Bike-n-Ride by bus

Bike racks are available on all Metro Transit buses and Hiawatha Line trains
(NOTE: Some State Fair buses do not have bike racks)

  • there is no additional charge for using bike racks
  • easy-to-follow instructions are printed directly on racks
  • racks on buses accommodate up to two bikes at a time
  • only two-wheeled, non-motorized bikes allowed
  • racks will hold many wheel and frame sizes, including children’s bikes


lift the handle

1. Have your bike ready to load—always approach the bus from the curbside. Remove water bottles or other loose items.

2. Make eye contact with the driver to alert him/her to your presence.

3.If the rack is empty, lift the metal handle and pull the folded bike rack down flat.

place bike in rack

4. Load the bike in the space nearest the bus.

If another bike is on the rack, load your bike in the open position. You are responsible for loading and securing your bike on the rack. Drivers are not allowed to load or unload bicycles.

secure bike

5. Lift the support arm and hook it over the front tire.

Make sure the support arm clamps the tire and not the fender or frame. Your bike now is securely fastened in the rack.

board the bus

6. Hop on and pay your fare.

7. When you reach your stop, tell the driver before you exit the bus that you’ll be removing your bike.

Raise the support arm, lower it into place and lift your bike off the rack.

Fold up the rack if it is empty, and step onto the sidewalk with your bike.

NEVER cross in front of the bus—wait until the bus has left the stop.

If the rack is full, please wait for the next bus.


For your safety:

  • wear protective gear, including helmet and gloves
  • wear comfortable, high visibility clothing
  • ride in designated bike lanes where possible
  • use a rear view mirror to monitor traffic approaching from behind
  • obey all applicable traffic laws
  • Metro Transit is not liable for damage to bicycles, except if Metro Transit is found to be negligent or at fault in an accident. Theft, damage, injury while loading and unloading, acts by a third party, and all other incidents are solely the responsibility of the cyclist and not Metro Transit.