Electrical is pre-wired for pin and sleeve connection in the field.

Magic Carpet® ships in modular sections ready for field installation. Up to 400 foot systems may ship on a single flatbed trailer.

Magic Carpet® lifts are terrain following and built for any length with a single drive system.

Hook and pin construction allows for a 5° convex or 2° concave angular change per joint (every 10 feet).


User-friendly design
  • Beginners offered a non-intimidating introduction to the world of skiing.
  • Effortless to ride
  • Allows children as young as two years old to load and unload without difficulty, permitting younger students into Ski School
  • Easy for all types of riders and skiers, boarders and tubers alike
  • Learning curve for new skiers is greatly reduced
  • Easy lift operation (often handled by Ski School personnel)
  • Conveyors have become the new surface lift standard

Highest surface lift capacity and use of terrain

  • Accommodate more students in Ski School
  • Capacity two to three times greater than traditional surface lifts
  • Exit off both sides of the lift for improved use of terrain

Terrain-following versatility

  • Hook and rod construction allows for a maximum 5° convex or 2° concave angular change per joint
  • Adjustable support legs with gravity pins elevate system up to 36" to anticipate snow depth

Easy installation and off-season relocation

  • Foundation-less design requires minimal ground preparation
  • Support legs can be anchored to any solid surface (i.e. soil or timbers)
  • Shipped in major component groups for easy assembly
  • Modular construction allows for length modification, if desired

Rugged, heavy-duty construction

  • Generous allowance for horsepower to ensure maximum performance
  • All galvanized steel construction for long life and minimal upkeep
  • Inverter premium efficiency
  • Drive Motor
  • Minimum diameter 41cm/17" drive pulley offers optimal surface friction and belt traction, the largest standard drive drum in the industry
  • Oversized shafts and bearings for long life
  • UHMW plastic slider bed reduces coefficient of friction

Customize to area application

  • Can build to any length with a single drive section at discharge
  • Belt widths to accommodate special requirements available
  • Optional 450mm/18" wide full-length side walkway extensions
  • Special voltage requirements and other electrical needs met

Minimal maintenance required

  • Recommended annual lubrication of bearings and gear reducers, following initial service
  • Snow removal aided by separately powered brush cleaning system to remove snow and ice from belting material
  • Continuous edge guide keeps belt running straight realignment not required
  • Integral gear motor design uses no sprockets, chains or V-belts requiring adjustment •

Responsive after-sale support

  • Entire lift under warranty for first winter season
  • Component parts (i.e. Variable Speed Drive) that carry extended warranties follow with the product
  • Many parts stocked and available for overnight shipment
  • Only top-line components used from companies that offer world-wide support


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6750 East 46th Avenue Drive
Denver, CO 80216, USA