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The Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition v 1.3 Provides Remarkable Performance Gains and Improved Web Deployment for the Enterprise

PALO ALTO, CA -- May 8, 2000 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the shipment of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE technology) version 1.3, the fast and secure foundation for building and deploying client-side enterprise applications. In todays .com world of nanosecond response times and information gratification, J2SE technology v 1.3 provides the speedy performance and high functionality that is demanded by Web users. With the inclusion of the Java HotSpot Client VM, this is the fastest release of the Java platform to date: When compared to the initial release of J2SE technology, J2SE technology v 1.3 boasts a 40% improvement in start-up time and a 25% smaller RAM footprint when measured against applications that use the Java Foundation Classes in a typical manner.

For end users, J2SE technology v 1.3 enables faster and easier use of functionally rich Web applications, such as corporate intranets and interactive shopping aids for eCommerce. For enterprise developers, the improved J2SE technology v 1.3 will serve as the base tool for creating sophisticated, valuable applications that can be brought to market quickly.

Sun has responded to customer requests to improve client-side Java technology performance. With the unprecedented performance gains and enhanced feature rich library of development tools in this latest version, customers now can confidently adopt the Java 2 platform on the client, said Rich Green, vice president of Java software development at Sun Microsystems, Inc. J2SE technology is the heart and soul of the Java 2 platform. It allows software developers to build network centric software that is compatible across all major platforms while protecting their customers IT investments.

Dramatic Enhancements in J2SE v 1.3

J2SE v 1.3 software is Sun's first upgrade release of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition since its release in December 1998. J2SE technology v 1.3 offers developers and users alike world-class performance, enterprise-ready deployment capabilities, and new functionality, including:
    Dramatically Faster Performance
    The Java HotSpot Client VM and performance-tuned libraries make the J2SE v 1.3 release the fastest to date. J2SE technology v 1.3 eliminates performance as a factor for companies considering the Java 2 platform as part of their client strategy.

    Easier Web Deployment
    New features such as applet caching and Java Optional Package installation through the Java Plug-in technology enhance the speed and flexibility with which Java technology-based applets and applications can be deployed. Java Plug-in technology is a component of the Java 2 runtime environment, Standard Edition v 1.3 and enables Java technology-based applets and applications to execute.

    Security Enhancements
    New support for RSA electronic signing, dynamic trust management, X.509 certificates, and verification of Netscape-signed files mean more ways for developers to protect electronic data.

    Ease of Development
    A host of new features and development tools in the J2SE technology v 1.3 release enables easier and faster development of powerful Web-enabled or standalone Java technology-based applications.

    Enterprise Interoperability
    The addition of RMI/IIOP and the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) to the J2SE 1.3 release enhances enterprise interoperability of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition. RMI/IIOP improves connectivity to backend systems supporting CORBA. JNDI provides access to directories that support the popular Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) among others.

Broad Industry Support of J2SE

Be Incorporated
"Our customers have expressed a great deal of interest in the Java platform on BeOS because they want to combine the benefits of Java technology with the power and simplicity of BeOS," said Steve Sakoman, chief operating officer of Be Incorporated. "We are currently porting J2SE technology to BeOS, and we are excited about the upcoming J2SE technology v 1.3. We anticipate a significant performance gain for Java technology-based solutions on BeOS using the J2SE technology v 1.3 with its Java HotSpot Client virtual machine."

"Compaq welcomes the improvements that are now available in J2SE technology v 1.3, such as RMI over IIOP," said Pauline Nist, Vice President and General Manager, Tandem Business Unit, Compaq Computer Corporation. "Speed is critical in Web-based environments, and the faster performance and the new features of v 1.3 of the J2SE technology promises significant benefits for our customers running mission-critical NonStop eBusiness solutions on Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS AlphaServer, and NonStop Himalaya environments."

Computer Associates International, Inc.
"CA technology relies on Java technologies for deployment across a broad spectrum of client platforms," said Ken Farber, CA senior vice president, worldwide alliances. "The latest release of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition provides significant client side performance gains, while simplifying Web based deployment. Unicenter TNG and its components deliver a high performance and secure environment for network and system management, while Jasmine ii provides the perfect application base for eCommerce. The performance improvements offered by J2SE V1.3 position us to bring our client's eCommerce development and management environments to the next level."

Fujitsu Ltd.
"As an early supporter of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, Fujitsu is excited to be a part of the J2SE technology v 1.3 release. The Java 2 platform will be used for mission critical systems, and our customers in this area are especially interested in performance improvements. We expect that the latest release of J2SE technology will satisfy their requirements," said Mr.Shigeru Tanaka, Vice General Manager, Middleware Division, Software Group, Fujitsu Limited. "The J2SE platform is crucial to the success of INTERSTAGE, Fujitsu's Application Server Product."

GemStone Systems, Inc.
"GemStone is proud to have had a history of contributing to the evolution of the Java platform through participation in many expert groups," said Doug Pollack, vice president of marketing for GemStone Systems. "We are very excited to support the release of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition v. 1.3, and expect our e-business customers to benefit significantly from the improvements in performance, web deployment and CORBA."

"IBM is pleased with the enhancements delivered in J2SE technology v1.3, especially in the areas of accessibility, communication via RMI/IIOP to clients of all types, security and footprint reduction," said Rod Smith, Vice President Java Software, IBM. "We continue to work with Sun to mature the J2SE platform as a cornerstone technology for IBM, and customers, to deploy e-business solutions."

"We are thrilled to see the performance improvements in J2SE technology version 1.3 as they directly translate into huge productivity gains for our enterprise customers. Faster Java technology is what our enterprise customers have been demanding, and Sun has delivered with this release," said Tony de Lama, vice president, Java products development, Inprise/Borland. "We are also very pleased at how JBuilder, our development tool based on Java technology, works faster than ever before with the Java HotSpot Client VM."

KL Group
"KL Group's JClass and JProbe customers will benefit from the significant performance gains and enhanced functionality in J2SE technology v 1.3," said Ed Lycklama, chief technology officer at KL Group. "Enterprise customers rely on Sun and KL Group to help them gain competitive advantage by leveraging the full potential of Java technology. J2SE technology v 1.3 is an important contributor to their success, and we're committed to continuing our support of this critical platform."

"Metrowerks was one of the first companies to license Java technology from Sun, and we're dedicated to providing developers with the best Java technology tools available," said Greg Stoner, vice president of marketing, Metrowerks. "The latest release of J2SE technology, with its significant performance gains, will help us achieve that goal. CodeWarrior for Java, which supports development with J2SE technology v1.3, makes it easy for Java technology developers at any skill level to build applications that take advantage of the language's multi-platform benefits."

"As an early supporter of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, Netscape is excited to be a part of the release of J2SE technology v 1.3. The latest release of J2SE technology provides significant performance gains and simplified web deployment for browser users while maintaining freedom of choice for customers," said Jim Hamerly, vice president of the client product division at Netscape. "The J2SE platform is important to the success of Netscape 6®, and we intend to ship a compatible version of our product in the second half of calendar 2000."

"Sun's latest release of the J2SE technology improves overall performance and will provide a more robust solution for Novell's ConsoleOne users," said Carl Ledbetter, senior vice president, strategy and corporate development at Novell. "As networks merge to one Net, a simplified and stable management service is critical. Novell's ConsoleOne leverages Java technology to accelerate and improve the administrator experience."

"Our own development team has been developing with the J2SE technology v 1.3 release candidates for the past several months. We have found it to be a dramatic step up in the areas of performance, drag and drop support, and the handling of keyboard shortcuts," said William Dwight, Vice President of Oracle's Java Tools Development. "Now, with the latest production release of Oracle® JDeveloper 3.1, developers can use our powerful development environment to build and debug applications based on J2SE technology v 1.3."

ProtoView Development Corp.
"We are very excited about the improvements in J2SE technology v 1.3 in speed and enhancements. Customers of our JFCSuite and JSuite will benefit significantly from the continued maturity of the Java platform," said Dean Guida, President of ProtoView Development Corp.

Rational Software
"Rational Software, the e-Development company, has a strong on-going commitment to supporting the Java 2 platform", said John Lambert, Vice President and General Manager of Rational's Developer Solutions Business Unit. "J2SE technology will allow us to better support Java technology developers by enhancing the performance of our Java technology development tools such as Rational Quantify and Rational PureCoverage. This will translate directly into additional productivity gains for our customers."

"We are excited to see the advancements Sun has made with the latest edition of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition," said Raj Nathan, senior vice president and general manager for the Internet Applications Division of Sybase. "With J2SE technology, Java software developers will experience significant performance gains and simplified Web deployment for their e-Business solutions."

Tidestone Technologies
"We have been a supporter of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, since its beginning and are eagerly anticipating the release of the J2SE technology v 1.3," said Joe Erickson, Vice President and Chief Architect, Tidestone Technologies, Inc. "This next release of J2SE technology will continue to push the performance of the Java platform to new heights and make the building of Web-deployed applications with our spreadsheet-driven reporting and analysis tool, Formula One, even easier than it is already. We plan to have a version of Formula One that is fully tested with J2SE technology v 1.3 as soon as possible after its release, most likely by June of 2000 at the latest."

"As one of the first deployment solutions to ship with Java 2 platform support, Zero G has anxiously anticipated the release of Sun's Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition v 1.3. We are taking full advantage of the platform's increased performance and scalability in the introduction of several new products this year," said Eric Shapiro, CEO of Zero G. "InstallAnywhere 3, our award-winning multi-platform deployment solution, enables software vendors to deliver J2SE technology v 1.3-compatible software today."

"As a strong supporter of the Java 2 Platform, WebGain is excited by the release of version 1.3 of the J2SE technology, " said Ted Farrell, CTO of WebGain. "The significant performance, security and interoperability improvements, along with the simplified web development and the enhanced debugging interface, will allow WebGain to provide leading edge, cross platform, standards based E-Commerce application development solutions to our customers."

Availability of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition v 1.3

As announced at Java BusinessSM event in December of 1999, source code for J2SE technology is available at no charge and can be downloaded through Suns Community Source Licensing (SCSL) program at J2SE technology v 1.3 is available on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000 operating systems, with beta releases for both Linux and the Solaris Operating Environment expected to be available in June. Furthering its commitment to work with the Java community on future Java software development, Sun recently submitted the version J2SE technology v 1.4 to be developed through the Java Community Process program. The Java 2 Software Development Kit, Standard Edition v 1.3 binary download is available from The Java 2 Software Development Kit, Standard Edition is bundled with Sun's Forte for Java, Community Edition integrated development environment (IDE). Third party IDE tools are also available for download, and the standalone Java 2 Software Development Kit, Standard Edition v 1.3 can be downloaded without an IDE.

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