Name: Ice Troll Runt [ Submit Correction ]
Race: Troll Ice Troll Runt
Level: 74
Hits: 60
Ratio: 0.81

Aggressive?  Yes Retreats?  No Quest?  No Members?  Yes Poisonous?  No

    Fremennik Isles
P2P Only drops:
  • Gold: 1-320
  • 100%: Big bones
  • Weapon: Adamant axe, Steel warhammer, Black warhammer, Mithril warhammer, Adamant Warhammer, Rune warhammer, Rune Javelin(5)
  • Armour: Granite shield, Adamant full helm, Adamant med helm, Steel med helm, Steel platebody, Rune kiteshield, Mithril sq shield
  • Runes/Arrows: Earth(1-60), Nature(7,10), Law(2-8)
  • Misc: Uncut gems, Half key, Herbs, Nature talisman, Chaos talisman, Raw shark(1-8 noted), Raw mackeral(3 noted), Ball of wool(1-54 noted), Seaweed(1-9 noted), Coal(3 noted), Shield left half(dragon), Long bone, Curved bone
  • Seeds: Poison Ivy(1), Jangeryberry(1), Cactus(1), Mushroom(1), Watermelon(1), Strawberry(1), Belladonna(1), Wildblood(1), Herb(1), Limpwurt(1), Whiteberry(1)
Notes: "An ice troll youngling."
Located in a multi combat area. Yak-hide armour and Fremennik shield are recommended. You only have to hit 1 damage to get the drop, and you can let honour guards do the rest.
Credit: Otrebor, inferno_char, Crash Team2, Headnazgul, rikieman1, chicken89ee, Unreal04bb, Matt2005100, Sir_Gudi, Granesh, My_new_guyz, speedy1135, Umpa_Llumpa, Emanick1




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