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Updated: July 5, 2005
 .NET technology has enabled early adopters to gain a competitive edge.

.NET technology has enabled early adopters to shorten time to market, speed development, streamline services, connect with customers, and gain a competitive edge. Here are examples of the innovative solutions that companies with the help of Microsoft Partners have built with the Microsoft® platform and .NET technology.

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Carlisle Engineered Products Chooses Actify to Help Reduce Shipping Costs

3-D Clarity Brought to Bidding Process with .NET-connected Technologies

Customer Situation: Carlisle Engineered Products, Inc., is a custom molder and extruder of rubber and plastic products, primarily for the automotive market. Through internal product development and acquisitions, Carlisle Engineered Products has grown to become a key supplier of highly engineered components to automobile manufacturers around the world.

*By improving communication, the Actify solution, built on .NET technologies, enables us to share design information between groups in our facilities which speeds manufacturing so that we can deliver products faster. *
Mark Burrows
Systems Administrator,
Carlisle Engineered Products

With 17 facilities, Carlisle Engineered Products was spending time and money duplicating and shipping by overnight express the drawings that it receives from companies requesting a bid to manufacture parts.

.NET-connected Solution: Carlisle Engineered Products found its solution with the Actify® Server, which enables users to view and share three-dimensional product designs across Carlisle Engineered Product's extended enterprise by using a Web browser.

The Actify Server was developed entirely with the Microsoft .NET Framework and Web services, and deployed using Microsoft Internet Information Services and Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000.

Benefits: Besides providing great communication enhancements and a rapid return on investment (ROI), the Actify Server has been a significant contributor to the compression of turnaround time from customer inquiry to finished quotation, resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction.

The Actify Server seamlessly integrates with SQL Server 2000. "The integration between the Actify Server and our SQL Server 2000 database was flawless," says Mark Burrows, Systems Administrator for Carlisle Engineered Products. "We had the database up and running within 10 minutes, and it has been running ever since. Our quoting system on the SQL Server database is extremely complex and SQL Server has never failed. SQL Server is easily searchable, easy to back up, easy to add users to, and, overall, just easy to manage."

Application extensibility was one of the key benefits of using Web services, which expose system functionality through standard Web protocols. "As our customers grow and their needs evolve," says Randy Ochs, Actify President and CEO, "we will be able to deliver new functionality to serve their needs by adding new Web services."

Partner Solution: Founded in 1996, Actify Inc. is the award-winning leader of client/server two- and three-dimensional CAD visualization solutions for the discrete manufacturing industry. The Actify Server solution is sold through authorized distributors and Value Added Resellers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Partner website:



Isaria Chooses AP AG to Help Improve Productivity

Customer Situation: Isaria Corporate Design AG is a creative service provider founded in 1974. Located in Germany, the company provides space organization, furnishings, and display window elements for large corporate groups in the automotive, banking, and insurance industries.

When coordinating display advertising, as well as interior decoration, for corporate groups that have thousands of offices throughout Europe, the multitude of quotes, orders, assembly reports, building applications, permits, and invoices involved results in a flood of information and documents that can seem overwhelming. The challenge Isaria faced was to record this information in its entirety and to store it in an accessible and structured manner.

.NET-connected Solution: "AP (Automation + Productivity) AG from Karlsruhe offered us the only chance of realizing the Isaria-Dot-Process-Management-System (Isaria.pms) with their extended ERP solution, P2plus," explains an Isaria project manager.

P2plus is based on the Microsoft .NET platform and integrates extended functions, such as document management, workflow, and extranet, into a unified, Internet-based system structure and user interface. This .NET technology and the workflow engine of the Microsoft Exchange Server allow customer-specific process chains to be flexibly modeled with a few mouse clicks, from individual browser interface customization to the inclusion of buttons for additional approval processes by e-mail workflow. Moreover, nothing had to be installed or administered on the client computers.

Benefits: With the help of AP AG's P2plus, Isaria's processes have become faster with improved security and more transparent. Instead of the confused mass of telephone messages, faxes, e-mail messages, and letters that used to overwhelm every storage system, now all process steps are automated using workflow by means of e-mail messages and transparently represented using a unified database in the extranet.

Additionally, the improved security and efficiency of entire process handling has clearly improved because the Isaria.pms simultaneously acts as an analysis and information tool for management and serves as an early warning system with the help of deadline controls that include detailed information on possible delays. At the same time, browser access facilitates the flexible scalability of the user group.

Partner Solution: P2plus, AP's new future-oriented product is completely based on Microsoft's .NET system architecture. Based on the most modern Web technologies, P2plus extends far beyond conventional ERP functionality and is one of the first ERP systems to integrate Internet, intranet, e-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), and workflow consistently into a system structure with a single unified user interface. Together with its subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland, AP AG currently supports some 1,750 medium-sized enterprises.

Partner website:


Bond Wireless

IDP Education Australia Chooses Bond Wireless to Help Increase Market Share

Customer Situation: IDP Education Australia, a world leader in international education and development services that recruits international students, requested help from Bond Wireless to design and implement a method for contacting potential students worldwide regarding upcoming education events.

Security regarding event times and locations is increasingly important in IDP's marketplace. Therefore, IDP needed a solution that would allow them to communicate both rapidly and more securely with customers while broadening their market base.

*Providing Web services via .NET is paramount to our business model. *
Gareth Edwards
Technical Manager,
Bond Wireless

.NET-connected Solution: Bond Wireless develops text messaging applications that enable marketers to better communicate with key customers. To meet IDP's needs, Bond Wireless selected the Microsoft .NET Framework to build a desktop-based, wireless messaging solution. The resulting application provides IDP with a way to communicate with customers and potential customers rapidly and with improved security in a host of different languages.

Benefits: Thanks to Bond Wireless' .NET solution, IDP has been able to reduce the cost of more traditional, non-secure marketing approaches such as direct mail. Their customers are able to stay well informed with up-to-the-minute information about upcoming events and opportunities delivered to them wirelessly. This more frequent, better targeted communication enables IDP to work more effectively with potential customers, and to reach new customers through channels that previously had not been available. And because Microsoft .NET Services integrate with legacy systems, customers can consume Bond Wireless' Web services from a wide range of platforms.

Most significantly, the .NET-based wireless communication solution has enabled IDP to hold more secure events in places where they would otherwise be unable to do business, giving them a strong competitive advantage.

Partner Solution: Bond Wireless is a leading provider of mobile and wireless technologies to corporate clients worldwide, enabling the rapid development and deployment of solutions for a diverse range of applications and industry segments. Among other core enabling technologies, the company provides seamless global access to the Bond Wireless SMS Gateway by using Web services.

Partner website:

Bond Wireless 

Crossing Channels (Neckermann)

Neckermann Chooses Crossing Channels to Help Target New Market Segments

*The results of this campaign have convinced us of the value of using online marketing tools. Online revenue has increased significantly. Also the number of new prospects gained through this action is exceptionally high. *
Jan Bosse
Marketing Manager,
Neckermann Netherlands and Remco van HattumInteractive Consultant, OgilvyOne

Customer Situation: Located in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, Neckermann Shopping is a mail-order retailer that features a broad array of products for the whole family. From computer and sporting equipment to the latest fashions, Neckermann offers an enormous selection to its customers.

Neckermann decided to force an e-commerce breakthrough in 2003 to gain additional market share, increase its customer base, and start cross-selling to its new customers. With their advertising agency OgilvyOne, the decision was made to start a marketing sweepstakes connected with their website to achieve these goals. To implement this sweepstakes, OgilvyOne selected a partner to realize an enhanced security application that would be robust enough to reliably handle up to one million unique sessions each day.

.NET-connected Solution: To meet the demands that such a sweepstakes would impose on their systems, Neckermann and OgilvyOne looked to the capabilities of the Microsoft .NET Framework by implementing Crossing Channels' ContentGenie Framework for the Web application for the marketing campaign Sweepstakes Jecomputerisjelot (YourComputerIsYourLotteryTicket).

Jecomputerisjelot is an Internet-based application that allows registered users to participate in a lottery with a daily price of €5000. Users are able to log in daily to see if they have won. While the users are checking the lottery results, the application also displays special product offers available from Neckermann.

Benefits: With the marketing campaign designed by OgilvyOne and the solution created by Crossing Channels, Neckermann experienced an online revenue growth of greater than 100 percent and gained a position as a serious market player within three months of inception.

Additionally, Neckermann noted marked improvements in customer communication and gained the ability to target their communication more effectively. With the information that was gleaned from the sweepstakes promotion, Neckermann found that they were able to offer better dynamic banner promotions and identify and cross-sell to previously unrecognized customer profiles and market segments.

Partner Solution: Founded in 1995, Crossing Channels (formerly known as Intapps Benelux) develops strategic Microsoft .NET solutions enhancing profitability for their clients. Using the ContentGenie Framework, they are able to deliver high-volume, multi-channel and integrated applications with enhanced security. The company's main areas of expertise are marketing, finance, and healthcare.

Partner website:

Crossing Channels (Neckermann)

Crossing Channels (Netherlands Association)

The Netherlands Association for Trauma Centers and Ministry of Internal Affairs Choose Crossing Channels for Medical Information System

Customer Situation: The Netherlands Association for Trauma Centers (NATC) coordinates many processes for the registration of accident, trauma, and first aid patients. This coordination effort ensures that medical specialists and patients profit from the speed of data access by obtaining the easily accessible, complete national records of what are historically the best treatments.

*Prior to the Crossing Channels solution, sharing medical information was often unreliable. The ContentGenie Framework now allows life-saving information to get into the hands where it can be used effectively. *
Prof. Dr. Loek Leenen and Luc Taal,

As patients are brought into hospital emergency rooms, medical data is collected on a patient-by-patient basis. In the event of a national disaster, diverse companies and foundations (such as the Red Cross and local governments) can benefit from the consolidation of health data.

While rapid access to patient data is often critical to saving lives, until recently the local government was only able to access patient information by the time-consuming process of calling each individual hospital to request medical data.

.NET-connected Solution: To address this business-critical need, the NATC looked to the capabilities of the Microsoft .NET Framework by implementing Crossing Channels' ContentGenie Framework.

In this solution, a Web service enables trauma databases to provide basic data. The data is requested, consolidated, and then delivered to the various channels in a variety of formats. Because personal medical data is exchanged over the Internet, security is a key factor. Therefore, the security architecture was audited and approved by the Dutch Government.

Benefits: Simply put, this system helps to save lives. Data is available faster—anytime, anywhere. Accurate and actual data is readily available around the clock—enhancing integration and communication between medical professionals. Additionally, information within medical files, such as an EKG (electrocardiogram) can be seamlessly shared in a real-time environment.

In addition to providing key medical information for patients on an individual or local basis, medical data is readily available on a regional or national basis for the type of statistical and medical analysis that is necessary to identify large-scale health trends and to prevent or control epidemics.

Partner Solution: Founded in 1995, Crossing Channels (formerly known as Intapps Benelux) develops strategic Microsoft .NET solutions enhancing profitability for their clients. Using the ContentGenie Framework, they are able to deliver high-volume, multi-channel and integrated applications with enhanced security. The company's main areas of expertise are marketing, finance and healthcare.

Partner website:

Crossing Channels (Netherlands Association)

Cyence's ExpressOS

Pitney Bowes Global Credit Services Chooses Cyence's ExpressOS to Help Transform the Workflow Process

Customer Situation: Pitney Bowes Global Credit Services (PBGCS) offers innovative financial services programs that facilitate the acquisition and use of Pitney Bowes solutions by customers throughout North America and Europe. The company was pursuing significant initiatives to refine operational workflows, with an eye toward optimizing business-partner relationships and reducing hard-copy logjams. To do this, PBGCS needed a way to embed an effective and standardized set of best practices throughout its credit origination pipeline. These objectives needed to be achieved without limiting the ability to offer flexible financing programs in an increasingly competitive market, or compromising the integrity of the credit adjudication process.

*With .NET, we can offer our customers much shorter development and deployment cycles than our competitors...It gives us the leading edge in our vertical markets. *
Peter Hyne
CEO of Cyence

.NET-connected Solution: PBGCS turned to Cyence International, Inc., a leading provider of Web-based software solutions, for assistance. Cyence provided a highly configurable Microsoft .NET-connected solution called ExpressOS™. The product brought improved security access to all major credit bureaus through Web services and was easily integrated with PBGCS legacy back-end systems. Using ExpressOS, third-party sales representatives can log in over the Internet and complete transactions from start to finish. The new workflow process enabled unattended deal submissions for automated credit decisions, document printing, and an easy fax-back mechanism for auditing at headquarters.

Benefits: Thanks to ExpressOS, PBGCS now has transparent access to major North American credit bureaus, with plans for expansion to Europe and Asia Pacific. In addition, operational complexities and maintenance costs have been dramatically reduced. The .NET-connected solution has transformed workflow processes in one-sixth of the time—and at one-sixth of the cost—of a comparable development cycle in a non-Web-services environment.

Information can be communicated between organizations quickly without costly redundancy, and account management is placed in the hands of a single customer contact. The ExpressOS solution brought PBGCS improved operating efficiencies and an extended Web-based financial services platform through various delivery channels, resulting in improved customer service overall.

Partner Solution: Cyence International, Inc. provides Web-based software solutions to the financial services industry. Its flagship product, ExpressOS, is a Web-services architecture built in Microsoft's .NET environment. Using this enterprise-wide software solution, companies can access credit bureau information, simply and with enhance security, in a timely and useful format. It offers front-office automation for originations, transaction structuring, credit adjudication, documentation, and auditing for all types of commercial and consumer financing transactions.

Partner website:

Cyence's ExpressOS 


Strategic Distribution, Inc. (SDI) Chooses Dexterra to Help Improve Inventory Management

Customer Situation: Strategic Distribution, Inc. (SDI) provides supply chain service programs for the procurement, handling, and data management of maintenance, repair, and operating (MRO) supplies for industrial and institutional customers in North America.

*The Dexterra Mobility Platform on .NET is a competitive differentiator, enabling SDI to reduce costs and offer new services. We are investigating ways to leverage the power of .NET and Web services to further improve communication and interaction. *
Ron Fijalkowski
Strategic Distribution, Inc.

As a specialist company dedicated to MRO supply chain efficiency, SDI was looking to improve its operations in three key areas: (1) Cycle counting, which involves the daily random counting and reconciliation of inventory items; (2) Managing and automating the receiving process; and (3) Issue management and control of inventory.

.NET-connected Solution: SDI turned to Dexterra, who builds solutions on the Microsoft .NET Framework, and uses .NET-connected Web services to provide the capability to effectively design, deploy, and connect components of a complete mobility solution.

SDI's In-Site® Mobile application, built using the Dexterra Mobility Platform, allows SDI to use mobile handheld devices for inventory management, enabling them to receive input from a communications server directly linked to SDI's production database.

Benefits: Eliminating the inefficient paper method of supply chain management, automating the process of data gathering, and automatically synchronizing with back-end systems and databases, the .NET-connected Dexterra solution has effectively improved the value of the services that SDI offers its customers.

In addition to lowering operating costs by reducing manual paper-based processes, further savings are realized through the implementation of inventory bar-coding to increase accuracy and reduce time spent correcting errors, providing both a powerful user interface and real-time access to the necessary data. This automated process enables SDI personnel to make prompt decisions and eliminates the need for manual data entry by automatically synchronizing the data with the back-end ERP system. SDI expects to realize a 40 percent increase in productivity as a result of deploying the Dexterra solution.

Partner Solution: Dexterra is a software technology company that provides enterprise-class applications for the Mobile Enterprise. As a next-generation, mobility application suite, the Dexterra Mobility Platform™ takes advantage of proven advancements in technology infrastructure such as Web services, the Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework, the computing power and portability of the Pocket PC platform, and communications infrastructure.

Partner website:


Dynamics Direct

Princess Cruises Chooses Dynamics Direct for a Customize E-mail Relationship Management Solution

*A true e-mail relationship management solution needs to interact across the front office. The .NET Framework gave us the integration path we needed as well as the flexibility for rapid development and rapid change. *
Jason McNamara
Chief Technology Officer,
Dynamics Direct

Customer Situation: Princess Cruises must navigate the ebb and flow of tourism dollars, setting itself apart to fill its ships in the best of times and the worst. Communicating with the 1.1 million-plus passengers who travel with the cruise line each year and attracting new customers requires a comprehensive outreach effort. Customized and targeted content must be delivered in a cost-effective, efficient, and timely manner. Princess Cruises decided that its ongoing success depended in part on leveraging e-mail as a long-term marketing channel.

The company needed an e-mail solution that integrated with its entire front office, which included customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation systems offered by Siebel Systems. The solution also had to enable efficient and user-friendly customization and management of e mail campaigns.

Solution: Princess Cruises chose Dynamic Messenger™, an e-mail relationship management system offered by Dynamics Direct and built on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Because the product uses the .NET Framework, it was easy to develop and integrate the e-mail solution with the cruise line's front office systems. In fact, within 48 hours of signing the contract with Dynamics Direct, Princess Cruises deployed its new e-mail relationship management solution and sent its first round of e-mail campaigns.

Benefits: With Dynamic Messenger, the Princess Cruise marketing group can now develop, personalize, and send e-mail campaigns at a greater rate using fewer staff hours. Within the .NET Framework, e-mail customization can occur within a few days at a much lower cost. Not only has the cruise line increased passenger outreach capabilities up to 210 percent by using e-mail campaigns, passenger data management is also easier. For example, information uploads can be completed in three minutes instead of an hour.

Partner Solution: Dynamics Direct is committed to a single vision: to empower the enterprise with the most effective CRM e-mail messaging solution possible. Dynamics Direct developed the .NET-connected Dynamic Messenger to provide rich, personalized e-mails with real-time alerts for customer interactions and detailed reporting functions for evaluating the effectiveness of those interactions.

Partner website:

Dynamics Direct 


University of South Alabama Chooses eCollege to Increase the Efficiency of Online-Course Exam Authoring

Customer Situation: For the last 30 years, the University of South Alabama College of Nursing has been training students for a career in the healthcare industry. The rapid progress of technology in the last few years has enabled the university to diversify its student base with the addition of online learning.

*The efficient, one-step process allows us to fully leverage our resources... making the transition to the online exam banks much smoother and faster. *
Diane Keasler
Instructional Design Specialist,
College of Nursing

The university sought a solution whereby it could fully leverage staff resources in the creation of online exams, even if it wasn't always convenient for faculty to get online. Offline exam building functionality would provide the University of South Alabama College of Nursing greater flexibility and efficiency in managing its online program.

.NET-connected Solution: eCollege is leveraging Microsoft .NET technologies to enable integration with Respondus, an innovative leader of offline assessment software, for more convenient exam authoring. By combining Web services with the sophistication of a desktop client, the faculty is able to build exams offline through Respondus and simply upload them through Web services into their online courses delivered through the eCollege System.

Benefits: eCollege's .NET-connected solution integrates Respondus functionality with eCollege's own Exam Builder PlusSM features, allowing educators to access these features from their desktops while they're offline. This allows for faster and easier creation and management of exams, while enabling faculty to import exam questions from other sources, including other leading CMS courses.

Additionally, eCollege's unique Web services approach means that even as the Exam Builder Plus features continue to evolve, the Respondus software remains compatible without additional downloads or upgrades. The business benefits of this are investment protection and no staff retraining—again a cost and time savings.

Partner Solution: eCollege is a leading eLearning outsource provider of technology and services for online post-secondary education programs. As the only eLearning outsource provider focused on developing full programs, eCollege supports some of the largest and fastest-growing online degree, certificate, and professional development programs in the country.

Partner website:

University of South Alabama 


Microsoft Xbox.com Chooses Mondosoft for a Website Analytics Solution

*As Xbox.com expands we need a powerful search technology to meet the growing search requirements of millions of users each month. MondoSearch provides us with a scalable solution, built with .NET, so we can meet the ever-changing needs of our growing visitor base. *
Don Hall
Director of Marketing for Xbox.com

Customer Situation: Microsoft's Xbox® website is the definitive source for Xbox consoles, games, and accessories, servicing millions of users worldwide. Because of its rapid expansion, Xbox.com needed a powerful search technology to meet the growing search requirements of millions of users each month.

.NET-connected Solution: The Xbox website now uses the Mondosoft solution MondoSearch™ with BehaviorTracking™ for search and analytics. MondoSearch is an advanced, multilingual search engine that helps site visitors quickly find the information they seek. BehaviorTracking is an analytical tool that provides information about visitor activities and analyzes trends in activity on the site.

Mondosoft built its solution using .NET-connected Web services. MondoSearch for Microsoft .NET allows setting up highly advanced search and result pages with custom functionalities. Mondosoft also uses Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET for easy development and adaptation of the search functionality to the current Web environment.

Benefits: Using .NET-connected Web services, Mondosoft was able to build a solution that enables the administrators of Microsoft's console module to have complete control of the search engine without having to log on to any administration module, while harvesting the advantages of a hosted solution. Site administrators control the design and the search results, and Mondosoft guarantees uptime and automatic upgrades. Using the search and analysis functionality through Web services helped Xbox lower the development time and cost while still maintaining the integrity of security standards and the quality-of-service levels.

With an improved understanding of its customers, Xbox has continuously improved the level of service on the website, thereby increasing the repeat visits, site stickiness, and overall responses and dialogue. In sum, Mondosoft's .NET-connected solution ensures that the Xbox website is in sync with the gamers.

Partner Solution: Founded in 1998, Mondosoft offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise search, analytics, and site optimization products to make websites, intranets, and portals easier to navigate for users and to provide feedback for improved site quality and efficiency for owners. Mondosoft's solutions are an ideal complement to content management systems and are seamlessly integrated to add functionality and customer intelligence and to support workflow with Microsoft .NET Enterprise servers.

Partner website:


Reverse Tech

ActewAGL Chooses Reverse Tech to Improve Customer Service While Reducing Costs

Customer Situation: ActewAGL is an electricity, natural gas, water, and sewerage services utility based in the Australian Capital Territory.

*Reverse Tech's Compli application is configured to help us comply with our legal obligations and will allow our trade-waste officers to provide more accurate and timely customer service while potentially lowering our operating costs. *
Charles Williams
Trade Waste Manager,

ActewAGL controls the discharge of wastewater into the sewerage system and applies the relevant charges. While struggling with the difficulties of manually managing the compliance of trade waste, the Water Division was forced to meet legal requirements to manage their customers' discharges and ensure compliance with their agreements, but lacked a necessary tool to easily and effectively track compliance.

.NET-connected Solution: To meet these needs, ActewAGL turned to Compli from Reverse Tech for a total trade-waste solution, including sample management, compliance, agreement generation, charging, and reporting.

Built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, the Compli application uses Web services to create and modify trade-waste agreements from information in a customer's trade-waste application. Any time this information changes, the Web service re-generates the agreements.

ActewAGL controls the discharge of wastewater into the sewerage system and applies the relevant charges, which are typically based on volumes and concentration of various substances. Compli calculates these charges and prepares them for the billing system. Compli assists ActewAGL and their customers by tracking and managing discharges and ensuring that they are within agreed limits. The solution also tracks the frequency of testing "sampling" and manages the compliance regime, including alerting the trade-waste officer of non-compliant samples, late results, and other non-conformances with agreements.

Benefits: Since adopting the Compli solution, ActewAGL expects a reduction in the manual processes associated with generating and modifying trade-waste agreements. Consolidation of resources and increased efficiencies ensure direct quality benefits and allow ActewAGL to have a greater customer focus at a significant cost savings.

Additionally, Compli allows ActewAGL to better track its customers and thereby increase its revenue, and enables the company to inform customers of their performance against their agreement.

Further, customers benefit from improved communication with ActewAGL as they obtain a greater understanding of ActewAGL's business and requirements.

Partner Solution: Reverse Tech has delivered quality software solutions to the "who's who" of Australian and Asian business since 1989. These include government, telecommunication companies, insurance and banking institutions, retailers, software companies, subject-matter experts, and universities.

Partner website:

Reverse Tech 


College Pro Painters Chooses StreetPerfect.net to Increases Customer Satisfaction and Lower Operating Costs

*StreetPerfect.Net has increased both the accuracy and consistency of the data that is collected on the front line. Ensuring accurate customer information helps raise the bar on customer service and enables us to continue the customer growth we have experienced over the last 30 years. *
Laurie Coolman
Operations Manager,
College Pro

Customer Situation: College Pro Painters Limited was founded by a college student in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1971. Three decades later, College Pro Painters is the largest residential painting company in North America. As a master franchise organization, College Pro supports over 750 franchisees all across North America.

With an existing customer database of over 650,000 previous and potential new clients, College Pro's Call Center found that the need to maintain an accurate database for contact marketing was vital.

.NET-connected Solution: To meet these needs, College Pro turned to the capabilities of the Microsoft .NET Framework by integrating Envision IT's StreetPerfect.net service into College Pro's Web-based CRM solution.

StreetPerfect.net is a Web service with a SOAP application programming interface that allows College Pro to add verification and lookup functionality to their application that calls on the U.S. Postal Service and Canada Post databases of StreetPerfect.net.

Benefits: With the help of Envision IT's StreetPerfect.net solution, College Pro Painters has been able to increase efficiency through address look-up, automatic data entry, and address verification, leading to faster call times by call center staff and thus providing greater customer service, in addition to lower operating costs. The address verification feature ensures an accurate database and reduced mailing costs.

Partner Solution: Envision IT is a consulting firm dedicated to delivering business solutions through the appropriate use of technology. For over 15 years, Envision IT has helped its clients gain competitive advantage by delivering customized business solutions using Web and Microsoft .NET-connected technologies based on the Microsoft Windows® operating system.

Developed by Envision IT and based upon Sun Media Corp's StreetPerfect software toolkit, StreetPerfect.net delivers real-time address look-up, verification and validation, and correction capabilities from within any website or application.

Partner website:

Enivision IT 

Supply Systems

Marisa Chooses Supply Systems to Gain Competitive Edge While Improving Supplier Relationships

*For a long time, we'd been looking for an effective way to improve our partner relationships and bring automation to some of our small business processes. Supply System's e-varejo.net system allows us to offer so much to our partners and that has been a major driver to our ability to compete. *
Samuel Tkacz

Customer Situation: Established in 1948 and located in Brazil, the Marisa chain consists of 145 retail stores and specializes in women's clothing.

Marisa relies on both very large and very small suppliers for their extensive product lines. In order to remain competitive in a volatile industry, Marisa needed to find a comprehensive Business to Business (B2B) solution that would allow them to decentralize printing SKU tags for their products and develop a just-in-time model that would ensure that they always had the product they needed without needing to keep an enormous on-hand inventory.

.NET-Connected Solution: To meet these needs, Marisa turned to the capabilities of the Microsoft .NET framework by implementing Supply Systems' e-varejo.net system.

E-varejo.net is a supply chain B2B broker that coordinates information among corporate partners and their information systems. With e-varejo.net, it's possible to build scaleable B2B networks involving institutions of any size.

Benefits: Supply Systems' e-varejo.net has made Marisa vastly more competitive in the retail marketplace. It is now possible for Marisa to automate all of their remote business processes, such as printing SKU tags, even in the smallest suppliers, while reducing manual processes and potential mistakes.

Additionally, Marisa has shown marked improvement in terms of supplier satisfaction. By printing SKU tags locally, the suppliers now have a more efficient and economical means to tag their products and electronic invoice exchange reduces costly billing mistakes, as well.

Partner Solution: Located in Brazil, Supply Systems is the developer of e-varejo.net, a supply chain B2B broker that coordinates information among corporate partners and their information systems. Supply Systems relies on Microsoft's .NET platform for fast, uniform, efficient connections with its business partners.

Partner website:

Supply Systems 


Artisan Home Entertainment Chooses SyncCast for Groundbreaking DRM Technology

*Our service is user-friendly and works transparently. As long as users have a valid disc and a North American IP address, they will be issued a license to access the content consistent with the business rules determined by the content owner. *
Ezra Davidson
Vice President Business Development,

Customer Situation: Theft and the unauthorized replication of digital content have prevented media companies from issuing high-quality digital goods to consumers through the Internet. The Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Extreme Edition) two-disc DVD set achieved a first this summer, when the digitally remastered theatrical version of the film was released by Artisan Home Entertainment Inc. in high-definition video and full surround sound on a single DVD-ROM using Microsoft Windows Media® 9 Series. The content of the high-definition bonus DVD is only licensed for distribution in North America, making it critical that territorial rights management be a part of the distribution solution.

.NET-connected Solution: The groundbreaking DVD uses Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series Digital Rights Management (DRM) for the online distribution of the DVD, the first ever use of the technology for a high-definition product.

SyncCast uses Microsoft Windows Media Rights Manager to build its DRM solution technology. DRM protects copyrighted materials online and in other traditional media). It provides real-time reporting of content licensing and consumption, including when and where content was licensed; and what was licensed. The SyncCast™ DRM Dashboard™ integrates via XML with the SyncCast DRM Packager™ and is the only DRM application certified as a .NET application. SyncCast's DRM solution uses Digital Envoy's NetAcuity technology, which uses Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to non-invasively identify the location of website visitors down to the city level—in real time.

Benefits: The SyncCast and Digital Envoy solution offers media and entertainment companies a first-of-a-kind DRM solution, incorporating territorial rights management technology to address licensing issues and to control content downloads to restricted areas.

Partner Solution: SyncCast provides solutions for the protected delivery of digital media and related data by means of the Internet and other media (DVDs and CDs). SyncCast is also a leading Content Delivery Network, globally load-balanced, using multiple tier-1 Internet backbones. The company offers tools based on XML and Microsoft SQL Server for managing, ingesting, integrating, and delivering digital media to various systems of any enterprise. SyncCast applications are built using Microsoft .NET technologies, Microsoft Visual C++®, and Microsoft Visual C#®.

Partner website:



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