1878 Letcher County Births

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001
for Elva & Vickies Letcher County Research Site

Note: This record was 6 ledger pages and with the exception of the first few names, all parents where listed as being born in Letcher Co. I believe this is most likely not the case given the amount of names listed.  So unless another county is listed then the record noted the parent birth place as Letcher.

Date Name Fathers name & 
place of birth
Mothers names &
place of birth
Nov 5 Buckhart, Virliny James Buckhart
Harlan Co
Mary Yonts
Harlan Co
July 7 Isaac, W J  male Elijah Isaac
Floyd Co
Purlina Yonts
Sept 3 Bently, Letta R B Bently 
Sarah Halcomb
Apr 15 Yonts, Nancy James Yonts Sarah Bently
Sept 29 Wright, Joseph Hiram Wright Sarah Bowlin
Mar 31 Wright, Tilton William Wright
Pike Co KY
Letta Bates
Oct 11 Wright, Susan Andy Wright Mary Collier
Nov 4 Bently, Arminda William Bently Mary Adams
Jan 4 Wright, Sam John Wright Mary Bently
Aug 4 Bently, Noah John B Bently Elizabeth Craft
July 5 Potter, Minervy Isaac Potter Sarah Wright
Aug 9 unnamed male John W Wright Jane Potter
Dec 10 Webb, Nancy David S Webb Sarah Craft
Nov 10 Bates, Martha J W Bates Letta Craft
May 6? Sexton, Green John Sexton Mary Sexton
Aug 12 Stamper, Mary Moses Stamper Nancy Caudill
May 5 unnamed female Henry Polly Nancy Polly
June 12 unnamed male Elbert Fugate Sarah Adams
Feb 2 Craft, Jane C John Craft Lucinda Breeding
Jan 1 Caudill, James William Caudill Sarah Banks
Floyd Co
May 1 Akerman, John Henry Akerman Susanah Ingram
Oct 3 Collins, Martha J M Collins Rutha Hale
May 5 Breeding, Mary James Breeding ??na Coda
June 6 Breeding, Jane George Breeding Rachel Amburgy
May 7 Collins, Jane James Collins Elizabeth Amburgy
Apr 1 Roarks, William John Roarks Jane Cornett
May 8? Halcomb, Robb B Joseph Halcomb Letha Day
Mar 6 Day, Sarah unknown Rebecca Day
Jan 30 Hall, Loucinda Herny Hall Luna Halcomb
Mar 27 Day, Linty   [dead] unknown Lettia Day
Mar 1 Caudill, Martha William Caudill Larera Sturgill
Sept 7 Caudill, D Francis Caudill Martha Lewis
Oct 8 Brown, Lucinda Hiram Brown Sarah Blair
Dec 1 Adams, Jane Mathew Adams Mary Caudill
July 21 Taylor, John Emory Taylor Lettia Kiser
Jan 28 Caudill, Elizabeth S H Caudill Flora Pridmore
June 12 White, Marian blank Aberdeen White
Apr 15 Tyree, Roseana Vowel Tyree Sarah Niece
Aug 18 Collins, Martha B Robert Collins Mary Bollins
Mar 8 Moore, Jordan Calvin Moore Jane Moore
Oct 8 Stamper, Arminda Moses Stamper Juda Caudill
May 4 Lucas, Monroe William Lucas Susan Sexton
June 27 Craft, Laura Felix Craft Prissiller May
Sept 4 Taylor, Hiram James Taylor Nancy Hart
Jan 27 Franklin, Jula Bi?? Franklin Jane Adington
Dec 4 Smith, Henry Alexander Smith Mary Cox
Dec 2 Stallard, Charlie Hervey Stallard Elizabeth Adams
June 11 Combs, William Wm Combs Jane Combs
Oct 4 Holebrooks, John H??? Holebrooks Viney Edington
Sept 1 unnamed male Jno Morgan Nancy Potter
Aug 4 Gibson, John C A Gibson Rachel Caudill
Oct 4 Kelly, Preston Wm Kelly Martha Day
Dec 2 Gilley, James B A J Gilley Mary Collins
Sept 1 Williams, David Samuel Williams Nancy Morgan
Jan 8 Morgan, Franklin James Morgan Sarah Smith
Sept 11 Church, Kelly Mathias Church Anna Morgan
Sept 15 dead male Silas Maggard Elizabeth Roberts
Jan 9 Collier, Joseph D W Collier Mary Fairchild
Oct 19 Blair, Benjamin F M Blair Regwans Dennis
Mar 16 Dingus, Hallie Joseph C Dingus Rebecca Mullins
Dec 20 Parsons, John Joseph Parsons Lucinda Adams
Aug 15 unnamed female John R Boggs Lutisha Wells
Aug 11 Boggs, Sarah Philip Boggs Mary Wells
Aug 14 Maggard, Wilson Franklin Maggard Nancy Maggard
June 20 Minix, John James Minix Anna Minix
Apr 10 Maggard, Lucinda Jasper Maggard Nancy Sargent
July 28 Maggard, M D
Alfred Maggard Elizabeth Boggs
Aug 12 Sexton, James E Wm Sexton Bel?va Sexton
June 1 Caudill, Watson G Saml Caudill Litisha Mead
June 3 Amburgy, Sarah Anderson Amburgy Jane Amburgy
June 15 Breeding, Rachel Elisha Breeding Nancy Amburgy
Aug 25 Huneycutt, Elizabeth Thomas Huneycutt Malissa Ha??y
Oct 12 unnamed male Jesse Pigman Sarah Potter
May 9 Adams, Spencer John B Adams Lucy Hamilton
Oct 18 Thomas, Margaret Felix Thomas Sirena Taylor
Mar 1 Amburgy, Sarah Wm S Amburgy Minerva Craft
Nov 20 Huneycutt, John Alfred Huneycutt Elizabeth Reynolds
Mar 9 Combs, Quinn ?ev?? Combs Mary Franklin
Sept 9 unnamed female Wm Pigman Ruthea Smith
Sept 3 Amburgy, Rachel ? Amburgy Susan Huff
Mar 17 Thomas, Hasey
Leander Thomas Drusilla Sparkman
Oct 31 Smith, R
Randolph B Smith Barbary Hylton
Nov 22 unnamed male M A Blair Mary Polly
Sept 27 Craft, Moses L blank Lydia Cox
Dec 28 unnamed female Jackson Combs Elizabeth Combs
Oct 15 Ashly, Catharine Gran? Ashly Rosidney Caudill
Mar 20 Combs, Rachel John Smith Malinda Combs
Mar 21 Combs, Millie Mat Combs Mary Combs
Apr 18 Smith, Martha blank Martha Smith
Sept 2 Kinser, John W Emery Kinser Matilda Smith
Mar 4 Combs, Shade Granville Combs Margaret Amburgy
Mar 12 Amburgy, Margaret Alfred Amburgy Elizabeth Amburgy
Aug 17 Craft, David Edward Craft Nancy Kinser
May 2 Caudill, Pheby Lewis Caudill Mary Caudill
Feb 18 Day, Joseph E Jno L Day Easter Brown
May 23 unnamed female James Fraxier Sarah Hall
Dec 4 Caudill, James H R Caudill Martha Gilley
Sept 1 Caudill, Frazier  Levi Caudill Charity Caudill
Mar 3 Whitaker, William Moses Whitaker Nancy Caudill
Mar 18 Crase, Mary Andrew Crase Nancy Caudill
Oct 27 Eldridge, Susan Isaac Eldridge Lucinda Holcomb
June 4 Boggs, Matilda Jonathan Boggs Esther Eldridge
Aug 27 Whitker, William Isaac Whitaker Nancy Caudill
Oct 17 Hogg, G D   male Silas Hogg Anna Branson
Dec 23 Hogg, Silas James Hogg Lucinda Branson
Nov 18 Dixon, Manerva Spencer Dickson Dicy Combs
Dec 4 Caudill, James F H B Caudill Martha Caudill
Mar 20 Watts, Elias Alfred Watts Elizabeth Branson
Mar 20 Bedwell, Flora Rash Bedwell Sarah Caudill
Oct 1 Watts, Catharine John Watts Elizabeth Campbell
Oct 18 Watts, Nancy Silas Watts Sarah Saudill
May 13 Whitaker, Isaac Wm Whitaker Franky Ison
Aug 12 Hall, William Andrew Hall Levy Estep
Jan 2 Halcomb, Sarah Daniel Halcomb Eletha Wells
Feb 12 Halcomb, Elizbeth has the mark for same as above has the mark for same as above
Dec 6 Day, Dianah Joseph E DAy Elizabeth Caudill
Oct 2 Maggard, M C  female J H Maggard Elisabeth Bohanon
June 6 Phillips, Sarah George Phillips Margaret Shepherd
Feb 4 Maggard, Elijah David Maggrd Sarah Mullins
Jan 17 Day, Nancy Henry Day Mary Maggard
Mar 4 Raleigh, David James Raleigh Sarah Williams
May 30 Halcomb, Susan Thomas Halcomb Esther McNight
Mar 30 Clay, W H
A Clay Sarah Sturgill
Mar 21 unnamed male Jno Sexton Mary Thomas
July 24 Fairchild, Mary Joseph Fairchild Sarah Caudill
Aug 17 Kinser, Lida David Kinser Mary Kinser
Nov 13 Adams, Husly
Gideon Adams Sarah Blair
Apr 10 Back, Joseph James Back Rachel Cornett
June 13 Hampton, Frazier Stephen Hampton Anna Adams
Mar 1 Blair, P H   male J H Blair Elizabeth Williams
Feb 1 Caudill, Samel Jno Caudill Martha Caudill
Sept 13 Caudill, W H   male Levi Caudill Sarah Banks
Dec 19 Whitaker, Mary Alexander Whitaker Catharine Campbell
Jan 16 Caudill, Soloman David Caudill Elizabeth Hampton
Mar 7 Hampton, Martha Sol Hampton Margaret Maggard
July 1 Stamper, S R   male W R Stamper Louisa Branson
Jan 26 Branson, Armelda Wilkerson Branson Elizabeth Stamper
Aug 28 Caudill, Susanah James W Caudill Lucinda Summer?
Jan 15 Fields, Elizabeth David Fields Mary Hensley
Aug 15 Stamper, Andy Saml Stamper Minerva Smith
July 6 Stamper, Mary Ira Stamper Elizabeth Cornett
Apr 22 Caudill, J W   male John Caudill Nancy Caudill
Dec 26 Caudill, Elijah J D Caudill Lucinda Burton
Sept 3 Dixon, Sarah James Dixon Sarah Stacy
Feb 9 Caudill, Elizabeth Jno Caudill Elizabeth Summer
Nov 3 Back, Cordela Wm Back Sarah Summer
June 15 Adams, Lucinda Moses Adams Patsy Craft
Aug 14 Thomas W B Edward Thomas Sarah Niece
Nov 18 Cauborn, Samul David Caborn Susanah Thomas
Dec 17 Bently, S M      male James Bently Mary Taylor
Jan 10 dead male Toney Hall Disey Childers
Oct 14 Adams, Nancy Elisha Adams Eliza Ann Cook
Sept 10 Edgarton, W A  male James Edgarson
note :last names are different
Nancy Adams
Feb 15 Cook, Rosanna Arch Cook Nancy Adams
Nov 8 Davis, J W   male Thomas Davis Sarah Cook
June 24 Bently, W S   male Riley Bently Lucinda Profitt
Aug 16 unnamed female Doctor Holbrook Minerva Bently
Oct 10 McCray, Soloman Benjamin McCray Hallie B??oman
June 26 Hall, Nancy Lewis Hall Elizabeth Quillen
Dec 20 unnamed female J M Mead Letitia Wright
Dec 26 Quillen, Melsia Henry Quillen Nancy Hall
Nov 26 Hall, H C   male Ri?ben Hall Mary Hammons
May 9 Toliver, simpson Melvin Toliver Arminda Baker
Apr 5 Baker, M W   male Henry Baker Martha Taylor
Apr 17 Yonts, Alas Jno W Yonts Drucilla Louis
Aug 15 Yonts, Hallie Sol Yonts Jane Quillen
July 6 Mead, Simpson Robt Mead Mary Hall
Apr 27 Hall, Nancy Jno Hall Elizabeth Johnson
Apr 3 Hollinsworth, Hiram Wm Hollinsworth Elizabeth Ison
Apr 5 Whitaker, John Elijah Whitaker Susanah Halcomb
June 6 Isom, Isaac Elijah Isom Mary Brashears
Mar 9 Banks, George James Banks Sarah Hall
June 4 Hall, Wm John Hall Alsey Banks
Feb 4 Gilley, Jonathan Albert Gilley Elizabeth Smith
May 4 Cornett, Mary Wm Cornett Sarah Eversole
Jan 27 Smith, Joseph Elisha Smith Lucy Lewis
Aug 1 Smith, Jerry Alex Smith Susann Holcomb
Apr 13 Halcomb, Alex Jesse Halcomb Susan Stamper
Apr 4 Ratliff, Nancy Scott Ratliff Catharine Boggs
Nov 4 Saniford, Alis Hite Saniford Maley Hicks
Apr 18 Halcomb, David Jordon Holecom Castie Day
May 6 Halcomb, Boyd Jno L Holcome Martha Morgan
Feb 3 Sumpter, Joseph Wm Sumpter Nancy Wilson
Feb 13 Halcomb, Dills Samuel Holcom Eliza Cada
Mar 2 Caudill, Susanah Ben Caudill Sarah Brashear
July 25 Blair, Silly A J Blair Mary Day
May 1 Frazier, Cinda Soloman Frazier Mary Frazier
Apr 4 Fields, Joseph David Fields Sarah Halcom
Mar 8 unnamed male blank Sarah Frazier
Mar 10 Fields, James N ?   J Fields Mahala Day
Apr 14 Fields, Dixon French Fields Mary Belcher
Nov 29 Fields, Mary Alex Fields Mary Fields
Apr 1 Day, James Johnny Day Mary Cornett
Oct 20 Houghs, Andy Gabral Houghs Franky Nix
Russell Co Va
Nov 19 Honnecut, Ferby
Robert Honneycutt Susan Houghs
Jan 30 Adams, William Samuel Adams Rebeca Amburgy
May 6 Adams, Dary   female Dixon Adams Matilda Francis
Nov 9 Day, Miney Bell William Day Marinda Francis
Nov 9 Day, Lucinda William Day Marinda Francis
Apr 3 Hoorn, James Riley Hoorn
Carter Co 
Mary Calhoon
Feb 9 Adams, Manly Alaxander  [last name blank and then in different handwriting the name Amburgy is written in] Mary Pigman
Sept 10 Adams, Frederick Randolph Adams Elizabeth Calhoon
Jan 15 Reynolds, Sarah John Reynolds Rutha Hytter
Apr 15 unnamed male Lilben Amburgy Sarah Sexton
Feb 21 James Smith Alaxander Smith Susan Huff
Dec 27 Smith, Nanby  female blank Lindy Smith
June 22 Smith, Joseph B Wm B Smith Darkis Amburgy
May 21 unnamed male Washington Amburgy Mary Smith
Mar 10  Green, W E W M Green Matilda Hodge
Sept 3 Haris, Mary E D S Haris
L???y Parks
Oct 11 Haze, Henry George Haze
Floyd Co
Sarah Eridge
Aug  10 Greere, Frank J P Greere Desty Ligner
Aug 10 Young, Arminly  female Rusle Young Rebeca Calhoon
Apr 10 Dyer, Darthuly Granville Dyer Franke Gathart
Aug 16 Tucker, Isac blank Vily Tucker
Nov 11 Dytes, Mary James Dytes Catharine Bredford
May 1 unnamed male Wm Smith Mary Stamper
Aug 28 Watts, Silas Jeptha Watts Marinda Pratt
Oct 7 unnamed female George Childers Elizabeth Wicker
Mar 18 dead male David Gibson Mary Hensery
Clay Co
May 11 Collins, Lucinda Finly Collins Nancy Gibson
Sept 8 Collins, ?er  male Farkin Collins Elizabeth Collins
July 12 Collins, Ira Carter Collins Sarah Tyre
Nov 15 Collins, Wason blank Jane Collins
Nov 7 Kelly, Jordan A J Kelly Druciller Combs
Aug 3 Niece, Purline Charles Niece Rachel Bevins
Mar 25 Smith, Benton Jordan Smoth Mary Smith
Feb 2 Sexton, Albert Samuel Sexton Mary Sexton
Apr 18 Miller, Elizabeth Kindrick -last name listed as Gibson Elizabeth Everidge
Nov 30 Gibson, Lucinda James Gibson Elizabeth Gibson
Mar 10 Crase, July blank Elizabeth Stallard
Feb 7 Collins, Mary  Calvin Collins Cintha Taylor
Apr 12 Holebrooks, Nellie J Holebrooks Elizabeth Adams
Mar 9 Craft, Watson E A Craft Mary Caudill
Apr 10 Adams, Sylvester W H Adams Mary Hampton
May 21 Caudill, Mattie Samuel Caudill Martha Roarks
Aug 16 Caudill, Mathew Keeas  Caudill Martha Hampton
Mar 30 Mead, B A   male Robert Mead Sarah Collins
June 4 Ison, Mahala Dorotty Ison Anna Ingram
Mar 4 Caudill, Watson Jesse Caudill Martha Boggs
Mar 30 Adams, Henry Drew Adams Saphonie Dotson
Mar 29 Hogg, ?ree??d  female J C Hogg Letha Hogg
Apr 10 Webb, Mary E H Webb Rachel Adams
Oct 14 Polly, Edward Ran Polly Nancy Collins
Apr 13 Webb, J    male Archelus Webb Nacny Craft
Sept 8 Hammons, Ciller Archlus Hammons Letty Adams
Sept 10 Hall, Ellen G James Hall Elizabeth  Bates

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001

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