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Junaid Khan
Directed by Xulfi

Directed by Xulfi

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+ History +


Life is yet to begin...We CALL you all to perform a sacred sin- 'CALL'

The band call emerged into the Pakistan Music industry during the time when rock seemed more like a foreign language than a genre of music. They made their mark back in 1994, When the band 'Undrap Nexus', initially formed by Omer Pervais along with Danish J. khan with the drum kit of Khurram J khan Performed at the NCA. With Shahzad Hameed as their bassist, they made a huge leap into the music industry and started performing their own original tracks live till 1999.

The name of the band, 'call' was decided by danish, who was well known for his unique artistic perspective. Who believed that this name stated 'an invitation to...'. Their live performances usually resonated with the music of 'Led zeppelin' 'pink floyd'and 'Iron maiden'. They, however never did any covers and stuck to their originally composed songs.

The following Years saw a few changes in the band's lineup. On October 20th 2001, Danish J Khan Performed for the last time at the rockfest, with the intention of diverting his attention to other matters other than music. Khurram Also left for U.S.A , hence call, without the backbone of the band, Khurram jabbar khan, was abandoned for a year till his return in 2002, after which he started polishing the band by introducing new and fresh talent to the band. CALL evolved afresh with its new Urdu project on the rock festival 2003. These new alterations led to Call ending up to being one of the most powerful rock band in Pakistan and Dubai.

"I Did an audition of Junaid and found him out of this world in 2002 and decided to kick start the band again, Xulfi being the composer and producer decided to stay back but was fully involved in song composing and producing of the songs"---Khurram Jabbar khan"

Soon the Band Consisted of five very talented people:

Khurram Jabbar Khan, Who was born On the 13th of Decemeber 1967, Back when Rock was reigning all over the world, mesmerising almost everyone to the new genre. Khurram Definitely was talented when it came to music, and his younger brother zulfiqar a.k.a Xulfi turned out to be nothing less. He Started his carreer performing in the USA with his TAMA rockstar drumkit. Now, Being the manager and drummer of the band, Khurram was determined to make a revolution in the underground media in Pakistan.

"CALL is my passion! I will do it till I have my last drop of blood in me… and I mean it. We are about to witness a mega music revolution in Pakistan."---Khurram J Khan

Junaid Khan, The lead vocalist of the band, born in 2nd November 1981, had massive potential flowing inside him. He had probably one of the most unique voice our media had ever heard, and his voice was definitely going to make the crowds heads bang. being accepted in an audition held by Khurram, he was definitely the talent CALL was looking for to jumpstart the band.

"I think he is one of the most talented musicians of Pakistan, and the coming years will define that"--Khurram J Khan

Muhammad Sultan Raja, Borin in 22nd of November 1982, The bassist of the band, had immense talent and was perfect for the band. His access in the band became possible because he used to take his guitar lessons from Xulfi.

"Sultan is the only one who still is a student and will soon be completing his software engineering."

Call got the recognition they deserved at the bandbaja awards 2003, when their track 'nishaan' got an award for the 'best rock song'. Accompanying this nominee was 'dil ki kasam' of noori along with 'barzakh' by Entity paradigm. The Songs excellent composition of 'nishsaan' was what made the judges select this song initially. Critics went on to clain that Junaid Sounded more like Eddie Vedder (pearl jam), which may be considered as a compliment for the band.

"He is unique as far as Pakistan is concerned"---Khurram
'Nishaan' became an instantanious Hit amongst the public of Pakistan. call had definitely set a firm mark in this industry and were not going to Change that status.


+ Interview +
by Anza Hashmi


Call, A fresh underground band that has stepped into the spotlight of the pakistani music industry. With their Excellent composition by Xulfi, powerful voice of Junaid khan, and the outstanding management by Khurram Jabbar Khan. They are considered to be the next big thing Pakistan and Dubai have seen. Hence we decided to catch up with them and see whats going on...

Alright people, Hows it goin these days?
We are fine, rather enjoying the out come of our latest song's video Shayad. And yeah waiting for our solo album Jilawatan's release to go on well.

Most of you are from different fields and proffesions, How did you all come together and decided to make a band?
We all belong to field of studies before and have done 4 years of engineering, Sultan is the only one who still is a student and will soon be completing his software engineering. The whole thing started way back in 94 but i would like to start from the latest. Did an audition of Junaid and found him out of this world in 2002 and decided to kick start the band again, Xulfi being the composer and producer decided to stay back but was fully involved in song composing and producing of the songs. In 2004
December when the band was struggling in live performances and instead of quality music in the recorded songs was not able to reproduce the same due to lack of a powerful guitar attack. We decided to get Xulfi back in the lineup for the betterment of the band. Since then there is no stopping for us.

As an Underground band, what feedback did you get by those who watched you people perform?
Well we always get good feedback and alot of encouragement from our live acts. Currently I am proud that we have one of the solid bunch of guys who know how to rock.

The reason for your success now-a-days is having Khurram J. Khan as your manager. How did you hook up with him initialy?
This band belongs to Khurram J Khan as he started this band with Xulfi and Danish way back in 94 and he is not just the manager he is the actual force behind the band. His management has to keep the band in the scene but its also the talent that the band has. You cant manage a lame act to make it a success.

To be honest most of us didnt know that the band call ever existed before the release of 'Nishaan'. But since you've been in this business for 11 years now. What major steps did you have to take to end up being one of the most popular rock bands in Pakistan and Dubai?
We never thought we were one of the most popular rock bands, we are just doing what we feel right and giving our best shot at it. I think the success of the band has to do with the unique vocals of Junaid and excellent composing sense of Xulfi that made the best combination.

Considering the fact that you expanded the genre of rock in Pakistan, what type of feedback did you get after launching 'Nishaan' and 'Pukar'.
It was amazingly over whelming. Frankly never thought that we will be given such a high place in the start but one thing is clear we never let any of our fans down we have tried to give them even better tracks and proved them that their choice of rating us high was not wrong at all. We were enjoying it then and still enjoying and plan to maintain our place and will give our fans much better blend of our music.

We've noticed that most of your songs basically have the same dark controversial theme, does this mean that your coming album's just based on one single theme? or are you going to try and experiment with different types of concepts?
Well to be exact we make our music as it comes to us. But naturally its the dark theme you could see uptil now. We do not intend to disclose whats in the album but it is more of something that every one could relate him or herself to. The album is for everyone

How does it feel to have won an award for the best rock song at the second IM awards?
Amazing loved it and thanks to IM for giving us this award. I am sure we deserved it too ;).

The reason for your success is the fact that you can mesmerize the crowd when performing live. How does it feel when your going on stage with the feeling that everythings at stake?
Really scared, always have feeling that something bad might happen. The current line up is quite professional with Xulfi on lead guitar, Sultan on bass and Fahad Khan on drums and Junaid on vocals have given us a strong and better lineup.. this is the real CALL who actually worked for the album as well, excluding Fahad Khan who is a session but really top class drummer.

Recently theres been a sudden change in the bands line-up. Two Call's guitarists have been replaced in exchange for Xulfi and got another drummer? What happened that led to these events? You think this would not hinder your live performance?
These changes were not sudden, really given chances to those two guitarists specially Usman who was never worth to be in any band he was just a beginner and he was there due to his brother Sunny who was much better than him but was not able to give time to the band due to his job and was actually effecting the delays in Call's album. Therefore Xulfi was requested by Khurram and Junaid to come back and save us. As Xulfi was already composing and doing the studio recording and have been there with the band so he decided to join back.

Xulfi is already the lead guitarist for eP. Wouldn't that cause problems in coordination etc.?
No both bands are under the same management so there is no issue in coordination.

Which studio are you recording your album from, and when is it due to release?
Xth Harmonic - Xulfis Studio where else.

What do you think of the songs you've already launched. Are you completely satisfied with them?
We are redoing Nishaan and Kash, rest will be the ones which everyone would hear for the first time as studio recording,

Whats your view on the present situation in the Pakistani music Industry?
Going on good and we hope this goes on the same way. Muscians are getting some respect now.

Most of the videos Xulfi is producing these days are completely based on concepts, take Shayad for example, do you think the public is ready for such videos?
Well public might not be but i guess its our duty to bring up to the level where they should start accepting videos like this. If we forget about responsibility to bring the change then the industry will become stagnant..May be the next video wont be so concept base then lets see whats coming up.

How can you summarise your band in one word?
A strength

When composing a whole album there are other people as well who contribute in various factors. Could you cast a little light on them?
Yeah so many people contribute to an album, its our parents and loved ones and friends and all.

Any final Comments for UMR?
Getting better ;) and have started reacting fast to get things on their website. We will be looking forward for more better relationship

Any people you would like to thank?
Every one who have been a part with us. specially fans

Thank you!





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