Check out the Gallery for several new screenshots from the latest Beta Test! Highlighting a new map, these shots also show more of the battle UI.

These shots are from the internal version of what will be the first Open Beta session. The Open Beta sessions are intended to be the final testing sessions, which means we're getting very, very close to not only welcoming you all in to help stress test the game, but to announcing a release date as well!


Beta tester Chaos is hosting a dev chat for existing testers today at 5pm PST/8pm EST. Full details can be found in the Beta forums. If you're helping to test, come along to discuss game mechanics, the state of development, and more!

Thanks to Chaos for organizing the chat!


The Tactica Masters fan site has a transcript of the latest dev chat!

Thanks to Silicor and Lord Naar for hosting and organizing.


From the current Beta Test, the Gallery has four new screenshots! Showing a few new skills, new maps, and new parts of the UI, these are shots of the game that testers are currently playing.

Get ready for the next round of Beta invitations this week!


Now that everyone's back from the holiday break (hope you all had a great time!), let's get back into the swing of things!

Over the next month we'll be giving you new screenshots, revealing more of the lore of Tactica Online, and expanding the Beta Test.

To start you off, here's a look at the most important personage to those who label themselves scientists, Leonardo da Vinci.


Famed throughout Europe, Leonardo da Vinci is the foremost scientist and artist of the age. Mathematician, painter, sculptor, engineer, architect, inventor, there is seemingly nothing he cannot do. Despite his misgivings about the practice of war, he has placed his expertise at the service of Tier, nominating the creation of machinery for battle as his primary task.


For those not currently helping out in the Beta test, a small holiday present, in the form of five new screenshots! Taken from a build just prior to the current Beta Test build, these show an entirely new map, new environmental features like shader water, and new skills in action!

Follow the screenshot linked in the sidebar to the right, the Gallery menu above, or just go to the screenshots page to check them out!


Perhaps inspired by the earlier journals, two more of the testers who participated in the first Beta session, Lord Naar and Shroom Mage, have written up reports of their experience.

The Tactica Masters fan site is again hosting, and they can be found here and here respectively.


The early phases of Tactica Online's public Beta Test are conducted in distinct sessions, with testers able to log in for a limited time to test specific issues. The first of these sessions was conducted last weekend, and was a huge success, with lots of data on server operations being gathered, and only one manual restart required!

Three testers, Moloch, Silicor, and Majidah, have written journals of their testing weekend for the Tactica Masters fan site, and you can find them here, here, and here. Thanks guys!


Knight of the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition

While his name might not invoke the same terror as that of his colleague the Inquisitor General Torquemada, Baltus is equally devoted to his cause, and often more militant in his pursuit of it.