I found a new and cheap solution (under 10 Euro) for building a SerialCable for the Cube.

The advantage is that you don't need to make your own circuit board. You simply have to solder 3 cables from one connector to the other.

Get yourself a cheap serial (RS232) to mobile phone datacable. I got mine from a local store for 8 Euro. It's for a Siemens M45. Please only use Siemens cables because Nokia has two connector/protocol types (FBUS/MBUS).

Every datacable for a Siemens phone like S/C25, S/C/M35 and S/SL/ME/M45 should be ok. They all have the same connector and the same pin layout. (see here: Nobbi or here: Hardwarebook)

Then get a connector for the cube. I have choosen article "FL 2x15-180G/RM1,27" for 1.80 Euro from Segor. Are there any other shops?

Unsolder the cables from the Siemens connector. There are 3 cables, GND, RX and TX. Sometimes there is a fourth one for powering the phone, forget about it. See table or Nobbi link above for layout. See plug on image A.







Data Out/TX


Data In/RX

Now check DebugConnector or table below and solder the 3 cables from the datacable on the small cube plug. See plug on image B.










Connect the SUB-D to your pc and the plug to your cube. See cube connector on image C.

The Maxim IC in the SUB-D connector is powered by the pc. Everything works fine with my "Hyperterminal" in Windows.

Note: If you have one of the black Siemens RS-232 cables, this one is not powered by the pc.
Instead you have to connect the red cable (pin 4) to 3.3 V on the router.
The WAG54G has 3.3 V on pin 5 (VCC) available.

Image A

Image B

Image C

Send questions/hints/advice to John Eckert

Samsung Serial Cabel for S100 woks too! Hi , I have tested a data cabel to Samsung S100 and it works fine by a little bit modifering , you need to solid wiers again by youself , just use the chea for max232 or 3232 but use the chip you have in your s100 cabel. look here http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/AddASerialPort and here http://www.intersil.com/data/fn/FN4914.pdf . you have same Vcc GND T1 in and out and R1 in and aout så all you need is to take off all other cabels and solid this pints and then make jumpers . / Sivan

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