1852 Letcher County Births

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001
for Elva & Vickies Letcher County Research Site

Please note that I tried to be as accurate as possible when transcribing these records so they would read as close as possible to the real record. For example if  a name is listed as Wm, then I have it as Wm and not William, I used only abbreviations if the record has them. 

Child name Date Parents
Hale, Benjamin F May 5 Archiles D Hale & Louisa J Young
unnamed female May 8 William Sexton & Elenor Cook
Adams, Seala May 12 Jesse Adams & Margaret Craft
Williams, Hiram June 6 Isaac William & Sarah Hogg
Baker, Henry V Nov 3 Henry Baker & Mary Priwitt
Adams, Elizabeth May 6 Jesse Adams Jr & Kiziah Medows
Adams, Jane Aug 20 Squire Adams & Elizabeth Craft
Nece, John N Sept 14 George W Nece & Jane Southurland
Sexton, Nancy E Oct 26 Riley Sexton & Dicy Thomas
Collins, Randolph Oct 12 Robert Collins & Lydia Adams
Cordelle, Nancy Aug 7 Ison Cordelle & Judy Summer
Sexton, Susanah Nov 22 Ritchard Sexton & Mary Lucas
Crose, Alfrid W Jan 1 Camel Crose & Mahala Craft
Burding, Wesley Jan 22 Preston Burding & Mary Collins
Lucas, William D Mar 3 Willis Lucas & Elizabeth ??illin
Bentley, Robert C Mar 3 William Bentley & Elizabeth Amburay
Nece, John Oct 4 Charles Nece & Rachel Mullins
Thomas, Lucy Nov 14 Thomas Lucy & Mary Madden
unnamed female Dec 14 Galasby Childers & Nancy McCanihan
Vermillion, Elizabeth June 6 Duglass Vermillion & Manervia Adams
Stirdivant, Ezelhue B July 6 Thomsa Stirdivant & Sarah Noe
unnamed female July 12 Jacob Neece & Margaret Sexton
Craft, Edward July 29 Archilas Craft & Nancy Polly
Casady, Manerva Jan 3 Thomsa Casady & Louisa Casady
Sturgille, Moses Feb 4 Moses Sturgille & Rachel Adams
Collins, Alexander Feb 23 Isaac Collins & Jane Ramsey
Collins, Silas April 8 Thomas Collins & Katharine Thomas
Sexton, William B Dec 16 Robert Sexton & Nancy Whiting
Susanah July 6 Henrietta Holbrook, listed as bastard
Webb, Joseph N Oct 4 Enoch Webb & Susanah Polly
Craft, Eliza Oct 9 Joseph Craft & Martha Bates
Bates, Elizabeth Oct 20 Jesse Bates & Elizabeth Asbury
Adams, Henrietta Dec 4 Jesse Adams & Margaret Jenkins
unnamed female May 6 Anderson Cook & Sele? Huffman
Hall, Sarah Oct 22 James Hall & Sally Johnson
Cordelle, Sarah Mar 5 Benjamin Cordelle & Mary Bowling
Gibson, Isaac Apr 6 Mahala Gibson, listed as bastard
Banks, James Apr 23 Joel Banks & Sarah Stufflebun
Back, Sarah July 5 Henry ? Back  & Francis Blare
unnamed dead female May 6 Henry Cordelle & Polly Camel
Branson, Sampson May 4 Leonard Branson & Elizabeth Brashear
Whitaker, Isaac Apr 19 Stephen Whitaker & Livina Frazure
Mitchel, Isaac Oct 1 George Mitchel & Elizabeth Ison
Banks, Susana Oct 10 Samuel Banks & Mary Frazure
Cordelle, Mary Jan ?  Wilburn Cordelle & Nancy Cordelle
Combs, Elizabeth Dec 5 Shadrack Combs & Sarah Adams
Collins, Robert  Sept 30 Eli Collins & Polly Barnet
Christain, Sally Nov 11 Barnabus Christain & Jane Fields
Fields, John June 6 William Fields & Lydia Rice
Cordelle, John M June 25 Jesse Cordelle & Mary Back
Banks, Levina Feb 22 William Banks & Nancy Haney
Craft, Benjamin Feb 12 Archilias Craft & Litty Webb
Day, Manerva Jan 20 Jacob Day & Sarah Fields
Musick, Manerva July 29 Elijah Musick & Elizabeth  ?Pryman
Hall, William B June 3 Reuben Hall & Mahala B???ly
Combs, Manerva Apr 9 Edward Combs & Martha Polly
Sturgille, Manerva Sept 6 Andrew Sturgille & Dica Hall
unnamed female Nov 14 blank and blank
Cornett, Manda Sept 28 Westly Cornett & Sintha Moras
Henry Love,  black Sept 25 Thomas France, owner & mother Rachel
France, James Aug 21 Samuel France & Disa Hogg
Pigmon, William Amburgy June 9 John B Pigmon & Nancy Cornett
Hunnycut, Robert June 27 Alfred Hunnycut & Elizabeth Amburgy
unnamed dead male Apr 15 Umphrey Pigmon & Elizabeth Cornett
unnamed dead male Sept 12 Samuel Cordelle & Sarah Maggard
Hicks, Rubin Dec 26 Jesse Hicks & Elizbeth Hughs
Meser, Mary Oct 14 Moses Meser & Margaret Stewart
Mullins, Nancy Dec 8 Joshua Mullins & Mary Everidge
unnamed male Nov 10 Washington Calhoun & Pircilla Collins
Kinser, Frederick [listed as female] July 16 Henry Kinser & Mary Mann
Everidge, Matilda June 10 Nicholas Everidge & Susana Watts
Combs, John Apr 9 blank & Martha Combs
Ashley, Elizabeth July 26 Frances Ashley & Lucy Toliver
Amburgy, Robert H Apr 14 William Amburgy & Hanes? Bently
Stamper, Rosanah Nov 23 Isaac Stamper & Mary Adams
Adams, Polly Sept 21 Hunson Adams & Emilis Pigmon
Cordelle, John Feb 24 Harry Cordelle & Elizabeth Short
Smith, Elizabeth Mar 11 John B Smith & Sarah Adams
Amburgy, William Aug 26 Robert Amburgy & Litta Adams
Wilson, Sarah Apr 28 Robert Wilson  & Miter? Lewis
Cordelle, Elizabeth May 9 Henry Cordelle & Elizabeth Robards
Maggard, Pheobe July 28 David Maggard & Cuzzy Adams
Parsons, Joseph Sept 5 David Parsons & Emiline P??nit
Wills, Joseph Feb 28 Ezekial Wills & Edeline Day
Cordelle, Isom Oct 28 Alfurd Cordelle & Oncy Sturgille
Lewis, Elizabeth May 13 Wilson Lewis & Katherin Collier
Black, Henry Nov 21 Henry Black & Nancy Dixon
Holbrooks, Robert Mar 6 Wm A Holbrooks & Lyida Adams
Mullins, David Aug 14 John Mullins & Celea Maggard
Morgan, Henry May 17 James Morgan & Polly Emily Polly
Bates, John B Nov 23 James Bates & Elizabeth Adams
Crisy,  black Sept 6 Elizabeth Holbrooks, owner & mother Tempy
Baker, Marilda Jan 24 Elijah Baker & Polly Yonts
Anderson, Polly May 17 James Anderson & Lina Potter
Roark, James W Mar 11 James Roark & Elizabeth Mullins
Bates, Sarah Feb 16 Anderson Bates & Martha Robison
Stamper, Polly A May 12 William B Stamper & Rebeca Adams
Mullins, David Aug 7 John Mullins & Linly Maggard
Cordelle, Nancy  Aug 14 Isom Cordelle & Indah Summer
Rafe  ,   black 
born in Perry Co
Sept 26 Alex Christain, owner & mother Rachel
Robards, Stephen P July 2 Preston Robards & Rebecca Cordelle
Christain, Sarah
born in Perry Co
May 12 Peter Cuss?? & Ribien Christain
Hogg, Mary June 5 Stephen Hogg & Cyntha Ison
Brashear, Layfayett
born in Perry Co
Oct 13 Ezekial Brashear & Nancy Cornitt
Campbell, Henry L
born in Perry Co
Nov 4 Wooley Campbell & Sally Derrick
Maggard, Nancy Dec 19 Samuel Maggard & Rachel Sturgille
Cordelle, Robert B Feb 14 Henry Cordelle & Patsey Campbell
Cornitt, Anderson
born in Perry Co
Feb 1 John Cornitt & Elizabeth Holbrooks
Pratt, Elizabeth
born in Perry Co
Mar 12 Hiram Pratt & Rodah Campbell
Eldridge, Henry  Mar 28 John Eldridge & Elizabeth Whitaker
Summer, Milly Mar 30 James Summer & Nancy Adams
Cornitt, Joseph E Apr 12 Anderson Cornitt & Susanah Adams
Hall, Susannah
born in Perry Co
May 13 Eli Hall & Polly Yearly

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