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      About Lifan Group
Chongqing Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd was founded in 1992. It is one of the biggest private-owned enterprises in China. After 15 years' efforts, Lifan Group has rapidly grown up and developed to be a large-scaled private enterprise centering on the technology development, manufacture and sales of vehicle & motorcycle, which also invested in financial sector.
     In 2006, Lifan reached a sales income of RMB 10.395 billion Yuan, an engine sales volume of 2.54 million, a foreign exchange earning through exportation of US$329 million, and a patent ownership of 3807, and such four indicators are all in the van of its own field.
For the present, Lifan has owned 12,000 employees and one national-level technology center, successively been selected as a member of Chinese Top 500 enterprise, and stood at the head of Top 50 private enterprises in Chongqing.
    Innovation makes Lifan continuously progress.
In August 2004, the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision officially announced the products and enterprises which could not be the subject to inspection in 2004, ¡°Lifan 50-200ml one cylinder gasoline engine¡± was on the list, and as yet Lifan is the only enterprise in Chinese motorcycle field which has won this honor. The same year, in September, Lifan motorcycle was awarded by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and China Promotion Committee for Top Brand Strategy the title of honor of ¡°Chinese Top Brand¡±. In January 2006, the state publicly proclaimed ¡°Chinese 100 most valuable noted brands¡±, ¡°Lifan¡± ranked the 78th by a 2.1333 billion Yuan brand, and the sixth in the vehicle business. The national-level technology center of Lifan ranked the seventh among the automobile field in China.
   In January 2006, Lifan 520 entered into the world market synchronously, that represented that Lifan had formally marched into vehicle industry. 2.4 billion Yuan was separately pumped in 3 times in Liana¡¯s sedan project. Currently, the four main work lines of pressing, welding, painting and assembling has formed, with a designing producing ability of 150,000; meanwhile a Automobile Academy was established. By the end of 2006, up to 2007, Lifan had achieved 3807 patents at home and abroad, that number occupied the first place in automobile field, as well among all the private enterprise in China.
Exportation makes Lifan profit overseas.
In 1998, Lifan obtained the right to import and export. During 2006, Lifan earned US$329 million foreign exchange through exports, held 10% of the total export quantity in Chongqing, and stand the dominant place in its field in China. Lifan's products are widely sold to over 100 countries covering South-East Asia, West Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. In September 2001, Lifan motorcycles were first sold to Japan, rewriting the history that no motorcycle export to Japan but only import from between the two. In 2003, motorcycle, engine and some other products developed by Lifan passed EU¡¯s e-mark accreditation, indicating that Lifan¡¯s products can enter 18 European countries without restriction. Lifan has established motorcycle manufactory in Vietnam, Thailand and Turkey, and Lifan sedan has been off-line in Vietnam. In August 2007, Lifan sedan will be off-line both in Egypt and Russia.
Perfect credit makes perfect reputation.
 ¡°Lifan would rather be betrayed than betray¡±, Lifan always have been shooting its last bolt to offer customers both high quality products and services, through which it build up the nice society reputation. Lifan has been awarded the title of ¡°Creditable Enterprise¡± consecutively in Chongqing.
Lifan holds 129.60 million shares in Commercial Bank, 22 million shares in Guangda Bank, and its financial investment has been consumedly paid back. Lifan does not forget to return the country and the society. Since 1992, Lifan had donated totally RMB 63.15 million Yuan to the society. Up to end of 2006, Lifan Group has built 73 Guangcai schools, and a planning number of 100 up to 2010. In November 2005, Yin Mingshan, the board chairman of Lifan, won the ¡°China Charity Prize¡± which was jointly issued by China Ministry of Civil Affairs and China Charity Federation, and is the one and only Chongqing enterpriser who won this honor.
    As member of National Political Consultative Conference (NPCC), vice-chairman of the 2nd Congress of Chongqing Political Consultative Conference (CPCC), chairman of the 3rd Chongqing Federation of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Yin Mingshan, Board chairman of Lifan Group, had had the honor to win ¡°State Guangcai Project Prize¡±, ¡°Contribution for prospering Chongqing Prize¡±, ¡°Outstanding Contribution Award in 2002 National Quality Management¡±; in December 2004, Mr. Yin was awarded title ¡°The excellent builder of socialism with Chinese characteristics¡± by United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee and other four ministries and commissions.
Lifan Group is the splendid model of the development of Chinese private economy, its growth drew attentions of the Party and state leaders. Ying Mingshan, Chairman of Board, had the honor to be amiably received by Hu Jingtao, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Wu Yi, Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, etc. for several times, Comrade Zhu Rongji praised Yin Mingshan as a ¡°successful private enterpriser¡±
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