Name: Chaos Elemental [ Submit Correction ]
Race: Elemental Chaos Elemental
Level: 305
Hits: 250
Ratio: 0.82

Aggressive?  Yes Retreats?  No Quest?  No Members?  Yes Poisonous?  No

    It is found near levels fifty through fifty-two in the wilderness(beware of pkers), west of the rogue castle, just south-east of the scorpion pit. To get there quickly, use the lever in Ardougne.
P2P Only drops:
  • Gold: 100-3000
  • 100%: -
  • Weapon: Adamant javelin(20), Rune javelin(5), Mithril darts(400), Rune 2h sword, Rune battleaxe, Rune spear, Dragon Spear, Dragon 2h sword
  • Armour: Rune sq shield, Rune kiteshield, Rune med helm, Dragon med helm
  • Runes/Arrows: Iron(500), Mithril(400), Rune(200), Air(500), Chaos(100), Death(30, 40), Blood(50)
  • Misc: Herbs(1-3), Bones(3,4), Bat bones(2-5), Wolf bones(5), Big bones(2, 3), Baby dragon bones(2), Dragon bones(1, 2), Cooked tuna(5), Meat pizza(3), Plain pizza(3), Strange fruit(2), Strength potion(1-4 dose), Super defence potion(1-4 dose), Attack potion(1-4 dose), Antipoison (1-4 dose), Weapon poison, Uncut gems, Cut dragonstone, Half key, Shield left half(dragon)
Notes: "pUre a cHaOs of crEatuRe!"
This monster is able to teleport you several squares to a few screens away from him while fighting with a red globe of light attack. It can also unequip anything you are wearing with an attack of two light green orbs. When it unequips your items they go in your pack but if you have no free space then your items remain equipped. Its attacks are ranged and magic based, and hit a wide area at once.
The monster drops 2 of the random drops above at a time.
Credit: x_slayer_765_x, HaMMerTjE, HeLiX, zot_mutske, teh_soldier, Leesters, snipore85, adzino, captainpoet, Patchman5000, choasdemo135, Topazjewel, cyco, Pker_Dude_Jr, arizark, hohto, darkspirit33, kwimbob, indalecio, Lime Mercury, otkurom, elitheking, Johnnyng5, Tornado x10, soma2035, Muddybob, eerr, thereallypatitman, abomb67, stan18, Krytie, 2hitwonder, Headnazgul, Hell Smite, Jard Y Dooku




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