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Feelin' Fresh
By : deadmau5
Album: deadmau5 circa 1998-2002
Created on: 6/17/2002

© All Rights Reserved.

Another dead_mau5 maw!

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Top20 votes : 8 Average rating : 8.09 Actual Score: 89/110
Genre : Breakbeat/Breaks :: Parent Genre Mood : groovin
BPM : 126
Length : 10m24s
Member downloads : 73 Guest downloads : 134 Total : 207
Feelin' Fresh reviews (13)
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Review by : TaintedHelix :: on : 1.16.2006 Rating: 5

Wow, you've been pumping out some pretty long beats my friend. Maybe that's because the first of your songs that I downloaded were from the "A.D.D. Collection" off of your website. I guess I'm used to you making songs more of that length. Jeez, how long is this gonna take to download. I wanna listen and review! Hold on a sec...
Ouch. I don't really like this song as much as your others. Particularly because of the length: 55 friggin minutes and 15 seconds! The song just drags on and on. I'm sorry to say this, but I just wanted this one to end. Try again next time. I'm sure the next song of yours I listen to will be much better.
Review by : Evan :: on : 1.3.2005 Rating: 8

some times i gat to let it go, nice.

good baseline, i like the improv piano very nice

just like everythng i;ve heard from you, this is also a very good track. again i wasnt dissapointed by this. i realy dont have anything else to say about this other than its realy good.

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Review by : bouncer00 :: on : 9.18.2004 Rating: 9

sup Mau......

well then... like loads of your stuff, dissappointed how most of my favs arent on sz. this was the best i could find.

well...... i'm lovin all these piano melodies, the start one, the one at 1:53, the background one (the really jazzy one). the percussion has GOT TO BE THE BEST THING i've heard in a damn while.

my fav part starts at 2:53, the wierd bassline and scratching, then a simple (but quite nice) drum fill afterwards. this happens aboot 3 times in the song i believe.

any problems... the robot voice isn't too impressive, but i can tell you struggled trying to make it sing rather than be all monotoned, so i will give you credit for that.

looking forward to more stuff like this........ until then...



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Review by : techno-jew :: on : 4.24.2004 Rating: 8

that guitar-ish melody line gives this song somewhat of a "jazz" feel, and when the drums comes in, they add to that feel of jazziness. the robotic vocals add to the song, but not to the overall feel. it could be my winamp equalizer, but i always get a chirping sound after those vocals, which hurts my ears.
after enough of those vocals, and those cool piano melos come in, theres nothing else to say. its mau5-ized

8/10- my hair isnt falling out yet


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Review by : dr_el :: on : 3.6.2004 Rating: 10

Woah... great song, man. I was going to give this song a nine, but then about 2:01 hits and I am just amazed... excellent lyrics, great overall job with this one. Truly l33t. I do have to point something out, though... for some reason, in iTunes, the song is listed as being 55:15! However, it seems to end at the 8:14 mark... anyway, 10/10 plus vote.
list reviews: 1 | 3 | 5 | 10 | 20
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