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BAILE AN TOBAIR			Place of the well.

CILL ACHAIDH The field chapel. Ruins of chapel can be seen in the graveyard.
Part of Killahy known locally as Cnoc A' Bhrúaigh - Knockbrown.

BAILE THOIMÍN Tomíns place.

ACRAÍ RUA Red acres. Tobar a' cháisc was a holy well where a pilgrimage
used to be held.

CILLÍN Small church.

CNOC MÓR Big hill.

BAILE NA RÁTHA Place of the rath.

MUINE ANRAÍ "Muine" means a clump of trees like a small wood. Anraí means Henry.

BAILE NA BOIC Place of the buck - male deer. Known locally as Buckstown
but not on present day map. Listed on the 1817 map a
Ballynabuck with same boundary as Ballyknockbeg.

CORR BEITHÍOCH Corr means hollow. Beithíoch means beast as in cattle.
Area near the Poll a' Bháinón stream known as Tóin
a' Bhaile - bottom of the townsland.
A village called Móin a' Mhacáin is shown on 1817
map where road is closest to the Assey river.

BAILE NA CÚLACH Place at the end. Since the road ended here before
the bridge to Lios a Dreoilín was built.

LIOS A DREOILÍN Lios is ring fort. Dreoilín is a wren bird.

SEAN EAGLAIS Meaning old church is the area nearest Assey river.

BAILE AN RÓISTIGH Roches townsland.

CLUAIN EASA Plain of waterfall, includes local area's Móin Mhór.
Scairt fliuch meaning covert of trees which is wet.
In Kilkenny Irish the "F" was sometimes silent at the
beginning of a word.

POLL AN EASA Hollow of the waterfall.

BAILE DHÁITH Place of Dáithí -David.

INIS AN CHAIRN Island of the cairn. Bounced by the Uisce Dubh
- Blackwater and Easa - Assey rivers and Poll a' Bhainín stream.

BAILE AN BHÁTHAIGH Ballinva south is known locally as Gort na Lao -
field of calves. Ballinva north is with Buckstown.

MUILEANN AN BHATA Mill of the stick, a huge log was the original
way of crossing the river where the mill was.

BAILE AN CHNOIC BEAG Place of little hill. Only on modern maps -
old maps listed Ballyknockbeg as Ballynabuck.

GARRÁN DARAGH Grove of oak includes Garrán and Cill Bhéacáin- chapel
of St. Beacon. Also Poll na gCaosa which was hollow in the river
for dipping sheep Caora changers to caosa.
In the Irish of Kilkenny "R" becomes "S".

BAILE LOISCTHE Name suggests that the land was cleared for agricultural
use by burning the undergrowth or trees.

RATH AN IARLA The English translation is literal here Earlsrath.

BAILE AN GHABHANN Town of Smith- Smithstown includes Garraí Mhuilinn
- field of the mill on the banks of Uisce Dhub river.

TOBAR AN UISCE DUBH Well of the Blackwater, gives its name to the Blackwater
river from here to meeting the river Suir.
A man called Luke owned the land the land around
the well giving the Anglicised Lukeswell.
A pattern was held there.

CÚIRT AN MHÓINSÉALAIGH Mansells Court -A big house here was called court.

CÚIL AN ADHMAID Corner of the timber.

BAILE AN INNEONAIGH Place of the anvils includes local areas -Cul Beag and the Carraig.

BAILE AN tSLÉIBHE Place of the mountain.

SLIABH AN EASPAIG Bishop's mountain includes Cúlán in the North east of the townsland.

BAILE UÍ CHUINN Place of Quinn - Ballyquin.

CILL AINDRIÚ Andrews church, long ago Killandrew was a much bigger
townsland containing the part of Ballinakill where the church field is.

BAILE Ó gCRÍC Ballyogreek.


BAILE NA CILLE Place of the church. The church field was the location for Andrew's church.
Baile dúgáin was part of the townsland on the 1817 map.


FEARNÓG Alder tree contains the summit of Sliabh na Gréine or Sliabh Uí Grlinn.
Tory hill and Leaba Codalta on the North face of hill.

BÁN NA gCOLÓG Bawnagelogue.

BAILE HUMUC Includes local area's Bóisín na Móna and Bóisín na hUrra.

COILL MÓR Bigwood.

RATH NA SMÓLACH Rath of the thrushes.

FAICHE Lawn, level ground - Fahee.

SLOGAISE A place where water disappears into the ground.
This word would be Slogaire in the west,
but Kilkenny Irish replaced "R" with "S".
The English form Melville was called after the name of a big house in the area.

RATH UILLICÍN Rath of Ulick.

RATH AIRD High rath includes local areas Móin na Muca and Sráid Ard.

ROS SÉANÁIN Wooded area of Senan. St. Senan is patron saint of neighbouring Kilmacow.

SCAIRT Thicket - Covert of trees.

PAIRC AN bhFIA Park of deer- Deerpark. Tradition has it that the female
deer were kept here and the male deer (buck) were kept at Buckstown.