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Precious Moments Colors From Heaven Doll Subscription Plan
by The Ashton-Drake Galleries®


Precious Moments Colors From Heaven Doll Subscription Plan

Order now! Loving reminders of Heaven's Grace, there whenever you need them most! Exclusive Angels of Love! Order online today, while supplies last. Available exclusively from Ashton-Drake, these first-of-a-kindcollectible Precious Moments(R) dolls invite us to color our lives with the blessings of Faith, taking inspiration from the sunlight dancing through their Louis Comfort Tiffany style "stained glass" wings. Lush waves of pretty hair, flowing gowns, and sweet symbolic accessories glow in the reflected light of their glorious wings. - On shimmering wings of "stained glass," these sweet Precious Moments angels arrive to touch your heart, bearing loving messages of peace and promise! *** Express Shipping Available *** Handcrafted and hand-painted, each of these Precious Moments angel dolls greets us with a tender expression and those beloved teardrop eyes. Collectible Precious Moments(R) Dolls Shimmer with the Heavenly Light of "Stained Glass" Wings!

Price: $99.99*

*Price subject to change.
Last updated: 06-21-2006

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"Sara sat upon the hearth-rug and told stories; but what fascinated Ermengarde the most was her fancy about the dolls who walked and talked, and who could do anything they chose when the human beings were out of the room, but who must keep their powers a secret and so flew back to their places 'like lightning' when people returned to the room."

- Excerpt from 'A Little Princess,'
by Frances Hodgson Burnett

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