Compton Community College:

Compton Community College was established in 1927 as a component of the Compton Union High School District. In the 1940's several thousand Compton College students entered the armed forces and during World War II the campus housed a military unit and a defense plant. The new college campus was then constructed at the College's present site, 1111 East Artesia Boulevard. Classes began on the new campus in the Fall of 1953.

In the 1960’s the composition of the student body changed dramatically from predominantly Caucasian to overwhelmingly African-American. In 1970, the Board of Trustees appointed the institution’s first African- American President/Superintendent, Dr. Abel B. Sykes, Jr. Highlights during his 14-year administration included the construction of the first two new campus buildings since 1952: the Jane Astredo Allied Health Building and the Abel B. Sykes, Jr. Child Development Center (named after him in 1995).

The 1980’s were a period of reduced funding and partial retrenchment for the institution, but by the early 1990’s the college had once again stabilized. The second major demographic shift occurred in the 1990’s making the campus population 50% African-American and 50% Hispanic. In 1995 the Board appointed Ulis C. Williams as Interim President/Superintendent and in January 1997 made the appointment permanent. During President William’s tenure the college built the Ralph C. Dills Vocational-Technology Center and the Carl E. Robinson Math-Sciences Building. Student enrollment at the college is approximately 10,000.