Islamic Bank of Britain plc.
Vision and values

Our bank

Islamic Bank of Britain welcomes Muslims and non-Muslims alike as customers. Our aim is to provide banking services to the community at large.

We aim to adhere strictly to Sharia’a, as set down in Islamic teaching. All our products and services are Sharia’a compliant as approved by our Sharia’a Supervisory Committee. These services are founded on the values established within the Islamic faith.

Our services

We plan to provide Sharia’a compliant retail banking products and services, using modern management systems and up-to-date information technology and delivery channels.

We aim to ensure that our customers receive excellent service, with Islamic financial services which are competitive with those provided by conventional banks.

Our values

Our values come from the values established within the Islamic faith, and these
values we believe to be essential to any well-run, independent bank. They are:

Faith, to us, means two things. Firstly, it reflects our strong belief in the Islamic faith, from which flows qualities of consideration, respect and fairness. Secondly, we believe you benefit from these values, by the way we run our services.

We aim to provide all our services on a market-competitive basis with conventional banks. We will strive to meet customers’ expectations in the services we provide. Our Sharia’a Supervisory Committee seeks to ensure that Sharia'a compliance is at the heart of everything we do and every product that we offer.

We aim to make all transactions with the bank simple for the customer – simple to understand and simple to deliver.

For your added convenience, we will have a variety of ways in which you can make use of these services – from branches and call centres, to postal banking and internet banking.

In looking after and investing your money, we believe that we are in a unique position of trust. We intend to do everything to live up to the trust you have placed in us and build a relationship with all our customers.

We are people of integrity, from the executive directors to the staff dealing with customers on a daily basis.

Our mission statement

To be the leading provider of sharia'a compliant islamic retail banking services in the United Kingdom;to achieve consumer recognition for superior service quality; and to deliver value for customers, staff and shareholders. 

Our employees

We intend to  provide our employees with long-term career opportunities and fulfilment, encourage them to grow with the success of the Bank and be confident in their future.

We will invest in training and human resources development to ensure that employees progress over time, and are appropriately rewarded for their efforts.

Our shareholders

Our goal is to provide our shareholders with a return on their investment that is comparable to that received by investors in conventional UK retail banks.

Our promise

We will aim to attain our business and customer service objectives whilst adhering rigorously both to Sharia’a and to the highest standards of professional conduct, corporate governance and ethics. This will include a thorough understanding of and compliance with Financial Services Authority regulations and directives, as well as those of other regulatory bodies.

Only by creating a reputation for excellence with our customers, counterparties, shareholders and regulators can the Bank truly prosper over the long term.

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