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Meet the Cast
Callie (Kaylan Mariotti)
Once a good girl, Callie changed her ways after a situation involving her TA Brendan. Now, extortionist, liar, seductress and beyondóCallie Peysor has this campus wrapped around her finger.

Mason (Madison Durbin)
The baseball star with a marijuana problem, heartthrob Mason has a tough time choosing between the ladies. But what about the future of his team...?

Emily (Annie Dow)
Studious almost to a fault, RA Emily will do anything to make the grade, even if itís at the expense of her residents.

Mallory (Suzanne Sorenson)
A resident advisor at Beacon Hill College, Mallory invented shameless flirting. She isnít afraid to go after what she wants, whatever or whomever that might be.

Jess (Leah Garvin)
Jess isnít a stranger to unhealthy relationships with men. Now sheís sick of it and is out for revenge, with a little help from some friends.

Tyler (Caitlin O'Neil)
Jessís #2, donít be fooled by Tylerís subservient nature... sheís got some tricks of her own.

Michelle (Angelica Allen)
Michelle remains a good girl, even through bad times... but will she ever find that special someone?

Nick (Josh Clark)
With frat boss Tony out of the picture, card shark Nick can now be the mastermind behind AKA... and heís got big plans ahead.

James (Jarmon Day-Bohn)
James is your everyday nice guy, but a little confused in his love life. Maybe he just hasnít met the right person... yet.

Brock (Brian Forte)
All around flaming badass, Brock will knock over anyone who gets in the way of what he wants, even if it means teaming up with unlikely types.

Guy (Spike McCue)
Guy is one shady dude. Is he lying? Does he care? Beacon Hill College has yet to figure him out...

Samantha (Sarah Hartshorne)
As a new transfer student, Samantha is a little shy. Does she have a past to hide?

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