August 09,2007  

Nono and Noriko on Newtype USA!

Newtyepe USA August issue has Noriko and Nono together! It’s like a reunion after 12,000 years! Flip to the pages 56-57 and you’ll find them. What’s more is, they have a new release announcement for Gunbuster movie. Make sure to grab a copy of the issue!

June 22,2007

More GB Trailer Manga Cards: Anime Expo® 2007!!

The time has come! The biggest anime convention in the US, Anime Expo® 2007 (AX07) will be held next week, June 29 – July 2 @ Long Beach Convention Center (LBCC), CA!

We at Bandai Visual USA will be there in force: exhibiting cool stuff at our booth, holding lively discussion panels and of course showing off top-notch Anime at our screenings!

And specifically for the Gunbuster fans out there, we will give away the Gunbuster Trailer Manga Cards with your DVD purchase! Mamma Mia! The stock of card is limited so get a move on and hurry to our booth #1605! With your hard-work-and-guts-spirit, we're gonna make this the most amazing AX07 yet!

For more information on Bandai Visual USA’s event schedule at Anime Expo® 2007, go to

June 12,2007

Screening Announcement at Anime Mid-Atlantic!

Hi there!
Those who are in Mid-Atlantic, now it’s your turn to experience the masterpieces of “hard work and guts”!
The screenings for Gunbuster Episodes 1 through 6 (all episodes, indeed) is on its way!

Gunbuster Screening
Event: Anime Mid-Atlantic
Location: Greater Richmond Convention Center
Date: June 16th (Sat)
Time: 1:30pm

For more information, visit

See you there!!
May 25,2007

Screening Announcement at A-Kon!

Hey there, Big ‘D’! It’s Da time for one of Da biggest anime conventions of Texas… Bandai Visual USA is bringing lots of exciting activities to Dallas for A-Kon® 18! Haven’t experienced Gunbuster yet? Shame on you! Well, make sure you won’t miss this screening chance for Gunbuster Episodes 1 & 2!!

Event: A-Kon
Date: June 1st, 2007 (Fri.)
Time: 1:00am (yes, A.M.!)
Location: Video Room 1 at Adam’s Mark Hotel in Dallas, Texas

For more information, visit

Meet ya’ll there with hard work and guts!

May 10,2007

Screening Announcement at Otafest!

Hey sci-fi and mecha fans in Canada, now it’s your turn to experience the fine classics!
The screening for Gunbuster Episodes 1 & 2 is on its way!

Gunbuster Eps. 1 & 2 screening

Event: Otafest
Date: May 19th, 2007 (Sat)
Time: 10am
Location: University of Calgary MacEwan Hall & Science Theater

For more information, visit

See you there!!
April 18,2007

Two winners of Noriko Takaya Figure Re-Drawn!!

Hey there! We have another announcement to make! Since the original two winners of Noriko Takaya figure did not respond to our notice by the deadline (...well, too bad!), we had another draw for two winners of Noriko Takaya figures.
Go to the Sweepstakes page to find out if your name is there or not!!

April 04,2007

Screening Announcement!

North Carolina, now it’s your turn to experience the original hard work and guts!
The next screening for Gunbuster is on its way!

Screening for Gunbuster Episodes 1 & 2
Date: April 14th (Sat.)
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Event: Round Con
Location: Clarion Townhouse Hotel Columbia, South Carolina

For more information, visit

See you there!!
April 02,2007

Trailer Manga Card Giveaway Entry Ended!

Gunbuster Trailer Manga Card Giveaway Entry is now over! (>_<)
Thank you for those who purchased a copy and took the time to send us back the entry card! Your support and input are very important to us.
Your Gunbuster Trailer Manga Card will be on its way shortly!

April 02,2007

Sweepstakes Winners Announced!

Hello, folks! The winners of Gunbuster Sweepstakes have been announced!
Check out the Sweepstakes page! ( ^ー^)b-☆

March 22,2007

Hurry! (>Q<) Get the Gunbuster Trailer Manga Card Now!! ← Sorry,it's over m(__)m

Have you signed up for the Gunbuster Trailer Manga Card yet? If you haven’t, hurry up and get your copy of Gunbuster, and mail out the entry card in the package NOW! The campaign is ending on March 31st…

March 22,2007

Gunbuster Sweepstakes is Over (>_<)

Thank you very much for your participation! Gunbuster Sweepstakes is now over. Please come back to the Sweepstakes page on April 2nd to find out who won the prizes!

March 16,2007

Brand-New Look of Honneamise MySpace!

Greetings to you who have already entered Gunbuster Sweepstakes! ←If you haven’t, do it now so that we can greet you (^_-)-☆

So, you’ve already done with the Sweepstakes thing, and are now just trying to figure out what to do until finding out whether you won the Japan trip or not, right? Then, check out the brand new look of our anime community Honneamise on MySpace! You’ll find new things such as two footages of International CES 2007 (January, 2007). Also, as many more new titles to come out this year, Honneamise’s MySpace will be loaded with exclusive contents and trailers of Bandai Visual USA’s upcoming titles.

What?! You are not a Friend of Honneamise yet?!?! Then you’d better hurry to register yourself as a Friend unless you prefer to be assigned to clean up the laser cannon lenses.Σ(゚∇゚|||)

March 02,2007

Read da reviews and love will follow

Here it is, folks! Active Anime, IGN, Absolute Anime, and Anime News Network have posted their review on Gunbuster! Also, don't miss Beckett Anime(issue#88) for more Gunbuster madness! That’s it for today and simple is the best. I love ya all (* ̄◎ ̄*)

March 01,2007

More Gunbuster in Newtype USA!

Wanna see more Gunbuster?

Grab Newtype USA March issue! If you do, you can be more knowledgeable about the show! It describes the background of the original production, and character analysis!

Let’s see who will be “the greatest otaku” in the universe? That’s gotta be ya! (b^ー゚)★

February 26,2007

Gunbuster screening at NCSU postponed (T_T)

Sorry m(__)m
The Gunbuster screening at North Carolina State University has been postponed due to the unexpected matter. So sorry…… Please keep your passion inside you until March 16th!

Visit for the further information.

February 20,2007

Gunbuster Screening! ← postponed

Where to go to greet the cutie Noriko?
Those who live in North Carolina, why don't you spend your Friday with other anime fans? Join, and celebrate the Gunbuster release in the USA! (~O~)/

Here is the brief info:
Gunbuster Episode 1 Screening
Date: February 23rd (Fri.)
Location: the Society for the Refinement of Polyvarietal Entertainment (SRPE), an anime club at North Carolina State University.

For more information, go to
February 20,2007

Happy Gunbuster Day!! ヾ(o^ )ゞヾ( ^o)ゞ !!

Hi, friends! Gunbuster DVD is finally landed in the US!
It surely will bring a Lightning Kick (=big influence) to anime fans in the US.

In order to celebrate this historic day, why don’t you enter the Gunbuster sweepstakes?! You already did it? Then, visit our MySpace and write what you thought about the DVD! The way you can raise Gunbuster is to express your passion and love for other anime fans!

Be ready for the Lightning Kick (ノ>o<)ノ’ ~~~~~
February 13,2007

Gunbuster Sweepstakes—Win a Trip to Japan! ← Sorry,it's over m(__)m

Enthusiastic Gunbuster fans\(^O^)/, let’s celebrate the historic day of Gunbuster DVD release in the U.S.! Here, let’s gather for a Gunbuster bash, the GUNBUSTER SWEEPSTAKES!! You will have a chance to WIN A TRIP TO JAPAN by answering our survey questions. Check it out!!

February 13, 2007

Press Release (PDF)

Anime fans get ready for North American debut of newly re-mastered anime classic Gunbuster on February 20.

February 02,2007

Guerilla Needs Hard Work and Guts

You know what? Anime On DVD has thrown a “Gunbuster Guerilla Advertising” style contest and will give away the 2 complete sets! You can check it out here and why don’t you give a shot?

The following sites have agreed to give away the Gunbuster sets as well. We will keep you posted and come back often to check the status. (´ー‘)y-~~

Active Anime (not yet)
Anime On DVD (contest is over)
Japan Hero (not yet)
Right Stuf

February 01,2007

Gunbuster Sneak Peek…and Giveaway?! \(*^^*)/

Sweet. As sweet as Valentine’s chocolate! Newtype USA is kind enough to give away 5 sets of Gunbuster DVDs! Just try your luck! And that’s not it. Who can’t wait to buy and watch the actual episodes?!?! Hold your horses tight. Time will come. Just read the fabulous review article in Newtype USA and wait till February 20th !  o(^^o)(o^^)o

January 05, 2007

More reviews \(^_^;)) ((^,^;)/

Happy Gunbuster Year m(__)m  Akemashite Omedeto! Ake-ome あけおめ!
We know, you can’t wait till the Gunbuster release date but all things come to those who wait. Be patient. Be calm. No? Ok, then, check out the online & print publication for a quick fix. They have written up great reviews on Gunbuster!
Anime Insider is doing a spotlight on Gunbuster, in their January issue. Plus, Anime On DVD , Ain't It Cool News (AICN) and DVD Talk have already posted the fabulous review. Yes, life is good. Happy new year ヽ(。⊿゜)ノ

December 28, 2006

Gunbuster Angels on NTUSA January Issue!

Oh dear! What did the Rip van Winkle effect do with Noriko, Kazumi and Jung?! These chicks look... ahem... so gorgeous! No wonder. Mr. Haruhiko Mikimoto put lots of hard work and guts into this special piece of art for the Newtype USA issue!
And, wow, the article is nice! See Mr. Mikimoto’s interview article! We didn't know what he was thinking at the time of the original Gunbuster production!!
Do you wanna be an otaku about Gunbuster?
Then, start reading every single word on the entire coverage (´ー`)y-~~~

December 06, 2006

Free Gunbuster Trailer Manga Card ← Sorry,it's over m(__)m

DRRRRR (drum roll)…… We are making a terrific announcement, so don’t flip out due to over-excitement, OK? For a limited time only, we will give away Trailer Manga Card drawn by renowned illustrator & manga artist Haruhiko Mikimoto (also famous for character designer for Macross) to EVERYBODY who purchases a Gunbuster DVD!! All you need to do is as easy as picking a bean with hands of Machine Weapon.

Step 1: Buy the DVD
Step 2: Watch all six episodes
Step 3: Fill out the survey postcard enclosed in the DVD
Step 4: Mail the postcard (don’t forget to put a stamp on it)
Step 5: Keep practicing Lightning Kick until Gunbuster delivers the Trailer Manga Card to you

The Trailer Manga Card is highly collectible. Do you know why? Because it’s never been available anywhere in the world…or even in the galaxy! It was drawn back in 1988, even before Gunbuster was released in Japan! Don’t worry. We won’t keep you wait for 12,000 years to send you the card.

Though, keep it in mind that this offer is first-come-first-served. This jaw-dropping campaign ends March 30th, 2007 as long as supplies last, so hurry, HURRY!!

FYI, online DVD stores such as Amazon, Rightstuf, Best Buy etc. have started taking advance orders to fuel your Gunbuster passion!
December 06, 2006

Press Release (PDF)

Bandai Visual USA launches anime community HONNEAMISE on My Space.

December 06, 2006

HONNEAMISE launches on My Space!

We have finally launched our HONNEAMISE page on My Space with hard work and guts! \(^O^)/ \(^^\) (/^^)/ p(^O^)q We couldn’t wait to have “TOM” in our “My Friend Space” (Ya know, TOM is one of the founders and he always appears in everybody’s My Friend Space first) but WE WANT YOU the most (^3^)-*kiss!! Check out our HONNEAMISE page (, be our friend first, and then love will follow.

December 01, 2006

Lightning Kick reached Newtype USA!

Hey dudes! You’d better check out this month’s Newtype USA! They’re introducing our precious Gunbuster in the Express section! And… a little Space Monster told us that they are planning to feature Gunbuster even bigger in their January issue! What are you waiting for? Go to the bookstore now. \(´O`)/

December 01, 2006


Did you finish your 1,000 push-ups for this morning? Right on, then, we can tell you something fabulous. A GUNBUSTER package sample will be displayed at the AKIBA FEST on December 27th, at Springfield Hilton, VA! AKIBA FEST is an annual cosplay event hosted by Anime FX, a prominent anime shop in Springfield, VA. At the event, you can see, touch, smell, and even taste (maybe not) our GUNBUSTER package!! Plus, 10 GUNBUSTER posters will be given away!! Let us tell you that the poster is highly collectible and has become memorabilia because it is no longer available any place in the world…but at AKIBA FEST! If you are around Springfield at this time, you’d better be going to get your piece of History. (≧▽≦)

For more information, visit AKIBA FEST official site:

November 24, 2006

Exclusive! Authentic!! And collectible!!! Gunbuster straight from 2004 release!

Heck, it seems Gunbuster made it through Rip van Winkle effect! (@_@) But why did it end up arriving in the US now? (Was it supposed to land on Feb. 20?!) Hrm, it decided to land now because it wanted to announce that a very special re-issue of the Japanese Gunbuster Remastered Edition box set is now on sale for the die-hard US fans!

This remastered edition was originally sold in Japan for one year only in 2004 and is currently no longer available anywhere in the world…except for the US!

Now, here comes the important part. Everything but region code is exactly the same as the one sold in Japan. Even the booklet is all in Japanese.

Where to get it? At Kinokuniya! Limited quantities though, the Kinokuniya Book stores in the U.S. (and also through Kinokuniya online ordering) are selling the edition!

If you are Gunbuster collector, this is another one you should add to your collection! (^_-)-☆

*Please note that the product is the exact re-issue of the Japanese product and that there are no English subtitles or other translations.
November 22, 2006

GUNBUSTER Pre-order!

Many of you must know by now that, The Right Stuf is taking advance orders for Gunbuster! Pre-ordering can be a great way to fuel the fire of your Gunbuster passion until the launch of the Gunbuster DVD! (b^ー゚)★

November 8, 2006

Gunbuster launch date announced!!

Thank you for your patience!! With hard work and guts, this official site is now open! Gunbuster is now ready to land in the US! Check out Press Release and start developing your muscles by push-ups and jumping ropes in order to rush to the store at light-speed, or control the computer mouse skillfully on the DVD release day!! We are planning to carry out various contests and add more and more information to this site, so bookmark this Gunbuter site now and come back often (^_-).

October 24, 2006

Press Release (PDF)

Bandai Visual USA and Image Entertainment to Release Classic Anime Series Gunbuster.

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