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Welcome to The UnderSquare!

~ Breaking News: ZX3 in Limbo?! ~
Posted by: LadyHuffnPuff on August 17th, 2007.

My Taiwanese contact, MRi, gave me what may be some troubling news. Because her English is not perfect, here is a paraphrased version of what she told me:

"I had a chat with the Inticreates staff, and they told me that if ZX:A sells over 100,000 copies, then they will create ZX3. However, they feel that will be a difficult mark to make."

This could be disturbing news for fans of the ZX games, expecially with what was implied by the ending of Advent. (No spoilers here, though! Play it yourself!) The easiest thing to do to ensure ZX3 is to purchase at least one copy of the game! Remember, ZX:A releases in English in October, and you can buy the Japanese copy right now through TUS. Let's not make this into another D.A.S.H.!

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~ Rockman Weekly News Roundup! ~
Posted by: H0tSh0tZ1627 on August 16th, 2007.

Things have been slow since the release of Star Force in North America, so let's go through a quick roundup of what HAS been going on with the Blue Bomber...

- The official US Mega Man Site was updated recently with new content to their Mega Man Star Force section. More stuff should be added there soon!
- IGN and GameSpot have put up reviews for the Star Force games. They aren't flattering, as they say there isn't enough to distinguish itself from the Battle Network series, but still a good read on where Capcom can improve upon come Star Force 2.
- The European box-arts for the Star Force games have been revealed, but still no word on a release date for Europe.
- Prima Games is finally going to be releasing an official Star Force Guide at the price of $19.99 US. I wouldn't suggest getting it, as our Visual Guide should suffice fine (and is free), but they do have a free preview to download if you really are interested.

I don't think we are going to be hearing much more involving Ryuusei no Rockman 2 until the Tokyo Game Show in late September, so things should be steady for a while. So get on board the pain-staking anticipation train, and enjoy the ride. =P

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~ Star Force's Cartoon Network Debut August 25th ~
Posted by: H0tSh0tZ1627 on August 13th, 2007.

It has been announced, according to TVGuide and Zap2It.com, that the Mega Man Star Force anime dub will finally be making it's TV debut with a 2-hour special on August 25th!

The 2-hour special will feature 4 episodes, most likely the 4 episodes that would already be on Toonami Jetstream at the time, and will air between 7PM and 9PM. Interestingly, they put the premiere before an all-new episode of Naruto, possibly trying to garner more interest in the Blue Bomber's show. Let's see how it turns out!

News Credit: On-Air

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~ NP Playback: Mega Man 2 ~
Posted by: LordHuffnPuff on August 12th, 2007.

This month's Playback - a collumn in Nintendo Power that features classic games - is a special on Mega Man 2. It's a well written page-long article, that praises the game for spawning the megacraze, as well as having (for the time) highly innovative gameplay. Of course, they're not above poking fun at Capcom as well, laughing at the hilarious boxart not only for the American game, but for the European release as well.

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~ More Ryusei no Rockman 2 Info Revealed! ~
Posted by: H0tSh0tZ1627 on August 12th, 2007.

Fireman has gotten some more new info he has overheard at the Osaka Rockman event.

This LQ scan shows the new rival character Bly and some of the game's new features. Silhouettes of the game's bosses are also shown, as well as the confirmed bosses of Phantom Black and Yeti. Brother Band is once again returning in the same form as in the previous game with one change: you will only be allowed to have 4 favorite cards, as opposed to the 6 in Ryusei 1.

The most interesting part of the scan is the newly announced Ultimate Form. All in all, is all three forms put into one, where different parts of Rock's body features something from a different form. The right shoulder will be a shuriken, the right hand the electric sword and the left hand the dinosaur head. Other information concerning the power of the form has not been released.

Like in MMBN5:DS, voice-overs will be making a return. Ooura Fuyuka (voice of Subaru in Ryuusei no Rockman the anime), has already been confirmed to voice Subaru as he screams the names of the special forms and attacks during battle.

Lastly, preordering the game gets you a plus: a Tribe Attack Card to be used with the Star Carrier. Depending on the version you either receive Rockman Green Shinobi Card or Rockman Fire Dinosaur Card. Both are shown on the site, and the Rockman Thunder Berserk Card seems to come with the Star Carrier when you purchase it.

This game is just sounding batter and better... I personally can't wait until November... (We will be working on getting higher quality scans for you guys!)

News Credit: Fireman

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~ Ryusei no Rockman 2: Official Site... for the two versions ~
Posted by: ハレハレ on August 11th, 2007.

Ryusei no Rockman 2 Official Site

A mere 8 months after the release of the first titles in the Ryusei franchise, we've got a website up with solid information for Ryusei no Rockman 2!! While the site doesn't have much information yet, I can tell you that there will be only two versions: Berserk x Shinobi and Berserk x Dinosaur. That's right, Thunder Berserk form is apparently available in BOTH titles! Furthermore, multiple henshins can be combined using Double Tribe, resulting in Shinobi Dinosaur, Dinosaur Berserk, and Berserk Shinobi forms! As far as the story goes, our heroes will be going to a new location, TK City, where technology to make the Denpa into material objects has managed to bring forth Material Waves. We can all see where that's going, huh?

At any rate, look forward to Ryusei no Rockman 2: Berserk x Shinobi and Berserk x Dinosaur, coming this November!!

Story Prologue:
One afternoon, Subaru goes to TK City with Luna, Gonta and Kizamaro to see a movie.

TK City is a city with a high concentration of the newest technologies. There, right in front of your eyes, three-dimensional images can become tangible objects. By using the 'Air Display' and the newest edition of the Wave Scanner, the 'Star Carrier', a motorbike, a car or a sky board can materialize, thanks to these new technologies.

The party arrives at the theatre. There, they view an example of the new technology: the 'Material Wave', which, when used, shows the latest movies in a stunning 3D display unlike anything they've seen before.

But, suddenly, along with a horde of Denpa Viruses, a mysterious gentleman appears! He begins to attack the people. And then....

Furthermore, the Star Carrier will be available for purchase in November, coinciding with the release of Ryusei 2. The page also displays 'Tribe Attack Cards', which seem to be the new Big Bang attacks.


We now have some new info from CoroCoro, courtesy of Fireman. Subaru's rival character is introduced, and his name is Bly (Burai). It's said this character gains his strength from being alone. Bly is only shown in his transformed state. According to Fireman, he's mostly black and red (Enzan anyone?), and has a large visor that extends outward at four points. One of his hands glows with a purple energy.

The first boss is revealed to be another transformed human named Phantom Black, who has blond dreads. There is also another character shown named Orihime-sama, but not much is known about this character. Both, however, are part of an organization that's searching for the ooparts.

Also according to Fireman, the appearance of Battle Cards has changed a little, and there may be some difference in what certain cards to depending on their version (rather than just being the same attack but stronger).

We will be working on getting scans of these for you as soon as we can! Stay tuned!

News Credit: Fireman (Most Translations & CoroCoro Information)

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~ MMSF Incompatibilities (USA<->JPN) ~
Posted by: ニゴリ on August 8th, 2007.

I've just tested it with the English Version. I can definitely confirm that the Card Reader Mode and Wave Scanner Level Data Transmission do not work with Mega Man Star Force.

Another thing discovered is that an English Version Game cannot link up with a Japanese Version Game through the Bother Band System.

Huffy Update: After testing, Cross Brother Band is not functional either. So they lied to us about this, on top of removing it D:<

News Credits: GM Link (Discovery of USA/JPN Link Up) | Ryuusei no Rockman ON-AIR | TUS Member Pegasus and Inarabitta of BoktaiOnline

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~ Mega Man Star Force Released in North America! ~
Posted by: H0tSh0tZ1627 on August 7th, 2007.

Mega Man Star Force was released in North America today by Capcom for all to purchase!!... kind of...

For the most part, most stores did not have Star Force on sale today because, as most of you know, today was really the designated shipping day for the game. Stores should have the game tomorrow though, so get your butts over to your local game shop and pick up the game!

One store that we know for sure had the game today was the GameStop on 33rd and Broadway in NYC, where Keiji Inafune was meeting the fans and signing autographs. If you were able to get over there, you are very lucky. If not, Kotaku has some pictures up from the event. As for me, I'm still stuck in Maryland, so add another missed opportunity to meet Inafune on the list for me. =(

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~ Mega Man Star Force Episode 3 on Toonami Jetstream ~
Posted by: Koroku on August 6th, 2007.

Yep, the third episode is up on Toonami JetStream. I haven't watched it myself due to Jetstream hating my computer and never getting passed the loading bit, but I've heard some good comments about it.

It combines Japanese episodes 5 and 6, and is entitled "Trouble Takes Wing"

Go check it out!

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~ Ryuusei no Rockman Episode 18 and 19 Sub Released! ~
Posted by: Koroku on August 5th, 2007.

Yep, another two subs has been released by the DATS team! =)

[DATS] Ryuusei no Rockman - 18 [XviD][723D83E8].avi
[DATS] Ryuusei no Rockman - 19 [XviD][34C3E7AA].avi

Check out the link for torrent links, youtube links, and direct download links!

I would also suggest you check out this link, as it may be of some interest to you guys out in the fandom. =)

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