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Welcome to my EQF Site. If you are wondering what an EQF is, it is an exprotable graphical equaliser pre-set. Even though there are millions of users of winamp, there are only a few that realise just how good winamp can sound.

A selection of my best award winning Pre-sets are available for download below. After you download the file you want, open winamp and click the pre-set button in the equaliser window (ALT + G). Click load from EQF file. Select the file you want, (making sure the equaliser is turned on (light on left side of it) and play a song. I think you will be pleasently surprised.

Countless people use my EQF files and all agree that it really makes winamp whip the Llamas Ass!

The files are explained here. Click the Picture of the file you want.

This pre-set is designed for everyone. It is good at both low and high frequencies without over-doing it. I use this one personally and recomend it as being your first choice.
Dance is a preset that spawned from allround. I found that when listening to more "THUMP" related music there needed to be more controlling of the mid section. The bass and treble have been tweaked and modified to suit this style of music.
The Jazz Pre-set is basically suited to jazz. The frequencies are more normalised to give a better over-all sound when listening to this quality oriented style.
This pre-set is just a variation on the Jazz set. It is even more normalised and is suited to orchestral music etc, that requires the full range of frequencies while still slightly removing the disliked middle section.
This Pre-set is for use with today's Duff Duff music. Excentuated bass response curves and controlled treble give a good hollow sound for this new powerfull style of music.

While all these pre-sets look similar, the sound is quite different and is very noticable. I strongly suggest strating off with the Allround setting. It is tried and proven and tweaked to the max squeezing every last bit of sound out.
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