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Complete recordings by Leadbelly. Only song titles and dates are listed, not record company issues on which the songs have appeared. For a list of currently available material, consult compact disc.

This bibliography is heavily based on the comprehensive 32 page bibliography compiled by Wolfe and Lornell and published in The Life and Legend of Leadbelly.


Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola, Louisiana July 16, 1933
Huddie Ledbetter:vocal/guitar
119-B-1The Western Cowboy
119-B-2Honey Take a Whiff on Me
119-B-4Angola Blues
119-B-5Angola Blues
119-B-6Frankie and Albert
120-A-2Take a Whiff on Me
120-A-3You Can't Lose Me Cholly
120-B-5Ella Speed

Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola, Louisiana July 1, 1934
Huddie Ledbetter:vocal/guitar
121-A Mister Tom Hughes' Town
122-A-2 I Got Up This Morning. Had to Get Up So Soon
122-B Western Cowboy
123-A Blind Lemon Blues
123-B Matchbox Blues
124-A-1 MidnightSpecial
124-A-2 Irene
124-B-1 Irene
124-B-2 Governor O.K. Allen
125-A Frankie and Albert
125-B Ella Speed
126-A-1 Julie Ann Johnson
126-A-2 You Can't Lose-a-Me Cholly
126-A-3:Take a Whiff on Me
126-B I'm Sorry Mama

Little Rock, Arkansas September 27, 1934
Huddie Ledbetter:vocal/guitar
236-B-3 Mister Tom Hughes' Town
239-A-3 Julie Ann Johnson

State Farm, Pine Fluff, Arkansas September 29, 1934
Huddie Ledbetter:vocal/guitar
240-A-4 Julie Ann Johnson
Unknown white manvocal
Huddie Ledbetterguitar
240-A-5Lover in the Green Valley

State Farm, Tucker, Arkansas October 1. 1934
Leroy Allen:vocal;
Huddie Ledbetter:guitar
246-B-1 Sweet Babe
Huddie Ledhetter: vocal/guitar
246-B-3 Mister Tom Hughes' Town

Gould, Arkansas October 5, 1934
Huddie Ledhetter: vocal/guitar
242-B-3Julie Ann Johnson

Shreveport, Louisiana October 15, 1934
Huddie Ledhetter: vocal/guitar
273-A-1Boll Weevil

Bellwood Prison Camp, Atlanta, Georgia December 12, 1934
Huddie Ledbettervocal-1/guitar;
Sloan Wright:dance calls-2
250-B-1The Shreveport Jail-1
250-B-2Julie Ann Johnson-1
252-A-1Dance Calls-2
252-A-2This Morning-1

Wilton, Connecticut January 20, 1935
Huddie Ledhetter:vocal/guitar
143-ADon't You Love Me No More
143-BHenry Ford Blues

Wilton, Connecticut January 21, 1935
Huddie Ledhetter:vocal/guitar
44-B-2Julie Ann Johnson

New York City January 23, 1935
Huddie Ledhetter:vocal/guitar
16683-1Roberta--Part 1
16684-1Roberta-Part 2
16685-1Packin' Trunk Blues
16686-C.C. Rider
16678-1Becky Deem, She Was a Gamblin' Girl
16688-2Honey, I'm All Out and Down
16689-2Four Day Worry Blues
16690-You Can't Lose Me, Charlie
16691-2New Black Snake Moan

New York City January 24, 1935
Huddie Ledhetter:vocal/guitar
16693-Baby, Don't You Love Me No More?
16694-Ox Drivin' Blues
16695-1Death Letter Blues--Part 1
16695-2Death Latter Blues--Part 1
16696-1Death Letter Blues--Part 2
16696-2Death Letter Blues--Part 2
16697-1Kansas City Papa
16697-2Kansas City Papa
16698-Mary Don't You Weep
16999-Fat Mouth Mama
16704-Red River Blues
16705-Fort Worth and Dallas Blues
16705-2Fort Worth and Dallas Blues
16706-2You Don't Know My Mind
16707-Shreveport Jail
16708-Angola Jail

New York City January 25, 1935
Huddie Ledhetter:vocal/guitar
16755-Julie Ann Johnson
16756-Baby Take a Whiff on Me
16757-Gonna Dig a Hole--Put the Devil in It
16758-Old Chisholm Trail
16759-Dem Blues I Got Baby (Make a New-Born Baby Cry)
16760-Pick a Bale a'Cotton
16761-Lead Belly's Pardon Song to Governor Pat Neff
16762-Lead Belly's Pardon Song to O.K. Allen

Wilton, Connecticut February 1, 1935
Huddie Ledhetter:vocal/guitar
45-ATake a Whiff on Me

New York City February 5, 1935
Huddie Ledhetter:vocal/guitar
16806-1Daddy I'm Coming Back to You
16806-3Daddy I'm Coming Back to You
16807-My Friend Blind Lemon
16808-Mr. Tom Hughes' Town
16809-I Got a Mother in the Promised Land
16810-Irene--Part 1
16811-Irene--Part 2
16812-Man, I'm in Trouble
16813-Texas Penitentiary
16814-1Shorty George
16814-2Shorty George
16815-De Kalb Woman
16816-Matchbox Blues

Wilton, Connecticut January 20, 1935
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar with speech-1
45-BSalty Dog
51-AAngola Blues
52-ACareless Love
52-BC.C. Rider
53-AGovernor Pat Neff
53-BThirty Days in the Workhouse
54-AElla Speed
54-BElla Speed
127-AFrankie and Albert
127-BFrankie and Albert
128-AWhich Way Do the Red River Run?
128-BGot Up in the Mornin' So Doggone Soon
129-AYou Don't Know My Mind
129-B-1The Western Cowboy
129-B-2Becky Dean
130-AFort Worth and Dallas Blues
130-BGot a Gal in Town with Her Mouth Chock Full of Gold
131-AMary Don't You Weep
131-B-1Mary Don't You Weep
131-B-2Way Over in the Promised Land
132-ADeath Letter Blues-1
133-BThe Shreveport Jail
134-AEasy Mr. Tom
134-B I Ain't Bothered a Bit --Parts 1 and 2
135-ABoll Weevil
135-BWestern Cowboy
136-AThe Titanic
136-BBlind Lemon Blues
137-AMr. Tom Hughes' Town
137-B-1Mr. Tom Hughes' Town
137-B-2You Cain' Loose-a-Me Cholly
138-AThe Medicine Man
138-BRed Cross Sto'
139-A-1Green Corn
139-A-2The Maid Freed from the Gallows
139-BPo' Howard
140-AAlberta Blues
140-BFo' Day Worry Blues
141-A-1Hesitation Blues
141-A-2Take Me Back
141-BMatchbox Blues
142-ATight Like That
142-B-1Gwine Dig a Hole to Put the Devil in It
142-B-2Old Man Settin' in the Corner Dyin'

Wilton, Connecticut March 1, 1935
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar or unaccompanied-1
47-BBlues I Got Make a New-Born Baby Cry
48-A-1Ho Day-1
48-A-2One Dollar Bill. Baby-1

New York City March 25, 1935
Huddie Ledbetter:vocal/guitar
17179-1Yellow Jacket
17180-2T.B. Woman Blues
17181-1Pig Meat Papa
17181-2Pig Meat Papa
17182-Bull Cow
17183-1My Baby Quit Me

Wilton, Connecticut March 1935
Huddie Ledbetter:vocal/guitar or unaccompanied-1
46-AGovernor O.K. ALlen
47-ADe Kalb Blues
48-BAin' Goin' Down to de Well No More-1
49-AHa-Ha This-a-Way
49-BAlabama Bound
50-AIn Dem Long Hot Summer Days-1
50-BGo Down, Old Hannah-l
144-AI'm All Out & Down
144-BDe Kalb Blues
145-AHa, Ha Thisaway
145-B-1Dear Old Daddy-1
145-B-2Dear Old Daddy-1
145-B-4Dear Old Daddy-1
146-AI'm Gonna Hold It in Her While She's Young and Tender
146-BWhat You Goin' to Do with Your Long Tall Daddy:'
147-ADicklicker's Holler-1
147-BBilly in the Lowlands/Heah, Rattler, Heah
148-AFrankie and Albert
148-BFrankie and Albert
149-ASend Down Your Hand
149-BShorty George
150-AShorty George
150-B-1Pick a Bale o' Cotton
151-AHa, Ha Thisaway
151-BSend Down Your Hand
152-ADeath Letter Blues
152-BDeath Letter Blues [fragments]
153-AWhere De Sun Done Gone
153-BBring Me a Li'l Water Silvy
154-ADicklicker's Holler
154-BWhoa Back, Buck Goddamn
155-ABilly in the Low Ground
155-BThe Grey Goose
156-AOld Rattler
156-BI'm All Out and Down
157-AFrankie and Albert
157-B-1I Walked Her and Talked Her
157-B-2Billy the Weaver

Washington, D.C. June 22, 1937
Huddie Ledbetter:vocal/guitar or unaccompanied-1
993-A-1Gwine Dig a Hole
993-A-3Jawbone Walk
993-BIf It Wasn't for Dicky
994-ALast Night in the Evening
994-B-1Somethin', Somethin' Keeps a Worryin' Me
995-AMonkey Men
995-B-1I Ain't Gonna Ring Dem Yallow Women's Do' Bells-1
995-B-2Rock Island Line-1
995-B-3All Out and Down-l
996-A-1Hello Central
996-A-2Raccoon up the Simmon Tree
996-BAn' Goin' Drink No Mo
997-ANew York City
997-BQueen Mary
998-A-1Turn Your Radio On
998-A-2Julie Ann Johnson
998-B-1The Hindenburg Disaster
998-B-2The Hindenburg Disaster

New York City (probably) December, 1938
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Sarah Garland:vocal-1
Jim Garland:vocal-2
2020-A-1Old Time Religion-1
2020-A-2He's Just the Same Today
2021-BGit on Board
2023-ARock of Ages-1, 2

New York City December 26, 1938
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Martha Ledbettervocal-1
2501-AMama, Did You Bring Me Any Silver?
2501-BLeaving on the Morning Train Blues
2502-A-1Scottsboro Boys
2502-A-2Outshine the Sun-1
2502-B-1Noted Rider Blues
2502-B-2The Bourgeois Blues
2503-A-1Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen-1
2503-A-2Little John Henry
2503-BJohn Henry
2504-AJohn Henry

New York City April 1, 1939
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar/tap-dancing- 1/unaccompanied-2
GM-498-Fannin Street
GM-499-KPrankie and Albert--First Half
GM-499-AFrankie and Albert Completion
GM-500-Prankie and Albert--Part 2
GM-501-De Kalb Blues
GM-502-Ain't Goin' Down to the Well No More/Go Down Old Hannah
GM-503-MLooky Looky Yonder-Z/Black Betty-Z/Yallow Women's Door Bells-2
GM-504-The Bourgeois Blues
GM-505-KPoor Howard-1,Z/Green Corn-1
GM-506-The Gallis Pole
GM-507-AThe Boil Weevil
GM-508-Ain't Goin' Down to the Well No More/Go Down Old Hannah
GM-509-AThe Gallis Pole
GM-509-KAin't Goin' Down to the Well No More/Go Down Old Hannah

New York City February 22, 1940
Mary Barnicle-Tillman Cadle Collection
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar/unaccompanied- 1
BC 95Didn't 01' John Cross the Water Stewball-l
BC 96Trials Ham and Eggs

New York City June 15, 1940
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar/unaccompanied-l
Golden Gate Quartet (vocal quartet) Willis Johnson, William Langford, Henry Owens, Orlandus Wilson,
051295-1Pick a Bale of Cotton
051296-Yellow Gal
051297-Whoa Back, Buck
051298-1Midnight Special
051299-1Alabama Bound
051500-Rock Island Line-l

New York City June 15, 1940
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
051501-Good Morning Blues
051502-Leaving Blues
051503-T.B. Blues
051504-Red Cross Store Blues
051505-Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On
051508-1I'm on My Last Go Round

New York City June 17, 1940
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
051322-Easy Rider
051323-1New York City
051324-Worried Blues
051325-Don't You Love Your Daddy No More?
051326-1You Can't Lose-a Me Cholly

New York City June 17, 1940
Huddie Ledbetter:vocal/guitar/unaccompanied-l
Golden Gate Quartet (vocal quartet) Willie Johnson, William Langford, Henry Owens, Orlandus Wilson,
051327-2Grey Goose-1
051328-Didn't 01' John Cross the Water?-l
051330-Take This Hammer-1
051331-Can't You Line 'Em?
051332-Julianne Johnson
051333-1Ham an' Eggs-1

New York City June 19, 1940
Huddie Ledbettervocal guitar/spoken- 1/unaccompanied-2
Woody Guthriespoken
I Ain't Going Down-2
Went Out on the Mountain
Whoa Buck-1
Worried Blues-1
Good Mornin' Blues-1
You Can't Lose Me Charlie
Boll Weevil

Washington, D.C. August 23, 1940
Huddie Ledbetter:vocal/guitar/speech-l/unaccompanied-2
Alan Lomax:speech-3
4469-A-(a)Monologue on T.B.-1,3
4469-A-1Last Night in the Evening
4469-A-2T.B. Blues
4469-A-3How Long?
4469-A-4When the Train Comes Along
4469-B-(a)Monologue on Square Dances (or) Sooky Jumps-1,3
4469-B-1Po' Howard
4469-B-2Dance Calls (including "A Dollar Bill: Baby Won't You Buy Any Shoes")
4469-B-3Gwine Dig a Hole to Put the Devil in It
4469-B-4Tight Like That
4469-B-5Green Corn
4470-A-(a)Monologue On (The) Blues-1,2.3
4470-A-1Sail On, Little Girl
4470-A-2Red Cross Sto'-2
4470-B-(a)Monologue on the Mourner's Bench-1,2,3
4470-B-2Backslider, Fare You Well-2
4470-B-3Amazing Grace-2
4470-B-4Must I Be Carried to the Sky on Flowered Beds of Ease?-2
4470-B-5Amazing Grace-2
4470-B-6Down in the Valley to Pray-2
447 I-A-1Meeting at the Building-2
4471-A-2When That Train Comes Along-2
4471-A-3The Blood Done Signed My Name-2
4471-A-4Witness for My Lord-2
4471-A-5Outshine the Sun-2
4471-B-1Let It Shine on Me
4471-B-2Way Over in the Promised Land
4471-B-3Oh, Something on My Mind
4471-B-4How Long?
4471-B-5Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
4471-B-6Ain't Goin' Study War No More
4471-B-7Join the Band
4471-B-8Old Time Religion
4471-B-9Stand Your Test in Judgement
4471-B-10Must I Be Carried to the Sky on Flowered Beds of Ease?
4472-A-1Run, Sinners-2
4472-A-2Ride On
4472-A-5John Henry
4472-B-1John Hardy
4472-B-2Howard Hughes
4472-B-3Bottle Up and Go
4472-B-4Cowboy Song
4473-A-1Leaving Blues
4473-A-2The Roosevelt Song
4473-A-3The Scottsboro Boys
4473-A-4Don't You Love Me No More?
4473-B-1Noted Rider Blues
4473-B-2The Gallows Song
4473-B-3So Doggone Soon
4473-B-4Ham and Eggs-2
4473-B-5Bottle Up and Go [fragment]

New York City November 18, 1940
From the WABC radio show acetate "Back Where I Come From."
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Ace 381Ella Speed

New York City or Washington, D.C January 1941
Office of War Information radio broadcast.
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Golden Gate Quartet (vocal quartet) Willie Johnson, Henry Owens, Clyde Reddick, Orlandus Wilson
E 3685Alabama Bound/On a Monday/Stewball/Gray Goose

New York City February 6, 1941
Radio program broadcast on WNYC acetate
Huddie Ledbetter:vocal/guitar
Orleander Quartet (vocal quartet) George Boyd, Cecil Murray, Howard Scott, George Hall, -l
Ace 377Irene, Goodnight
Ace 377Chickens Growing for Midnight
Ace 377Blues in My Kitchen and Dining Room
Ace 377Went Up on the Mountain-1
Ace 377Good Morning Blues
Ace 377Don't You Love Your Daddy No More-1
Ace 377T.B. Blues
Ace 377Irene, Goodnight

New York City February 12, 1941
Radio program broadcast on WNYC acetate
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Ace 390Walk Through That Valley
Ace 390Grey Goose
Ace 390Julie Ann Johnson
Ace 390T.B. Blues

New York City February 18, 1941
From a radio program broadcast on WNYC. Acetate
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar/vocal unaccompanied- 1/guitar accompaniment-2;
Oleander Quartet (vocal quartet): George Boyd, Cecil Murray, Howard Scott, George Hall, -3:
Ann Graham:vocal-4
Ace 398I Woke Up This Morning-1
Ace 398I Went Up on the Mountain-3
Ace 398Whoa, Back, Buck
Ace 398If It Wasn't for Dicky
Ace 398I Declare This World's in a Bad Condition-2,3
Ace 398What Kind of Soul Has Man-2.4
Ace 398What You Gonna Do when the World's on Fire-4
Ace 398Hide Me in Thy Bosom-2,4
Ace 398The Blood Done Signed Your Name
Ace 398Gallis Pole
Ace 398Leaving Blues

New York City February 27, 1941
From a radio program broadcast on WNYC.acetate
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar/guitar accompaniment-1
Anne Grahamvocal-2
Ace 384Irene
Ace 384Look Down That Lonesome Road-1,2
Ace 384What Kind of Soul Has Man-1.2
Ace 384Shorty George
Ace 384When You Got to Sleep, Please Don't Sleep Too Long
Ace 384Packin' Trunk
Ace 384Irene

New York City late February 1941
From a radio program broadcast on WNYC.acetate
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Ace 382Irene
Ace 382Stewball
Ace 382Cottonfields
Ace 382Ham and Eggs
Ace 382Take this Hammer
Ace 382Pick a Bale of Cotton
Ace 382Sylvie-1,2
Ace 382Irene

New York City. March 13, 1941
From a radio program broadcast on WNYC.acetate
Huddie Ledbetterguitar/vocal
Ace 381Grey Goose
Ace 381Boll Weevil
Ace 381Yallow Gal
Ace 381Ha, Ha Thisaway
Ace 381Leaving Blues
Ace 381Irene

New York City late May 1941
Huddie Ledbetterguitar/vocal
SC-26-Ha, Ha Thisaway
SC-27-Little Sally Walker
SC-34-XChristmas Song
SC-34-The Cotton Picking Song
SC-35-Parting Song

New York City July 1941
Huddie Ledbetterguitar/vocal
SC-79-Skip To My Lou
SC-80-You Can't Lose Me Cholly

New York City circa fall 1941
From a radio program broadcast on WNYC acetate
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Oleander Quartet (vocal quartet) George Boyd, Cecil Murray, Howard Scott, George Hall, -l
Ace 375Irene
Ace 375Yellow Gal
Ace 375Cottonfields-l
Ace 375Cotton Needs Picking-1
Ace 375Grey Goose
Ace 375Pick a Bale of Cotton-1
Ace 375Irene

New York CityDecemher 3, 1941
From a radio program broadcast on WNYC acetate
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Oleander Quartet (vocal quartet) George Boyd, Cecil Murray, Howard Scott, George Hall, -l
Ace 379Irene
Ace 379Pick a Bale of Cotton-1
Ace 379We Shall Walk in the Valley in Peace
Ace 379Look Away in Heaven-1
Ace 379See the Sign of Judgement-1
Ace 379Irene

New York City December 31, 1941
From a radio program broadcast on WNYC acetate
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Ace 381Irene
Ace 381Ha, Ha Thisaway
Ace 381Sally Walker
Ace 381You Can't Lose Me, Cholly
Ace 381Skip to My Lou
Ace 381Redbird
Ace 381Christmas Song
Ace 381Irene

City College of New York January 20, 1942
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
6407-A-1Dear Mr. President
6407-A-2President Roosevelt
6407-B-1Mr. Hitler

New York City January 1942
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar/button accordion-1
SC-IO1-Take This Hammer
SC-102-Haul Away, Joe
SC-103-Rock Island Line
SC-104-O1' Riley
SC-105-Corn Bread Rough-1
SC-106-1Old Man

Washington, D.C May 11, 1942
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Brownie McGheeguitar;
Sonny Terryharmonica
6502-A-3How Long
6502-B-1T.B. Blues

New York City fall I942
From a half-hour radio program broadcast hosted by Art Hodes on WNYC (acetate)
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Ace 378Irene
Ace 378Don't You Love Your Daddy No More
Ace 378Christmas Is Coming
Ace 378Fannin Street

New York City Spring 1942
From a radio program broadcast on WNYC (acetate)
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Ace 376Irene
Ace 376Way Down in Georgia
Ace 376How Come You Do Me Like You Do?
Ace 376Easy, Mr. Tom
Ace 376Broke and Ain't Got a Dime
Ace 376I'm Gonna Buy You a V-8 Ford
Ace 376Irene

New York City August 1943
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Sonny Terryharmonica-1
SC-258-On a Monday-1
SC-259-John Henry-l
SC-260-How Long-1
SC-262-Ain't You Glad-1
SC-263-Good Morning Blues-1

New York City October 1943
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar/piano-l/button accordion-2/unaccompanied-3
SC-270-Cow Cow Yicky Yea/Out on the Western Plains
SC-271-Noted Rider/Big Fat Woman-1/Borrow Love and Go
SC-272-John Hardy-2
SC-273-Meeting at the Building/Talking Preaching-3/We Shall Walk Through the Valley
SC-274-Fiddler's Dram/Yallow Gal/Green Corn
SC-275-Bring Me Lil' Water Silvy/Julie Ann Johnson/Line 'Em-3/ Whoa Back Buck

New York City January 3. 1944
Huddie Ledbetter:vocal/guitar
Muriel Reger:piano
LEA-ICareless Love Blues
LEA-2We Shall Walk Through the Valley
LEA-3You Know She Do
LEA4Blues Without Understanding
LEA-6Good Morning Blues

New York City February 17, 1944
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
5127Bill Brady
5128(Black Gal) Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
5129Yellow Gal
5130-1When the Boys Were on the Western Plain
5131Pretty Flowers in My Backyard
5132In New Orleans
5133John Hardy

New York City April 19, 1944
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Josh Whitevocal/guitar
MA 61I've a Pretty Flower
MA 62Don't Lie Buddy

New York City April 23, 1944
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
683How Do You Know
683-1How Do You Know/Don't Mind the Weather
684What Are Little Boys Made Of
684-1(What Are) Little Boys (Made Of)/Let Me Hold Your Hand (All For You)/Polly Welly (Polly) Wee
685Skip to My Lou
685-1Skip to My Lou/Christmas Day (It's Almost Day)
686Sally Walker
686-1Little Sally Walker/Ha, Ha Thisaway/Red Bird

New York City April 25, 1944
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Sonny Terryharmonica
MA 97Outskirts of Town Red River/Black Girl/You Don't Miss Your Water Blues

New York City April 25, 1944
Huddie Ledbetterguitar-1/tap dancing-2/talking
MA 160Blind Lemon (Memorial Record)-l
MA 161Leadbelly's Dance-2

New York City April 25, 1944
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Josh Whiteguitar-1
MA 167Mother's Blues (Little Children Blues)-l
MA 168Mo' Yet/(Little Boy) How Old Are You/There's a Limb on the Tree (Green Grass Grows All Around)

New York City May 1944
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Sonny Terryharmonica-1;
Woody Guthrieguitar-2
MA 196In The Evenin' When the Sun Goes Down-1 Easy Rider (See See Rider)-l We Shall Be Free-1 Keep Your Hands off Her-2

New York City May 1944
Huddie Ledbetter: vocal/guitar/concertina- I
unknownvocal group-2
There's a Man Going Round Taking Names
Red Bird
Line 'Em
T.B. Blues
Jim Crow Blues
Bourgeois Blues
Army Life-2
Mr. Hitler
Juliana Johnson
Pig Meat
Jean Harlow
Corn Bread Rough-1
National Defense Blues
Children's Blues
The Blood Done Sign Your Name

New York City July 1944
Huddie Ledbettervocal
Cow Cow Yicky Yicky Yea

Hollywood, California October 4, 1944
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Paul Mason Howardzither
397-4AElla Speed
398-3A1Rock Island Line
399-1ATell Me Baby
400-A1Take This Hammer

Hollywood, California October 11, 1944
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Paul Mason Howardzither
414-2AWestern Plain (When I Was a Cowboy)
415-2AOn a Christmas Day
416-3ABackwater Blues

Hollywood, California October 27, 1944
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar- I/piano-2/no vocal-3
457-1Eagle Rock Rag-1 & 3
457-2AEagle Rock Rag-2
458-Meat Shakin' Women
459-2ASweet Mary Blues
460-36Grasshopper in My Pillow

Hollywood, California November 6, 1944
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Paul Mason Howardzither-1
Rock Island Line-1
Jim Crow Blues

San Francisco, California February 15, 1945
Standard (Oil Company) Broadcast radio program
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
unknown trumpet, clarinet, tenor sax, piano, bass & drums-2
Irene, Goodnight
John Henry
Boll Weevil-l
When a Man's a Long Way from Home
Good Morning Blues-2
By and By When the Morning Comes-1 &2
Let It Shine on Me
Everytime I Feel the Spirit
Swing Low Sweet Chariot-1
They Hung Him on the Cross-1
Rock Island Line
Julie Ann Johnson
Haul Away Joe
Christmas Is Coming
We're in the Same Boat Brother-1
Skip to My Lou
Amazing Grace
Take This Hammer
Poor Boy

Berkeley, California May 12, 1945
Radio broadcast over KRE
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Oh Mary, Don't You Weep
John Henry
Ella Louise
Rock Island Line
Casey Jones
Jim Crow
House of the Rising Sun
Irene, Goodnight
Tell Me How Long the Train Been Gone
Shine On Me
Nobody Knows the Trouble I Seen
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Oh Mary, Don't You Weep
Shout On-1
Down Hawaii Way
Skip to My Lou
All Over This World
Irene, Goodnight

New York City Spring 1946
New York Jazz Club
Huddie Ledbetter:vocal/guitar/piano- 1
Bunk Johnson(trumpet)
Jimmy Archey(trombone)
Omer Simeon(clarinet)
Ralph Sutton(piano)
Danny Barker(banjo)
Cyrus St. John(tuba)
Fred Moore(drums)-2
Yellow Gal
Borrow Love and Go
Eagle Rag Rock-1
Good Morning Blues-2

New York City June 1946
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Sonny Terryharmonica-1
Willie "The Lion" Smith piano
Brownie McGheeguitar
George "Pops" Foster bass-2
D 385 Diggin' My Potatoes-2
D 386 Defense Blues-1,2
Easy Rider-2
John Henry

Huddie Ledbetter vocal/guitar

New York City October 1946
Woody Guthrievocal/guitar
Cisco Houstonvocal/guitar
D 669Alabama Bound
D 670Ham and Eggs
D 671Yellow Gal
D 672Stew Ball
D 673Gray Goose
D 674Midnight Special
Green Corn
Fiddler's Dram

Salt Lake City, Utah December 1946
Recorded at a party of the home of Dr. Hector Lee on a wire recorder.
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
St. Louis Blues
Frankie and Albert-l
Salt Lake City
Bourgeois Blues
The Gallis Pole
We're in the Same Boat, Brother

New York City February 1947
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar/piano-l/concertina-2/vocal solo-3
Anne Grahamvocalsolo-4
Sonny Terryharmonia-5
The Oleander Singers vocal group-6
Yellow Gal
You Can't Lose Me Cholly
Good Morning Blues
Leaving Blues
Big Fat Woman-1
Gray Goose
Pick a Bale of Cotton-6
Take This Hammer
Irene, Good Night
Bring Me a Little Water Silvy-4
Meeting at the Building-6
We Shall Walk Through the Valley

New York City summer 1947
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar/concertina- 1; rapping on guitar-2
Cotton Song
Ha Ha This Way
Sukey Jump (Win' Jammer)-l
Black Girl
Rock Island Line
Blind Lemon Song
Borrow Love and Go
On a Monday (I'm Almost Done)
Shorty George
Duncan (and Brady)
Old Riley
Leavin' Blues-2

New York City June 14, 1947
From a "This Is Jazz" radio broadcast
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Green Corn
John Henry

New York City June 15, 1948
From the Elizabeth Bamacle-Tillman Cadle Collection
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Tillman Cadlevocal-1;
Martha Ledbettervocal-2
BC97When Your Hair Turns to Silver
Relax Your Mind
BC98 Hollywood and Vine
Honey You Are the Only One
BC99Gallus Pole
We're in the Same Boat, Brother
BC100Gallus Pole
We're in the Same Boat, Brother
BCIOI Alabamy Bound
Equality for Negroes
BC102Hollywood and Vine
Honey You're the Only One
BC103 House of the Rising Sun
He Never Said a Mumbling Word
BC104Gonna Tear Hitler Down
Black Girl
BC105When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver
Relax Your Mind
BC106We're in the Same Boat, Brother
BC107 Shorty George
BCIOS Gallows Pole
Gallows Pole
BC109Git on Board
BCIIOGo Down Old Hannah
BCIIIMaid Freed from the Gallows
BC112Holes in My Pockets, Patches on My Pants
Daddy, Let Me Lay It on You
BC113Going to Fight the Battle Until I Die
In the Pines-1
BC114 I Went Down in the Valley to Pray
BC115Little Bit O' That You Setten
On Elnora
BC116Julie Ann Johnson
Ain't Going to Ring Them Yellow Women's Door Bells
BC117Tight Like That
Fiddler's Draw Don't Give a Damn
BC118 Midnight Special


BC119Blood Done Signed My Name
BC120Frankie and Albert (Part One)
Frankie and Albert (Part Two)
BCIZ1In Them Long Hot Summer Days/Ain't Going Down to the Well No More/One Dollar Bill, Baby Hooray, Hooray, Hooray/Dicklicker's Holler
BC122 Alberta (Part One)
Alberta (Part Two)
BC123Queen Mary
Shreveport Jail
BC124Ha, Ha Thisaway
Bill in the Lowlands
BC125Boll Weevil Song/Green Corn
Ella Speed and Bill Martin
BC126Hitler Song
Black Girl
BC127 Equality for Negroes
Alabama Bound
BC128In Kentucky
BC129Baby, You Can't Do Me Like Corinna Done
Alabama Bound
BC130Don't You Weep, Don't You Moan/I'Il Be Glad When I Get Home-2
BC131Take This Hammer
Walk Around the Bedside
BC132 Rock Island Line/Looky, Looky Yonder
Man Ploughing with Mules
BC133Whoa Back, Buck and Gee by the Lands
Honey, I'm All Out and Down
BC134Old Rattler
The Gray Goose
BC135Prison Bound Blues
BC136Nearer My God to Thee
Come to Jesus
BCI37 New York City
Susie Q

New York City September 1948
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar/vocal solo-1/chorus added-2
11717-B-22Tell Me Baby, What's Wrong With You
11717-B-23Take a Whiff on Me
11719-A-26Ox-Driving Man-1
11719-A-27We're in the Same Boat, Brother-2

New York City late September 1948
Huddie Ledbettervocal solo/guitar with vocal-1
Martha Ledbettervocal-2/ vocal solo-3
Yes, I Was Standing in the Bottom
Yes, I'm Goin' Down in Louisiana
I Ain't Goin' Down to the Well No More
Dicklicker's Holler
Miss Liza Jane
Dog Latin Song
Leaving Blues
Going Down Old Hannah-l
Blue Tail Fly
Nobody in This World Is Better Than Us
We're in the Same Boat, Brother
Looky, Looky, Yonder
Jolly, o' the Ransom
Old Ship of Zion-2
Bring Me a Little Water, Silvy-2
Mistreatin' Mama
Black Betty
I Don't Know You, What Have I Done
Rock Island Line
Old Man, Will Your Dog Catch a Rabbit
Shorty George
Bottle Up and Go
You Know I Got to Do It
Ain't It a Shame to Go Fishin' on Sunday
I Ain't Gonna Drink No More
My Lindy Lou
I'm Thinking of a Friend-3
He Never Said a Mumbling Word
I Don't Want No More of Army Life-2
In the World
I Want to Go Home

New York City October 1948
From radio broadcasts of the WNYC Jazz Festival
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Sonny Terryharmonica-1/speech-2
Gallows Pole-2
John Henry-l
Pick a Bale of Cotton-1
Go Down, Old Hannah
Ain't Going Down to the Well
No More
Honey I'm All Out and Down-2
It Was Soon One Morning
Whoa Back Buck-2
Birmingham Jail
Take This Hammer
It Was Early One Mornin'
Going Back to Mary

New York City October 1948
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar/vocal solo-1/guitar solo-2
Martha Promisevocal-3
Charles Edward Smith vocal responses-4
New Iberia-l
Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
John Henry
Salty Dog
National Defense Blues
Easy, Mr. Tom-2
Relax Your Mind
Bottle Up and Go
Polly Polly Wee
Pig Latin Song
Hawaiian Song
Drinkin' Lum Y A AUa
The Grey Goose-4
Silver City Bound
The Titanic
Death Letter Blues
Mary Don't You Weep-3
He Never Said a Mumbling Word
Midnight Special
Bell Weevil Song
Careless Love
Easy Rider
Call It "Cry for Me"
Ain't Going to Drink No More
Birmingham Jail-4
Old Riley
Julie Ann Johnson
It's Tight Like That 4, 5, &9
Good Morning Babe, How Do You Do
Jail House Blues
Well You Know How to Do It
Story of the 25 Cent Dude
How Come You Do Me Like You Do
Hello Central, Give Me Long
Distance Telephone
The Hesitation Blues
I'Il Be Down on the Last Bread Wagon
Springtime in the Rockies
Rock Island Line
Backwater Blues
Sweet Mary-3
Easy, Mr. Tom-2
In the Evening when the Sun Goes Down
I'm Alone Because I Love You
House of the Rising Sun-3
Mary Don't You Weep-3
Talk About Fannin Street-4
Fannin Street
Sugar'd Beer-4
Didn't Old John Cross the Water
Nobody Knows You when You Are Down and Out
Bully of the Town
Sweet Jenny Lee
Yellow Gal
He Was the Man
We're in the Same Boat,
Leaving Blues

New York City October 1948
From a radio broadcast of the WNYC Jazz Festival
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Come and Sit Down Beside Me
Ha. Ha Thisaway
You Can't Lose a Me, Charlie
Rooster Crows at Midnight
Skip to My Lou
Parting Song (When You Smile-O)

Minneapolis, Minnesota November 21, 1948
Recorded at a private party by Kenneth E. Britzius
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Black Girl (fragment)
Rock Island Line
House of the Rising Sun
House of the Rising Sun
No One Like the Girl, She Was the Only One
Talk About Governor Sam Neff
Governor Sam Neff
Ho Day (A Cowboy Song)
I Ride Old Paint
Skip to My Lou
Whoa, Old Buck
Uncle Joe
We Shall Walk Through the Valley
Let It Shine on Me
I'Il Be down at the Last Bread Wagon
Polly Polly Polly Wee
The Bell Weevil
Ain't It a Shame (fragment)
The Boil Weevil (fragment)
The Grey Goose (fragment)
Ain't It a Shame
Bourgeois Blues
Governor Sam Neff
Talk About Governor Allen
Governor O.K. Allen
A Lesson in History
Lake Superior
Mississippi River
Down in Louisiana
Goodnight Irene
Nobody in the World Is Better Than Us
Jim Crow
The Gallis Pole
Samuel Hall
Jean Harlow
I Ain't Goin' Down to the Well No More
Mississippi River
Fannin Street
Old Black Cow
Pig Latin Song (fragment)
Hawaiian Song
John Henry
Goodnight Irene (fragment)

New York City February 19, 1949
From a radio broadcast of the WNYC Jazz Festival
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Good Morning Blues
Ain't Gonna Let You Worry My Life Anymore
Pretty Papa

Austin, Texas June 15, 1949
Recorded live at the University of Texas
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar/vocal solo-1
Martha Ledbettervocal-2
Irene, Goodnight
Hoday, Hoday/Ain't Going Down The Well No More
Rock Island Line
Old Hannah
Shine on Me
What Can I Do to Change Your Mind
Skip to My Lou
Mary and Martha
Scrambled Egg Song
Whoa Buck
John Henry
Backwater Blues
Ella Louise-l
I Don't ·Want No More of Army Life
Relax Your Mind
Irene, Goodnight
Old Ship of Zion-2
I Will Be So Glad When I Get Home-2

New York City August 4, 1949
Huddie Ledbettervocal/guitar
Don't You Love Your Daddy No More
You Can't Lose Me Charlie