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Curtiss C-30

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Curtiss C-30 to Douglas C-39

This gallery shows the early development of U.S. cargo/transport aircraft during the mid- to late 1930s. The aircraft developed during this time period were, in general, twin-engine transports based on civilian types developed for commercial airlines. The military versions of the Douglas DC-2 and Lockheed Electra dominated the development during this time period. Although the museum has quite a few cargo aircraft in the collection, this virtual gallery will present information from the museum archives.

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Introduction to 1930s cargo/transport aircraft

Curtiss C-30

Curtiss YC-30
Curtiss C-30

Kreider-Reisner XC-31

Douglas C-32

Douglas XC-32
Douglas C-32
Douglas C-32A

Douglas C-33
Douglas YC-34
Lockheed XC-35

Lockheed C-36

Lockheed Y1C-36
Lockheed UC-36A
Lockheed UC-36B
Lockheed UC-36C

Lockheed Y1C-37
Douglas C-38

Douglas C-39

Douglas C-39
Douglas C-39 Interior
Douglas C-39 Operational Service 

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