundation Classes (JFC)
    The Java Foundation Classes are now core to the Java 2 platform and includes:
    • The Project Swing set of GUI components
    • Drag & Drop
    • Java 2D API which provides new 2D and AWT graphics capabilities as well as printing support
    • The Java look and feel interface
    • A new Accessibility API

  • Globalization
    Enhanced Globalization in the Java 2 technology provides the following for a cross-cultural environment:
    • Input Method Framework (supports Japanese, Chinese, and Korean characters)
    • Complex output using the Java 2D API to provide a bi-directional, high-quality display of Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and other character languages

  • Java Plug-in
    Java Plug-in for Web browsers, now included in the Java 2 platform, provides a runtime that is fully compatible with the Java virtual machine through easy download and install via widely deployed web browsers.

  • Java IDL (Interface Definition Language) API
    The Java IDL API offers standards-based distributed computing interoperability with CORBA. The API includes the following features:
    • Invoke operations or remote network services
    • A fully compliant Java ORB is included in the runtime

  • Java Database Connectivity 2.0 (JDBC 2.0) Enhancements
    JDBC provides easier access to data for more flexible queries. Improved performance and stability are afforded by scrollable cursors and support for SQL3 types.

  • Collections Framework
    This new unified architecture represents and manipulates collections for development efficiency and allows interoperability among unrelated APIs.

  • The Java 2 platform is Year 2000-compliant; it is a stable, secure and powerful environment for mission-critical computing for the next milennium.

For a comprehensive list of features and more information regarding Java 2 technologies, visit

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