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Night Touch
Mulder/Scully, R
Intimacy is a narrow path.
May 2000

Mulder/Scully, PG
The truth is, it doesn't matter whether they are lovers or not. The years have worn them down all the same.
September 2000

Stones and Bones
Scully, Mulder, G
An autumn tale.
October 2000

Scully/Doggett, R
Stupid -- yes, stupid to think he wouldn't guess.
November 2000

Letter, April 2000
Mulder, G
The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.
March 2001

Scully, Mulder, PG
Life in 26 paragraphs.
April 2001

Never be the Same Again
Marita, R
"Survive," I thought. And I did.
August 2001

Birth in 155
Scully, G
On the nature of memory.
September 2001

Final Respects
Unnamed character, PG
In dark times, a line is crossed.
December 2001

Charlie, Dana, G
Too many years and too much space.
January 2002

Krycek, G
Sometimes, just waking up is the bitch.
January 2002

Scully/other, R
Some loves only happen once. Sometimes that's a good thing.
February 2002

Sweet Season
Scully, G
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose; mostly you choose between the two.
May 2002

The Truer Lie
Scully/Reyes, Scully/Mulder, Doggett/Reyes, Doggett/Scully, NC-17
He loves her, but she's still waiting for him; she'll use them both. Or, dividing love among four people.
August 2002


Oblivion with a Chill
Spike/Buffy, R
Finding the limits
October 2001

No Need for Lucifer to Fall
Spike/Buffy, R
No need for Lucifer to fall, if he'd learn to keep his mouth shut.
November 2001

Ghosts of Saturday Night
Spike/several, PG
Spike. Saturday night. Three women.
February 2002

Third Girl
Buffy, G
The third time, she can't bring herself to care.
March 2002

Imperium Mei
Jonathan, G
500 words. My latin sucks.
July 2002

with the lights out it's less dangerous
Willow/Giles, R
Sex, and Willow doesn't get away with it.
October 2002

Thousand Yard Stare
Potential, G
She doesn't really think she'll ever be called.
February 2003

A Crossing by Water in Winter
Oz, Giles, G
Several ways to make things seem better
November 2003

Axis Mundi
Willow/Giles, R
Willow's not such a fast learner after all.
August 2004


Wes/Faith, R
A story about redemption. Maybe.
October 2003

Angel, PG
One boy's summer is another man's winter.
February 2004

So If You're Lonely
Spike/Buffy/Angel, soft R
Buffy gets her way, Angel kisses, and Spike learns to enjoy what he's got. It's very nice.
December 2004


Owl Speech
Harry, Ron, G
"She's waiting," Harry says, his quiet voice carried on the slight, chilling wind, his warm breath churning up tendrils of frosted air. "For the other one."
September 2003

The Shower
Harry/Ron, NC-17
Is there anything that can't be fixed by cliched post-Quidditch shower sex? I didn't think so.
November 2004

Unicorn Blood (the Amalthea Remix)
Hermione/Luna, R
"Hermione had little minnow-thoughts that darted about in her eyes, but she didn't tell them, and Luna didn't ask."
March 2005

Domina Oriens (the Told Tale Remix)
Remus, Tonks, Fenrir, R
The moon and her children play their parts.
March 2006


Crais/Aeryn, R
"This is what Peacekeepers do, isn't it?" she said. "Take advantage of the weak."
March 2004


Mixed-Up Files
Margot, Richie, G
Geniuses and taxidermy.
July 2004

Sew Wings to Your Pigeon Toes
Margot/Richie, R
A double drabble.
October 2004


Jim/Pam, various, PG-13
The Dunder-Mifflin employees take up online gaming, exercise, and hoagies. Jim leaves a lot of voicemail messages.
July 2006

And Harder Still to Make Noise
Pam/Roy, Pam/Jim, NC-17
Eleven years of Pam Beesly's life. Some are better than others.
September 2006

Five Times Pam Almost Called Jim Over the Summer
Pam/Jim, G
September 2006

Five Ways Jim and Pam Didn't Get Together
Pam/Jim, G
October 2006

Nobody in This House
Karen, Ryan, G
October 2006

Jim/Pam, NC-17
"She didn't analyze it. Not talking to him had been weird and hard and lonely; talking to him made her happy."
November 2006

Not in Love With the Modern World
Jim/Ryan, PG
November 2006

You Bet Your Life
Jim/Pam, PG
A different kind of ending.
November 2006

Five Versions of Valentine's Day 2007
Pam/various, Jim/Karen, ensemble pairings, R
"Michael makes a toast at the party, raising his plastic cup of cream soda. 'To lovers,' he says. 'In all forms and all colors. No judging here. No sir, not on this day of all days, when we celebrate the power…of love.'"
November 2006

Sometimes Lonely Hearts They Just Get Lonelier
Toby, slight Jim/Pam, G
Toby was almost having a good day.
December 2006

Five Times Roy Thought Pam Was Having an Affair
Roy, Pam/various, PG
January 2007

Five Firsts (or, how Dwight, Jim, Angela, Pam, and Michael lost it)
Various pairings, R
March 2007

And Run Away
Jim/Pam, PG-13
April 2007

Money Can't Buy You Back the Love That You Had Back Then
Jim, Pam, G
"And Jim didn't say anything to her, but it wasn't like she said all that stuff to him looking for an answer anyway."
May 2007

Pam, Karen, G
June 2007


Passing of a Winter Love
(Beauty and the Beast)
Belle, PG
Bittersweet and strange.
November 2002

We outgrow love, like other things
(Peter Pan)
Wendy, G
Promises, fairies, kisses.
January 2004

(Little Red Riding Hood)
drabble, G
April 2004

Sea of Wonders
Dracula/Jonathan Harker, PG
December 2004

Winds somewhere safe to sea
Nick, Sam, Lirael, G
This one had needed the bells; what if the next needed a Wall?
December 2005

Thirsty Work
(Black Books/rpf)
Bernard and a special guest star, G
March 2007


Strangers Are Less Strange
Spike, Mulder/Scully, G
On the water's edge, the edge of night, strangers are less strange.
September 2002

All the Roads We Have to Walk Are Winding
Charlie/Oz, R
"His eyes open wide, clear blue with long reddish lashes, and Charlie does not look at other blokes' eyes."
February 2005