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Friday, August 17, 2007
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Hurricane Chris sends ‘A Bay Bay’ nationwide


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Published: Aug 10, 2007

Just barely legal at eighteen-years-old, Shreveport native Hurricane Chris (also known as Chris Dooley Jr.), has experienced a year truly befitting of his stage name. His debut single, “A Bay Bay,” off the album “51/50 Ratchet,” made it into Billboard’s top 10 in less than four weeks.

If words could be viral, “A Bay Bay” would be the equivalent to the common cold. The phrase has spread fast, furious and without prejudice. Everyone has the catchy hook stuck on the tips of their tongue. However, like any good virus, few know exactly where the words originated.

“Bay Bay is the name of a DJ [DJ Hollywood Bay Bay] in my city,” Hurricane Chris said during our phone interview. “We used to say ‘Hey Bay Bay,’ when he would come in, so we just made it a song.

“It’s a real word people can use. You can use it if you see something or someone you like,” he added. “Everybody just likes it. It’s real catchy.”

The hit single was officially released in June 2007, but Chris said the song had begun gaining radio plays eight months ago. Although the single is the keystone for his name in the industry, Chris said “A Bay Bay” is not an isolated style on the album, which is set to be released sometimes this fall. Chris said all of the songs on “51/50 Rachet” have the same diverse, yet catchy appeal.

“My music is real versatile,” he said. “It’s music that everyone can listen to. It’s something you can rap to, and something you can dance to. Everyone can relate to it.”

His ability to maintain a broad fan base is partially attributed to the ten years he spent perfecting his sound.

“I’ve been doing this since I was eight,” he explained. “I would do school talent shows and small events around neighborhoods. Then I started getting in high school talent shows, and I won first place in all of them. That’s what gave me the motivation to keep doing this.”

Chris said he gained his stage name from crowd reactions.

“I got my name from doing freestyle,” he said. “After I sang, the crowd would be silent. It was like a hurricane had just blown through. Then I started doing shows all over [the country].”

With relative ease, Hurricane Chris’ reputation spread nationwide. However, Chris said he still lives in his hometown and has no plans on moving.

“I love everything about Louisiana,” he said. “I love our culture, our events, our food. I just love how we live, period.

“Louisiana is way different than any other place you’ve ever been. We eat different, we party different. Everything is just different. I’ll always live in Louisiana.”

Chris had a bit of advice for other young rappers from Louisiana looking to make it big.

“You just gotta’ keep grinning. Ain’t no sleep in this business,” he said. “You have to keep God first. And you have to keep to the grind. Don’t stop grinding.”

To learn more about Hurricane Chris, visit his MySpace page at





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