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Thank you, it's over

AOL has stopped sending out CDs

Thank you for all your assistance!


Started 8/1/2001

Stopped 8/10/2007

CDs Collected So far: 410,176
CDs To Go:  589,824
Biggest ContributeRhino: Postal Gallery
Abner's mood:  Spent!
Last Updated:  8/10/2007
Look Familiar?

France: 1,668 CDs

Germany: 79,662 CDs.

Canada:  900 CDs!
Australia: 160 CDs!

U.K: 11,197 CDs.

Introducing Italy!



Short Attention Span Summary:

Why we are doing this:
"We represent all who are sick of receiving unwanted AOL cds. By sending us your unwanted AOL, Netscape, or CompuServe cds, you can help us make a statement. Once we have 1,000,000 collected, we will make our quest across America to give them all back to their rightful owner, AOL and say "stop doing this". Don't throw them away or get mad, send'em to us and we'll all end this wasteful practice while sharing a laugh or two."

Our Mission:

To make it clear to AOL that a lot of people do not want and have never asked for their CDs.  To stop the needless pollution of the environment due to distribution of unwanted materials.  To preserve our personal privacy.

What to Send:
We take CDs from
AOL as well as their subsidiaries, CompuServe and Netscape.  We DO NOT take any other media.   Please don't send us the packaging or  jokes about coasters; we've heard them all.  Also, we don't share, trade, or lend AOL CDs.

Our Objective:

To collect 1,000,000 unwanted AOL CDs from people like you.  We'll then transport the 1,000,000 CDs in an armada of trucks or something and give them back to their rightful owners, AOL.  We'll ask them to stop sending these unrequested, unwanted, and destined for landfill CDs.


Did you know?

1,000,000 Unwanted AOL CDs stacked on top of each other would be taller than 3 Empire State buildings.


And, 1,000,000 Unwanted AOL CDs
laid end to end would stretch about 75 miles?


No kidding.

by Danny G.

We're in a book! 
Ian Urbina, who will soon win a Pulitzer if not a Nobel prize, has crafted a book about life's little annoyances conveniently titled "Life's Little Annoyances".  He's a New York Times reporter and in his book, he wrote a chapter about (how we are addressing an annoyance, not that we are one of life's little annoyances; then again we may be as it's kind of a subjective subject)

He's looking for more material for the book's blog.  If you are doing anything ranging from interesting to dumb, or know someone who is, feel free to contact him at  He too is doing the world a service by sharing the ways people lash out things and situations which drive people nuts.

For example:

  • Someone out there overpays his parking tickets by 3 cents to force his local parking authority to cut him refund checks.

  • Someone out there sends back unwanted "business reply" envelopes weighted down with sheet metal, so the mailers will have to pay the postage.

  • Someone out there was fed up with a colleague who kept helping himself to her lunch cookies, so she replaced them with dog biscuits that looked like biscotti.

  • And of course the individual who so hates when shoppers carelessly block traffic by abandoning their shopping carts as they wander elsewhere down the aisles, that he discreetly drops condoms and razor refills as a little "courtesy tax" on them.

By far, the chapter on us is the best.  :)  The book is worth a read and you too can vent here or click here to purchase it.  If that doesn't work, paste this into your browser:

Can you recycle the cd jewel/DVD cases?
You bet.  Our friend Laurenteen in El Cerrito's Public Works Department has informed us you can do so by contacting:

Nationally:  Mail-in program - contact GreenDisk at 1-800-305-3475 and

El Cerrito Area:  contact Super Link Plastic at 510-568-1086 and large quantities are accepted.

Logo of the week:

By Zack Zisman

Biggest ContributeRhinos!

Postal Gallery #1 with 47,000

Bill's dog "puppy"

Abner the Rhino:  Web Crusader

Here are our Final Top 100 CD ContributeRhinos:

  Name From  Sent In    Name From  Sent In 
1 USA      47,000 51 Frissy USA           833
2 Y9 & Nerv and Fluffy USA      41,566 52 S. Schlegel Deutschland           825
3 Otterman USA      15,137 53 Paul Adams Mem. Lib. USA           747
4 The Southern Alliance USA      13,021 54 Daniel Perlman USA           724
5 HWFC USA        7,624 55 Turic & Mike Tatara USA           700
6 Tristan Bullington USA        6,368 56 VCS Billing Staff USA           690
7 Patrick McKinnon USA        6,188 57 Stanton School, Fox Lake, IL USA           673
8 Jeff, Jeanette & Jackie USA        5,433 58 Katie Room USA           664
9 Kevin, Josh, Isaac USA        4,425 59 Jennifer Gentry USA           664
10 Postal Ghost USA        4,116 60 Gwen Sanderson USA           662
11 Robotroonie Deutschland        3,171 61 Raymond Francel USA           651
12 AS Recycling USA        3,146 62 Ithaca College Recycling USA           638
13 Fresco, LordV & Lenor Deutschland        3,027 63 Azusa Student Post Office - 612 USA           612
14 Tina N' Reid USA        2,942 64 Grant Mc USA           601
15 Twinge and Killer Chewbacca USA        2,800 65 Zenson Shiau USA           600
16 Mystic Charm USA        2,627 66 Hans-J. Zocher Deutschland           593
17 Babbidge, Houston USA        2,401 67 Sterling Windmill USA           585
18 Shane & Brandy Tilton USA        2,294 68 Rex USA           577
19 Westmot College USA        2,136 69 GHS Conversational French Club USA           563
20 The Q Crew USA        2,117 70 Tom Anderson USA           562
21 TNS USA        2,004 71 M. Stephen USA           552
22 Keith KcKeown USA        1,853 72 Sparkle USA           548
23 Genelle Jennings USA        1,820 73 Tattooed Priest USA           501
24 Tee-Roy & W Boyz USA        1,809 74 Robin Galyan USA           489
25 DIE ZWOELFER Deutschland        1,792 75 Quasily USA           484
26 Mathew Dolby USA        1,769 76 G3 Pineview School USA           479
27 Adam Merkley USA        1,728 77 Uwe Bornisch Deutschland           476
28 CP USA        1,575 78 Anonymous USA           454
29 Honest Weight Food Corp. USA        1,551 79 C. Buchanan USA           450
30 David at the Help Desk USA        1,525 80 Kate Kehoe USA           450
31 Koots USA        1,453 81 G. Sanderson USA           450
32 Team Carson USA        1,367 82 Nick Davenport USA           432
33 The Dreaded AOL Privateers USA        1,350 83 Rocky Mountain College USA           429
34 Bunsen Honeydew USA        1,291 84 McKeown USA           416
35 USA        1,263 85 Xooma Worldwide USA           410
36 Darin & Crystal Chandler USA        1,248 86 Morris USA           400
37 Jade & Bluedragon USA        1,179 87 Dan Handsen USA           399
38 D. Benson USA        1,170 88 Babbabe USA           389
39 Koots USA        1,133 89 Tonino Mitacchione USA           387
40 Benjamin Field USA        1,067 90 Christopher USA           360
41 Jason Yu USA        1,062 91 USA           355
42 Tech Corps USA        1,018 92 Neule Deutschland           351
43 Leah, Amanda, & Michelle USA           995 93 Selfish Crox USA           340
44 Phil USA           987 94 Dad Larry USA           333
45 Jerome Jankiewicz USA           980 95 James & Adell Delmam USA           332
46 N. Sprloen USA           960 96 Zelda and the Unibrows USA           330
47 The Boys From Nor. NY USA           950 97 NoMoreAOLCDs Colorado USA           323
48 Tim Ingram USA           928 98 Patrick McKay USA           319
49 UC Library Staff USA           879 99 The Smuggler & Special K  USA           313
50 Fun Key Computers USA           870 100 College 8 Waste Reduction USA           306

Creativity Corner: 

Sylvia Gallus

Gail Young

Abner in the Wild by Dan Perlman

We have nothing against the AOL corporation, their internet services, or anyone who has anything to do with them.  Our sole intent is to end the unrequested distribution of their CDs.  In no way are we encouraging anyone to inappropriately obtain AOL cds and we are asking only for cds that people do not want.  Our partners in the Global Alliance are acting independently of  Our sole connection is our shared concern about the needless creation of waste.