AITB-Banner05 'Converted' Edition. 1977/1992


The Silmarillion. 'Converted' Edition. 1977/1992


The Silmarillion.
1st Edition, 2nd Impression 1977.
George Allen & Unwin / HarperCollins.
ISBN 0261102427.
Hardback with dustwrapper.
Printed by Clowes & Sons.
Hammond p.220.
Cover illustration by John Howe.

This is the 2nd Impression of the Allen & Unwin edition issued in a trimmed down HarperCollins dustwrapper. Issued in 1992 to use up the remaining stock of the A&U edition.

Dark blue cloth binding, no headband and dyed blue top edge.

This book itself carries the original A&U ISBN - 0048231398.

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