Name: Red Dragon [ Submit Correction ]
Race: Dragon Red Dragon
Level: 152
Hits: 140
Ratio: 0.92

Aggressive?  Yes Retreats?  No Quest?  No Members?  Yes Poisonous?  No

P2P Only drops:
  • Gold: 30-690
  • 100%: Dragon bones, Red dragonhide,
  • Weapon: Dragon spear, Mithril 2h sword, Mithril axe, Mithril battleaxe, Mithril javelin(30), Rune darts(8), Rune javelin(5), Rune longsword
  • Armour: Adamant platebody, Mithril kiteshield, Dragon med helm
  • Runes/Arrows: Blood(2), Death(5), Law(4,15), Rune(4)
  • Misc: Adamant bar, Chocolate cake (3), Clue(lvl3), Half key, Herb, Shield left half(dragon), Uncut gems
Notes: You will definitely need to bring your anti-dragon breath shield with you to melee battle with these dragons. Alternatively, you can range them using the charred bones, corpses and trees as strategic cover. But beware of PKers, this is a multi-combat area and even the best player can die quickly.
There are also red dragons in the Brimhaven Dungeon, away from the wilderness, but there are wild dogs that will also attack you even if you are in a safe spot away from the dragons.
Credit: Ryl, Kingrazo, Eeeeediot, Will Carver, Josetigre, extremepq, TheBlazikenMaster, sicksk8er1, abomb67, inferno_char, Napk1n, Headnazgul, Jard Y Dooku, Ahmet29992, Kevin Bardyn, Ginger_Warrior




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