Name: Steel Dragon [ Submit Correction ]
Race: Dragon Steel Dragon
Level: 246
Hits: 210
Ratio: 0.85

Aggressive?  Yes Retreats?  No Quest?  No Members?  Yes Poisonous?  No

P2P Only drops:
  • Gold: 470-3000
  • 100%: Dragon bones, Steel bar(5)
  • Weapon: Adamant battleaxe, Adamant javelin(7,20), Rune axe, Rune battleaxe, Rune dart(p)(12), Rune javelin(7), Rune knives(5,7), Rune longsword, Rune 2h sword, Rune mace, Rune spear, Dragon spear
  • Armour: Adament sq shield, Adamant kiteshield, Adamant platebody, Dragon platelegs, Dragon med helm, Dragon plateskirt, Rune kiteshield, Rune full helm, Rune sq shield
  • Runes/Arrows: Blood(15,20,25), Nature(67), Law(45) Rune(42), Steel(150), Soul(3,5), Death(45), Rune bolts(2-12)
  • Misc: Clue scroll(lvl 3), Curry(1-3), Shield left half(dragon), Uncut gems, Cut dragonstone, Half key, Runite bar, Runite limb, Silver ore(100), Super attack(3-dose), Super defence(2-dose), Super strength(1-dose), Nature talisman, Draconic visage
Notes: "Its scales seem to be made of Steel."
The best way to kill these is to mage them from a distance, or melee them while protect-from-melee praying. Note that their Dragonfire can be a long-distance attack. Using anti-dragonfire potions and an anti-dragonfire shield are a must.
Credit: Misplacedme, Silvercheeta, killer4all, Proviticus, Jard Y Dooku, Josetigre, justin951, barwpr, Darvaridae, X_Awesome_X, Adam007, Deadman Andy, my_pet_worm, blenders, Warrior9911, abomb67, naedala, ficteri, tda 2005, AirlessWig, NACHO, TheBlazikenMaster, phil c3po, mining27, Tag3, reetismatic, bitinas007, fatal234, Headnazgul, Siredwrdross, X Landie X, Ginger Warrior, Dlenze_neu, 01 Xtasc, rd_dragon, Bartimeyus




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