Hackers. I Hate Those Guys.

It seems someone is trying their best to gain access to various user accounts on the forums over the last day or two. I've deployed counter measures, but please let me know if you notice anything suspicious.

The New Sidebar Manager

There's a new sidebar modules manager in SVN at the moment. By all means try it out, but I can tell you with some certainty that it is likely to break it all manner of ways for at least a little while. If you need stability, I suggest sticking to v0.9.6.

K2 v0.9.6 Released

I was quite stunned to see that our last 'release' (v0.9.5 RC1) was on December 18th last year! That's a few days short of half a year. My, my, that just won't do.

So without further ado, here is v0.9.6, which amongst a plethora of the fixes and features that have crawled into the code over the last half year of slow, but steady development efforts, also contains two security fixes, which we were recently made aware of. If you're using a semi-recent SVN revision however, you should already be safe, as they were both fixed a while ago, but it is nonetheless recommended that you upgrade to this release.

This release, which is revision 358 in SVN, should be very stable and contain no major bugs as such. We still have various issues to sort out, but mark my words: 1.0 isn't far off.

PS: As per WordPress 2.2 you'll need to activate a small plugin before you can use the K2 Sidebar Module system (which is, I might add, superior to the WordPress Widget system in a number of ways). The full procedure is short and easy.

K2 for WordPress 2.2 Compatibility

Generally, we've found only one problem with running K2 under WordPress 2.2, which was just released, and that's a problem with using our sidebar modules with the now built-in widgets solution.

For now, here is the solution.

K2 Still Alive

Contrary to what you might think, K2 isn't quite dead, as evidenced by the changelog. In fact, it's worth subscribing to that feed, to keep up with code-changes and compatibility issues, all of which will be listed in there.

WordPress 2.2 is coming up, and I figure we might do a release for that (which requires some twiddlin' with the sidebar modules, due to WP changes, so that'll be fun).

Until then: We live.